2016 Scion iA Gets the Top Safety Pick Plus Rating

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If you know anything about the compact Scion iA, you know that Mazda had a hand in producing the vehicle and that it has superb handling capabilities. The vehicle also happens to be very safe to tool around in according to the IIHS safety test. The little car just received the IIHS Top Safety Pick Plus rating. The highest rating available from the International Institute for Highway Safety.

2016 scion ia

Why it Made the Rank

The Scion iA managed such a high rating thanks to a combination of good performance characteristics. The IIHS noted that it has impressive roof, side and front strength. The vehicle also did quite well on the head restraint tests. Overall it managed impressive performance in all the tests, and the little car employs a few tricks and performance hacks to get those ratings.

The Crash Detection System

In order to handle low-speed crash issues, the Scion iA is equipped with a crash detection system that avoids low-speed impacts entirely thanks to careful detection and braking technology. It doesn’t operate at higher speeds though.

Impressive Performance on the Small Overlap Test

The one test that many vehicles fail the most is the small overlap test. It’s the test that simulates running into a pole or another compact object. The Scion iA did remarkably well for a vehicle that’s so affordable and so compact. Intrusion into the cabin by the test object was nearly non-existent throughout most of the cabin, and where it did occur, at the emergency brake, at the door hinge and the instrument panel, it was only by two inches, a distance that isn’t likely to cause harm.

At less than $20,000 with every one of the available options, the Scion iA is an impressive ride that also happens to be very safe to drive around in. It’s a good commuter vehicle, and it’s a lot of fun to drive thanks to that special touch offered by the Mazda relationship.

Toyota Receives the Most IIHS Top Safety Pick Awards in 2014

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Not only are Toyota vehicles known for being highly reliable, but they are also very safe and recent tests performed by the International Institute for Highway Safety(IIHS) prove it. According to the 2014 study Toyota managed to take 12 Top Safety Picks, 8 of which were Top Safety Pick+ awards. That’s more safety awards than any of the other automakers in the world, and that’s something to be proud of.

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What the Ratings Mean

The IIHS give out two different safety awards, Top Safety Pick and Top Safety Pick plus. The former is for above average vehicles that meet a long list of safety requirements, and the latter is for exceptional vehicles that meet the same requirements while having additional preventative equipment for even safer driving conditions. There were 71 total awards given out by the institute and Toyota received 12 of them between their standard and luxury brands.

The Top Safety Pick+ Vehicles

Out of all the vehicles that were given a good rating, the most impressive are the ones among the Top Safety Pick+ ranks. The Prius, Prius V, the Lexus RC, the Camry, the Highlander, the Sienna, the Lexus CT and the Lexus NX all received this award. Each of these vehicles comes with an impressive level of safety equipment making them good family cars and cars for young drivers you want to keep safe.

Great Family Vehicle

If you’re looking for a solid family vehicle to ride around in with larger families the Toyota Sienna is an excellent option. Out of all the minivans sold this year the Sienna was the only one to receive the Top Safety Pick+ distinction. That’s huge for van owners and families who want to provide the safest environment for their children.

Overall the number of vehicles that are now getting the safety rewards went up dramatically this year, but that’s in large part because the automakers are getting used to the more stringent testing requirements that were implemented the previous year. In 2013 just 39 winners made the list, but that amount has gone up to 71 vehicles since then. That’s an increase of almost double.

Toyota has established itself as one of the top automakers in the industry as far as safety and reliability is concerned, but they aren’t the only automaker to get a high number of safety awards. Honda managed to get the award for ten of their vehicles, giving them the second highest of any automaker.

If you’re looking for a vehicle that you can trust while driving around, check out any of the Top Safety Pick+ vehicles from Toyota. Each meets a very stringent set of requirements and has been proven to handle crash situations very well.


Every One of the 2014 Subaru Lineup Received an IIHS Top Safety Pick Rating

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If your searching for a safe vehicle for you and your family it would be a good idea to take a look at one of the vehicles from the Subaru lineup. This automaker has seven different vehicles, their whole lineup, that all received a Top Safety Pick from the IIHS in 2014 with several Top Safety Pick Pluses as well. Subaru was able to achieve this impressive feat through careful design and an array of powerful safety features that help mitigate damage during an accident.

Subaru Has Remained Committed to Safety After all these Years

Subaru was performing safety tests on their vehicles long before safety tests were the standard thing to do. They’ve always been committed to making excellent vehicles that stand up to abuse while keeping the driver safe, and that commitment shows.
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Excellent Safety with Every Vehicle

It’s very rare for an automaker to have every one of their vehicles be an IIHS Top Safety Pick. On top of this Subaru has three vehicles, the Forester, the Outback and the Legacy that achieved the highest Top Safety Pick+ status.

Ring Reinforcement

Each of the Subaru vehicles rely on a ring-style frame that utilizes durable materials in a ring shape around the exterior of the vehicle. The unique ring shape distributes the load of an impact throughout the edges of the vehicle helping to minimize damage overall.

Careful Testing Before Designing the Vehicles

Subaru values safety so much that they test and adjust their vehicle designs early on until they are able to meet their safety goals. Only after continual virtual testing does Subaru design the rest of their vehicle and then make a series of prototypes. With the prototypes created Subaru begins conducting physical crashes to help improve their designs further before they ever make it to production. They set more rigorous standards for themselves than the safety institutes do and that’s why their vehicles are able to excel so much on each safety test.

Improving Their Highly Rated Vehicles

Subaru doesn’t accept good ratings as good enough when it comes to the safety of their vehicles. Even though the Subaru Legacy achieved a Top Safety Pick+ rating in 2013 they decided that it still had some weaknesses and went ahead and made improvements to the frame making it more rigid and enhancing the strength to improve performance in the frontal-overlap test.

Subaru vehicles are well-known for being very safe to ride in and now you know why. You would be hard-pressed to find a manufacturer more concerned with safety than Subaru and that’s why they have some of the most highly-rated vehicles out there when it comes to crash testing.

The IIHS Recommends Five Different Volkswagen Vehicles for Teens

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The IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) recently put together a comprehensive list of the best vehicles for teen drivers to operate. Each of the vehicles on this list is used because 83% of parents purchase used vehicles for their teens. While choosing the vehicles the IIHS considered teen safety and try to come up with a balanced vehicle that provides plenty of protection while helping teens avoid the temptation to drive recklessly. More than five different Volkswagen vehicles showed up on that list. So fear not VW lovers, you should have no problem getting your child a good reliable Volkswagen to drive around.

volkswagen Jetta







The Vehicles

When compiling the list the IIHS put together two separate lists. A Best list offering the safest options at under $20,000 and a Good list at below $10,000. While the Good list is not going to offer as much protection as Best list cars, they will be leaps ahead of cars that didn’t make either list.

Best Options

  • VW Passat 2009 and newer
  • VW Jetta and Jetta Sportwagen 2009 and newer
  • VW Tiguan 09 and newer
  • VW Routan 2012

Good Options

  • Volkswagen Passat 2006 to 2009
  • Volkswagen Routan 2009 to 2011

Why they Made the List

The IIHS looked at a bunch of different factors in order to determine which vehicles were eligible to make the list. One of the first and most important of these factors is the size of the vehicle. Larger vehicles handle impacts better than small ones do, and this is why no mini or compact cars were on the list. They also avoided recommending any vehicles with high levels of horsepower that could encourage teens to speed more. ESC systems are built into each of the vehicles and safety ratings were looked at closely before making the final decision.

Choosing a Modern Vehicle

Many parents decide to get their children older vehicles because they know that teens drive recklessly and are more likely to damage the vehicle. Unfortunately this is backwards thinking as far as safety is concerned because the new vehicles have the best safety features. All of the VW vehicles listed in the Best choices section were 2009 models and newer because they come equipped with side airbags as well as advanced traction control systems that make staying on the road an easier task. Parents can also get away with getting their children a Passat that’s as old as 2006, but will be sacrificing a few safety features that the newer cars are equipped with.

By following this list you should be able to get your teen driver a good solid vehicle that will help them stay out of trouble and provide them with a safe haven if they do get into a fender bender. Just be sure that you consider how safe a vehicle is before putting your teen in it for the first time. Thanks to the IIHS used car list you should be able to find a vehicle for your child no matter what your price range is.

Both the Golf and the Golf GTI Earned the 2014 IIHS Top Safety Pick Plus

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If you’re looking for a safe mid-size sedan to drive around both the Golf and the Golf TDI come highly recommended by the IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) according to their 2014 tests. Both vehicles earned the Top Safety Pick+ distinction from the institute, the highest possible rating that it gives out. According to Mark McNabb, the chief operating officer at VW America, the recognition that both models got makes a great statement about the brand, and it’s hard not to agree with this sentiment.


vw golf gti














Safety Tech

In order to score so well on the IIHS tests both the Golf and the Golf GTI are equipped with a variety of mechanical and electrical safety equipment. The frame was also redesigned to improve the overall strength of the vehicle.

The Auto Post-Collision Braking system immediately presses down on the brakes when the airbag sensor triggers during an impact. This cuts down on additional damage. Each model also comes with six standard airbags and an ESC or electronic stability control system for improved traction and performance.

If you opt for the SE or SEL models then you can also add on the driver assistance package. This gives you a forward collision warning as well as front and rear park distance control systems.

Additional Benefits of these Cars

On top of being very safe cars, they also happen to be quite spacious. They provide comfortable seating for up to five individuals as well as more cargo room than any mid-sized sedan. This means everyone can ride comfortably and you won’t have to worry about where to put all your luggage any longer.

Changes to Golf and Golf GTI

Both the new Golf and the Golf GTI have been updated significantly for 2014. They are now more powerful while being more efficient. They also come with new standard technology, improving their value significantly.

Qualifying for a Top Safety Pick+

In order for any vehicle to be recognized as an IIHS Top Safety Pick+ it has to earn a “good” rating in the roof strength, head restraint, moderate overlap front, and overlap side. The vehicle also has to get at least an “acceptable” in the small overlap front test, and at least a “basic” in the front crash prevention test. All of these various tests really try out the durability of a vehicle.

When you’re shopping for family vehicles safety is always a top priority. Both the 2014 VW Golf or VW Golf GTI are excellent options for family travelling. They aren’t the cheapest sedans on the market, but the added cost is what allows their improved design, technology and safety.

Subaru Remains The Only Car Manufacturer With 2012 IIHS Top Safety Picks For All Models

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Subaru today announced that the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has recognized the all-new 2013 Subaru XV Crosstrek as a 2012 TOP SAFETY PICK. Subaru remains the only manufacturer with 2012 IIHS Top Safety Picks for all models.

The all-new XV Crosstrek earned a “good” rating – the top rank – in the moderate overlap frontal, side, rollover and rear impact evaluations.

“The XV Crosstrek brings Subaru all-wheel drive and crossover technology into the small CUV segment,” said Thomas J. Doll, executive vice president and COO, Subaru of America, Inc. “Our buyers know that Subaru means safety and adding XV Crosstrek to our 100% list of IIHS Top Safety Picks is proof of that.”

The TOP SAFETY PICK recognizes vehicles that, in IIHS testing, do the best job of protecting people in front, side, rear, and now rollover crashes based on ‘good’ ratings in each category. The IIHS ranks in terms of Good, Acceptable, Marginal and Poor, with ‘good’ as the top rank possible in Institute tests. Winners also must have electronic stability control.

“For three years running, Subaru is the only automotive manufacturer with the distinction of earning IIHS TOP SAFETY PICK awards for every model it builds,” said Institute president Adrian Lund. “It’s tough to win, and we commend Subaru for making safety a top priority.”

Toyota, Lexus, and Scion Vehicles Earned Top Safety Pick Awards for 2012

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Is the safety of a vehicle a major consideration in your next purchase? Then you will be happy to know that fifteen Toyota, Lexus and Scion vehicles earned the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) Top Safety Pick awards. The 15 models chosen between Toyota, Lexus, and Scion, are more than any other automaker!

Commenting on today’s announcement, Steve St. Angelo, executive vice president of Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc., said, “Safety is a core value that dates back to the foundation of our company. IIHS’ awards further recognize our commitment to helping protect drivers and passengers.

The 2012 model year winners are
For Toyota: Avalon, Camry, Corolla, Highlander, Prius, Prius v, Sienna, Tundra Crew Cab, Venza, and Yaris
For Lexus: CT 200h and RX
For Scion: tC, xB, and xD

According to the IIHS, Top Safety Pick awards recognize vehicles that do the best job of protecting
people in front, side, rollover, and rear crashes based on ratings in IIHS tests.

The IIHS Top Safety Pick award is the private sector’s counterpart to the government’s own five star rating systems for vehicle safety conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Over recent years it has been difficult for automakers to ace both tests. Today’s announcement shows they are improving safety.

All-New 2012 Passat, 8th Volkswagen to Receive a 2011 Top Safety Pick Award

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Having moved North American production to Chattanooga, Tennessee, the all-new Volkswagen Passat has now been repositioned to compete at the heart of the mid-sized sedan market. Now it has earned the coveted Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s (IIHS) Top Safety Pick rating for 2011, which is the highest possible for the non-profit safety research organization.

This annual rating recognizes vehicles that perform best in protecting passengers in the Institute’s front, side, and rear crash test evaluations, along with the newly required roof-strength test evaluations. Top Safety Pick ratings are only awarded to vehicles that are fitted with electronic stability control and head protection airbags.

The Passat is the eighth Volkswagen vehicle to win the award for 2011. Among its winning siblings is the CC 2.0L TSI, Jetta, Jetta Sportwagen, Tiguan, Touareg, and four-door GTI models.

“Performance of the Passat is another example of Volkswagen’s ongoing commitment to engineer vehicles that earn the highest safety ratings,” says Institute president Adrian Lund. “Top Safety Pick winners achieve that status by earning the top ratings in the Institute’s four demanding tests, and by having electronic stability control, the most important feature in helping drivers avoid many kinds of crashes in the first place.”

“The new Passat is an important vehicle for Volkswagen,” said Jonathan Browning, President and CEO, Volkswagen Group of America, Inc. “It has been engineered in Germany specifically to compete in the heart of the North American mid-sized sedan segment.”

“To have IIHS recognize the Passat as the Top Safety Pick is a great statement for this new car–and to have eight Volkwagen models with this significant award is an equally great statement for the brand. It’s a testament to our commitment to make safety such a high priority in vehicle development, using advanced techniques such as laser seam welding and the extensive use of high-strength steel to build exceptionally strong structures.”

The Passat will hit our showrooms in the third week of September. Join our Facebook community or follow us on Twitter to be one of the first to know! Or contact us today and have one of our sales consultants contact you personally as soon as the vehicle arrives.