The Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook is a fun city park for families and friends to get together and enjoy the great outdoors together. It’s home to a total of 58 recreational acres for biking, walking and different types of physical activity. Unfortunately it’s become an unsafe environment lately because visitors continually turn to the steep entry road that’s used heavily for entering and exiting by vehicles. All the people using the road are at risk, and drivers are having trouble getting in and out effectively.

Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook

The Solution

To solve this problem funding from the CBS EcoMedia Wellness Ad program and LAcarGUY a new paved walking path is being added to the park beside Heltzer road. This offers the same recreational space that the entry road is currently providing, and it’s a much safer environment for everyone.

When to Look for the Path

The new walking path should be released this fall, so look out for the new construction starting soon. It should offer the needed space that visitors are longing for to walk, jog and enjoy activities that a paved surface work so well for.

Cleaning up the Area

To further improve the environment, LAcarGUY volunteers worked closely with CBS EcoMedia and LA Radio volunteers to carry out a habitat restoration project. During the project the group removed a range of invasive species to help preserve the natural habitats and ecosystem for all the other plants and animals in the space.