Lexus is always looking for ways to improve on its vehicles, and that’s true for its flagship LS more than any other. The automaker took special engineering measures to make the LS more capable than ever. It’s stronger, safer, more spacious, lighter and faster, all from some serious engineering tweaks throughout.

2017 lexus ls

Added Room

Lexus is always looking for ways to expand the interior space of its automobiles, but it’s important to avoid making the vehicles bulkier in the process. The automaker managed to keep bulk to a minimum, while increasing interior space of its 2018 Lexus by relying on more durable high-strength steel products. The vehicle is actually lighter and more spacious, a pretty impressive combination.

Shedding the Pounds

In order to cut away approximately 200 lbs. from the vehicle, Lexus made use of high-strength tensile steel in several sections of the body of the LS. The steels are used throughout the body and frame of the vehicle to do away with bulkier metals that were once required to support the vehicle. Lexus also implemented an aluminum hood and trunk lid to cut down on weight even more. The overall result is that the vehicle is lighter, faster and more spacious overall.

Aluminum Supports a Safer Frame

Not only will the next LS be lighter, but it will also be safer as it tries to come out with higher scares on the next crash test. Lexus is making heavy use of aluminum webbing throughout the structure of the LS to add to its strength. The chassis benefits from suspension towers at both the front and rear.

All these changes should make the LS better than ever before and will give owners something to be proud of in their vehicles. Sure the lighter body, the greater interior space and the added safety won’t stand out as much as design changes would, but these improvements are the things that really matter most.