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Toyota Has Big Plans for Frankfurt

August 28, 2017 lacarguy Toyota of Hollywood Tags: , , ,

Toyota is working on some pretty exciting stuff, and much of it is going to be on display at the Frankfurt auto show. Anyone interested in the next thing that the automaker has slated for release should tune into the big event to find out exactly what’s to come. Toyota is going to show off a wide range of vehicles and special features, but the two items of most note will be very large and very small. Toyota has a special hybrid vehicle to show off, and an all-new Land Cruiser as well. Both of these vehicles are major advancements for the automaker and to Land Cruiser fans there should be something worth getting excited about very soon.

New and Improved Toyota Land Cruiser

An All New Land Cruiser

The Toyota Land Cruiser is a massive monster of a vehicle that can handle off-roading like a pro. Not only does this huge SUV stand up to everyday use capably, it’s also one of the best options to consider when you want a luxurious full-sized family vehicle that can handle things like camping or trail riding. The only problem is that the current Land Cruiser is a bit dated, though it’s been refreshed. The new Land Cruiser that Toyota is going to be previewing in Frankfurt is a completely redone model that’s sure to pack in some exciting features.

The C-HR

The other big reveal during the Frankfurt auto show is the C-HR hybrid vehicle concept. This little beauty is going to focus heavily on an emotional looking crossover, that just happens to rely on plug-in hybrid technology. The main feature of this hybrid is going to be its look, but it will also be a capable little crossover that’s built atop hybrid plug-in tech, which is something to get pretty excited about. Unfortunately, it appears that the vehicle will only be available to buyers in Europe, and it doesn’t look like it’s coming stateside anytime soon.

There are a bunch of advancements coming out of Toyota, which is exactly why you’ll want to tune into the Frankfurt auto show to find out what they are and when they’ll be available for purchase.

Will the Pajun Make an Electric Appearance at the Frankfurt Auto Show?

July 24, 2015 lacarguy Porsche Tags: , , , , ,

It’s a common belief that Porsche is going to release a sedan smaller than the Panamera to compete with some of BMW, Jaguar and Mercedes offerings, but up until now there hasn’t been much of an idea around where that car would be released and when we could get a first look at it.

The 2014 Porsche Panamera
The 2014 Porsche Panamera

Now, according to L’Automobile, it’s likely that the “Pajun” will show up at the Frankfurt auto show in September. Not only that but it’s likely going to be a hatchback that’s running on electricity. The auto company expects the vehicle to show up with two electric motors and a bank of under-the-floor batteries that power the whole construction.

A First for Porsche

While it’s hard to confirm or deny this suspicion, if this car was brought to the motor show it would be a first for Porsche. It would be the first production pure-electric car that Porsche released, and if L’Automobile is to believed, it is going to have an impressive range of between 250 and 300 miles.

This all sounds a little extreme, and It’s hard to see this happening with such little announcement around the matter, but if that happened, Porsche would suddenly be taking on TESLA in the electric car sector. That’s a bold move to make when you aren’t making and selling electric cars at all.

While it’s still pretty unlikely that the Pajun is going to show up in any form this year, it’s still an exciting prospect to think we could be less than two months away from seeing this all-new model. We’ll be keeping an eye on the Frankfurt auto show, and I’m sure a lot of other Porsche fans will now as well, thanks to the speculation by L’Automobile.