Grades of Green focuses on empowering students to make a real difference in their communities and their environments. The latest story from the organization only goes to show how big of a difference local children can make. Max and Izzy, two Grades of Green Youth Corps students began working on their 100 Trees in HB project back in the fall of 2014. The project was a bold one with big aspirations and to date it’s almost nearly been accomplished.

grades of green trees

What is 100 Trees in HB

The idea behind 100 Trees in HB was to plant a total of 100 different trees throughout Hermosa Beach. Not only would the trees be planted throughout the project, but people would be educated about the value of trees along the way as well. Since started the project a total of 70 trees have already been planted thanks to two different events put together by Max and Izzy. First was an Earth Week tree planting that resulted in the planting of 30 trees and helped to educate a total of 175 students about the value of trees and how they help the environment. Next was the an event hosted by Max, another tree planting. This event resulted in 40 more trees being planted while further educating the community.

grades of green max

Not only have the efforts of Max and Izzy resulted in a total of 70 brand new trees improving the environment, but they’ve also helped educate hundreds of children and adults about the importance of trees to improve the environment. Imagine all the CO2 they’ve already helped pull out of the atmosphere,. It’s easy to see how big of a difference you can make with careful coordinated efforts.

If you would like to make a difference in your community, or you know a few students who you believe could make a real difference take a look at this link. The registration process is a simple one and it’s worth going through if you truly want to make a difference in your community.