Cap parks are an effective way to take back some of the city space that freeways use up around the world. Not only do freeways divide cities, but they further pollution problems and use up a large amount of space without solving many traffic issues. Cap parks essentially put a raised deck or platform on top of a section of freeway to turn the location into usable space, and that’s exactly what’s planned for the Hollywood Central Park. This mile-long park will create 38 acres of usable natural space while uniting together surrounding neighborhoods. The park is one of five different planned cap parks for Southern California, and will help Hollywood residents enjoy more fun out in nature.

design hollywood central park

Creating the Park

Luckily the Hollywood Freeway was built down in a trench in order to make it straight and flat. Since it sits down in a trench it can be capped over while creating a platform that is level with the surrounding area. Not only will this help isolate residents from nearby traffic noise, but it gives them a place to go and spend time. The location will fill with park space, public venues and will likely turn into a fun location for public events.

It’s fun to take a look at all the park designs and plans put together by other people, but wouldn’t you rather have a say about what happens with the park? Now you can Design Your Own Park, using the designer tool here. Open up the map of the park and easily drag and drop different elements to where you think they should be. Use the tool to come up with your own unique creation and maybe the leaders behind the new construction will take your ideas into consideration. Who knows, your creation could inspire final sections of the new park and end up showing up there in real life.

The Hollywood Central Park is still a work in progress and the non-profit Friends of the Hollywood Central Park are still working to secure the funding needed to get the job done. For more updates about the project you can learn more by visiting