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Fisker Announces Strong Revenues & Plans for Expansion to the Middle East

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Fisker Santa Monica has always be honored to be the premier California dealer for Fisker Automotive, a car company that is committed to producing electric vehicles that deliver uncompromised responsible luxury. The company recently published its first business update and announced that revenues had exceeded $100 million in the first four months of 2012. That goes to show the strength and confidence that consumers have in the company and their product. Deliveries of a 1000 Fisker Karma luxury four-dour electric sedans began in December of 2011 to customers across North America and Europe.

Henrik Fisker, executive chairman of the company, said: “There is great confidence from the investment community, our customers and the media in what we have achieved in bringing such a beautiful and innovative car to the marketplace in record time.”

“Treading a new path in any industry is never easy, but we have set out to re-define and re-shape the way the world thinks about cars, and I am proud of what the Fisker team has achieved so far.”

Amidst the strength and growth in North America and Europe, there are plans to expand to the Middle East as Fisker signed an exclusive agreement with the Al-Futtaim Group, one of the Middle East’s most experienced distributors. Al-Futtaim and its network of retailers will enable Fisker to reach customers in the U.A.E., Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, and Egypt.

Tom LaSorda, chief executive officer of Fisker Automotive, said: “We are encouraged by solid demand for the Karma, our unique extended-range luxury model. Pending completion of investment sourcing, we are poised to press ahead with further market expansion and development of our higher volume model, the Fisker Atlantic.”

Founded in 2007, in these short few years, Fisker Automotive has established itself as a key player in the automotive industry, redefining luxury for the modern sports car buyer. Success as demonstrated by sales and revenues continue to show consumer excitement and confidence. Fisker Santa Monica looks forward to the continued partnership with Fisker Automotive and is proud to be able to bring such a unique product as the Fisker Karma to our customers here in California and the surrounding area.

200 Year Old History on the Floors at Fisker Santa Monica

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Keeping inline with LAcarGUY’s commitment to the environment and championing sustainability initiatives. we have made every effort to minimize the carbon footprint of the Fisker Santa Monica dealership.

One particular feature we would like to tell you about is the showroom floor. LAcarGUY has partnered with DeadHead Lumber Company to reclaim the wood from two old launchways at the former Snow’s shipyard in Rockland, Maine. The shipyard dates back to the 1800s, but the site is no longer in use. As a result, the launchways were left in disrepair. The owner was concerned about the timbers breaking loose in a storm and potentially causing a navigational hazard. DeadHead Lumber was called in to help with the removal.

DeadHead Lumber Company focuses on reclaiming sunken logs from Maine lakes and rivers. DeadHead logs share a rich history with Maine’s legendary logging industry. Referred to as “deadheads,” these historically significant logs sank during the log drives across Maine’s lakes and rivers beginning in the early 1600s. Hardwood logs, which could not be floated downriver, were chained to buoyant softwoods and rafted to the mills for processing. Since the weather on northern Maine lakes changes quickly and dramatically, many rafts were lost or abandoned during storms.

Resting undisturbed, these logs were perfectly preserved by Maine’s fresh water and protected from timber’s worst enemies–direct sunlight, pests, and oxygen. Centuries later, these sunken treasures are finally being recovered.


In these images, the long beams are hemlock and pine; and the cross beams are oak. The beams were brought back to DeadHead Lumber’s yard; and were denailed and despiked, and finally sawn into thick 6/4 planks. The unique color of the beams are a result of being submerged with large steel spikes in them. As the spikes eroded, that caused what is called ‘iron tannate’ stain which results in the darkening of the wood.

Once the beams are cut into lumber, they are sent to a factory in Quebec where they are sliced into very thick veneer. The factory then re-submerges the wood in large vats of water and heats them up in order to soften the wood fibers for slicing. The process of vatting and slicing takes about one week. After the veneers are sliced, they are immediately passed through a hot dryer to lower the moisture content to about 6-8% and then packaged for shipment back to Maine.

A company in Kennebunkport, Maine that specializes in custom cutting and laying up veneer on base panels trims, grades and glues the veneers to the base panels. After the layup process is complete, the raw panels are brought to a custom millwork shop in Massachusetts for face sanding and to mould the tongue and groove. The unfinished flooring planks are then brought back to DeadHead Lumber’s shop in Scarborough and the Bona Kemi Natural finish is applied. The planks are then wrapped and packaged for shipment.

We feel very fortunate to have been able to include the work of DeadHead Lumber Company in our dealership. Just thinking about how those trees were logged by people 200 years ago and how they’ve been sitting underwater for over 200 years, it seems almost magical that they are now available for people to appreciate today! We invite you to visit the dealership to walk on a piece of history and experience them for yourself.

Fisker Automotive & Architectural Digest Partner to Promote Environmentally Conscious Lifestyle

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The partnership between Fisker Automotive and Architectural Digest is a year-long, integrated print, digital, and experiential program aimed at reaching leaders in the fields of technology and design, business ethics, environmentalism, and others interested in expanding their knowledge of sustainability.

The first event, in a series of five global events, was the Aspen Ideas Festival where Henrik Fisher was the keynote speaker at a private event at The Little Nell. The festival was presented by the Aspen Institute and was a forum where thinkers and leaders from around the world gathered to discuss their ideas, work, and issues that have inspired them. The goal of the festival was dedicated to dialogue and exchange, and to bring these discussions and ideas to the public at large.

And of course, the Fisker Karma, Fisker Automotive’s first production car and the world’s first premium electric plug-in hybrid will be on display at each of these established events. As you may already know, the Fisker Karma is a design-driven, environmentally sustainable, luxury vehicle with 403 hp, and a CO2 output lower than most hybrids.

Featured alongside the Fisker Karma at these events will be a custom-created digital wall that will host original video content featuring four, 30-second pieces highlighting key innovations of the vehicle via one of the four elements: water, air, earth, and fire. Using an interactive iPad, visitors can navigate through each of the four films. The custom-created digital wall is crafted from sustainable materials, reflecting the environmentally conscious values of the Fisker Company.

“An innovative partner like Fisker Automotive continually challenges Architectural Digest to create integrated programming that is as state-of-the-art as its product,” says Giulio Capua, vice president and publisher of Architectural Digest. “We are thrilled to be standing alongside Fisker at the forefront of design and technology.”

“Architectural Digest is the ‘International Design Authority’ and there can be no more of a natural fit than the sleek Fisker Karma with its ground-breaking environmental credentials to create a partnership that is a perfect fit for our customers,” says Marti Eulberg, Fisker Automotive’s vice president global sales and marketing.

ACarIsNotARefrigerator.com Looks Forward To The Opening Of Fisker Santa Monica

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At the beginning of 2011, I heard rumors of a Fisker store coming to town. A few weeks ago, while I was at Lexus Santa Monica testing the new 2011 Lexus CT 200h, I learned that Sullivan Automotive Group (Lexus Santa Monica’s parent) was building a Fisker store next to its Volkswagen Santa Monica dealership.

The location, at the corner of Santa Monica Blvd and 25th Ave, is the old Lexus Santa Monica site that is now the internet sales department for the VW dealership. The building is relatively small, but you don’t need a large space for the Fisker brand because they only have one model, the voluptuous $95,900 – $110,000 Karma electric extended range sports car.

Sullivan Automotive Group is the 33rd largest dealership group in the US (2010). In 2010, it sold a total of 21,239 units (new, used and wholesale) and had total revenue (including parts, service, etc.) of $632,338,233 – with only seven dealerships:

Lexus Santa Monica
Toyota/Scion Santa Monica
Toyota/Scion of Hollywood
Volkswagen of Santa Monica
Pacific Audi
Pacific Porsche
Pacific Volkswagen
Fisker Santa Monica (opening Spring/Summer 2011)

The group uses the catch-all LACarGuy.com website to promote its stores and, if you live in LA, you’ve seen billboards for LACarGuy and TV commercials featuring patriarch, Owner/President Michael Sullivan. All of Sullivan’s dealerships have adopted environmentally-friendly practices, both in the showroom and in the service bays. Green is good for business these days.

LACarGuy claims that it’s the number one hybrid dealer in the world. I know the Lexus store is the number one Lexus hybrid seller in the US. So I wouldn’t be surprised if the combination of hybrid sales from the two Toyota dealerships, the Lexus store and a few niche hybrids like the VW Touareg, Porsche Cayenne, and Porsche Panamera Hybrids, put it on top. We do love our hybrids in LA.

The group also has EV charging stations “live” at some of their dealerships. Odd, as none of the vehicles they sell are plug-in hybrids – yet. The Fisker Karma is a plug-in hybrid EV and the upcoming plug-in Prius will also use the charging stations.

The Fisker brand is a good fit for Sullivan Automotive and the City of Santa Monica. So far, it’s the only Fisker dealer in greater Los Angeles. The next closest store is in Orange County.
If you’ve never been to Sullivan’s flagship Lexus Santa Monica dealership, it’s worth your time to see this video. I give them props for restoring this beautiful, historic building.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5v_-lMqhg4w?hd=1&w=500&h=314]

The People’s Republic of Santa Monica is the perfect location for the plug-in EV Fisker Karma. It’s home to ultra-wealthy aging hippies, environmentalists and lefty socialists. Entertainment industry and creative-types populate trendy restaurants and condos. Expensive boutiques on Montana Avenue attract celebrity shoplifters. You’ll find LEED-certified buildings and the most creative, modern architecture there.

Santa Monica is home to Heal the Bay. It’s the unofficial “Home of the Homeless.” The City hosts four terrific Farmers Markets each week in three different locations. Organic and locally-sourced food is pervasive.

Santa Monica banned smoking on public beaches and the outdoor patios of restaurants. Plastic bags are banned from supermarkets. The City’s fleet of non-emergency vehicles is mostly hybrids or alternative fuel vehicles. The City’s Big Blue Buses all run on compressed natural gas (CNG). It’s not uncommon to see an old diesel Mercedes that’s been converted to run on B20 bio-diesel or used vegetable oil. The Prius appears to be the unofficial transportation appliance of Santa Monica — you can’t throw a stone in any direction without hitting one.

Santa Monica is ground zero (in the LA Metro) area for everything environmentally-friendly, progressive and “green.” There are many wealthy early adopters of EVs and other advanced hybrid technology living in or near Santa Monica. In short, it’s the perfect market for a $100,000 extended-range electric vehicle.

The Fisker Karma is a plug-in electric vehicle with a gas engine that drives a generator to charge the batteries for extended-range driving. Fisker claims the Karma can travel 50 miles on the batteries and an additional 200 miles in extended-range mode. The concept is much like the Chevy Volt; but the Karma’s execution is very different and the target audience is wealthier.

The Karma packs a GM Ecotec 2.0 liter direct-inject turbo I-4 engine just behind the front wheels. It drives a generator to charge the large-capacity 20 kWh lithium-ion battery pack that forms a rigid spine down the center of the car. The Karma is a proper rear-drive sports car (albeit a bit heavy at 4,100 lbs) driven by rear-mounted dual 300 kW electric motors good for a total of 403 hp with a heart-stopping 981 lb-ft torque available from the moment your foot hits the electron exciter. The Karma seats four adults and can hit 60 mph in 5.9 seconds.

Fisker Automotive got more than $500 million from the Department of Energy to build the Karma in the US. Fisker bought a shuttered GM plant in Delaware and is in the process of converting it into a shiny modern factory to produce its sleek sports car. It’s going to have to sell lots of cars to pay back its investors.

Below is the Fisker Karma’s first “Get Hot” commercial:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mo5YOZ2saZk&w=500&h=314]

In the meantime, the Karma is being built in Uusikaupunki, Finland by contract manufacturer Valmet Automotive. Valmet also builds the Boxster/Caymen line for Porsche at this plant. The Karma began production on March 21, 2011 so deliveries may happen as soon as this summer. I’m sure Fisker Santa Monica is taking orders. Just have your checkbook ready.

Motor Trend’s Technical Editor, Kim Reynolds, gives his take on the Karma:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8m5RRJ3-Cr0?hd=1&w=500&h=314]

Reprinted with permission from Todd Bianco’s ACarIsNotARefrigerator.com Blog The Truth About Cars and the Car Biz in LA