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The Toyota Mirai Used to Set World Record

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Plenty of standard cars have traveled over long distances, but the same can’t be said for electric vehicles. Most are used for short-distance travel, but that’s not the case with the Toyota Mirai. Sure the Mirai is technically a hydrogen-powered car, but it utilizes an electric motor, which also makes it an electric car. For that reason, the vehicle was able to set a record for the greatest distance an electric vehicle has traveled in a 24 hour period.


The Record

Drivers operated the Mirai for a total of 1,438 miles in a 24 hour period. This is the greatest distance that an electric car has travelled over a 24 hour period, and it’s truly an impressive accomplishment. It’s also a cool achievement that shows the Mirai can be used for long-distance travel just like a gasoline or diesel powered vehicle. Sure it runs on a different type of fuel, but it’s just as capable as its competitors are. In order to achieve this record the vehicle would have had to travel an average speed of about 59 miles per hour, and that doesn’t factor in any stops that it had to make for refueling. That means the Mirai was able to maintain speeds upwards of 60 miles per hour for a full 24 hours, a pretty impressive feat to say the least.

Setting the Record

In order to set the record, the Toyota Mirai was piloted nearly continuously in between different hydrogen charging stations. At each station the vehicle was stopped and refueled for a total of four minutes. Throughout the 24 hour period, the drivers took turns operating the vehicle and pushing it toward a pretty impressive record.

The Toyota Mirai is the most well-known hydrogen-electric vehicle currently on the market. There aren’t many competitors that are gaining much traction at the moment, but the Mirai is out and available in a few different parts of California. It’s expected to increase in popularity over the next few years, and both Mercedes-Benz and Hyundai plan on releasing their own version of a hydrogen vehicle in 2017. For the moment the Mirai is the best hydrogen vehicle that the average consumer can pick up, and it seems that you can enjoy some seriously long-distance drives while behind the wheel of the vehicle.

Toyota is Working to Use Hydrogen in Many Different Ways

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The new Mirai hydrogen-powered car from Toyota isn’t the only way that the automaker is making use of hydrogen to benefit the earth and make a shift from fossil fuels. Apparantely the Toyota also plans on using hydrogen in its Miyata plant to power forklifts. This is a technique that could shift to additional tasks and applications in the industrial world, and it’s something that is reducing carbon dioxide emissions noticeably.

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How is the System Greener?

Toyota is currently using all-electric forklifts throughout its plant, which seems green on the surface, but in reality most of that power is produced by burning fossil fuels. Switching to hydrogen-powered units is greener when you consider Toyota’s plan to use excess solar energy to create that hydrogen. That means that the hydrogen used by the forklifts will be mostly clean energy that didn’t require the release of any CO2 emissions into the air.

Future Plans for Hydrogen

Toyota isn’t just planning to use hydrogen in its forklifts. The automaker is also looking for other areas where the fuel source could be applied for even more green improvements. There are serious opportunities in heating and cooling applications within the facility, where 60 percent of the energy is currently going.

Hydrogen is an exciting alternative fuel because it’s easy to produce from solar energy and it can be effectively stored until used. Sure it’s a bit less efficient than using electricity for the direct application right after it’s produced by the panel, but that’s not the point. A huge amount of solar energy can be harnessed at the right spots on earth, and that energy could be used all over the place if it was stored properly for when it’s actually needed, and also so that it can be transferred to locations away from where the power is being produced.

Toyota is leading the way for hydrogen fuel adoption with the Mirai, and perhaps in the future more people will rely on hydrogen as a fuel source because of the work that Toyota did.