There are few people today that own a high-end luxury SUV. They’re very costly, but there’s a lot being offered in these premium packages. Read on to learn exactly what you can expect from a top-end SUV like the 2018 Audi SQ5. This premium SUV packs in the features, giving you the luxurious ride and driving experience, but it all comes at a pretty significant cost.

2018 audi sq5

Driving is Very Fun

First let’s start off by saying that the SQ5 can really go. This high-powered SUV packs in 354 horses in its turbocharged engine and delivers power exactly when you need it. Stomp on the gas pedal and the SUV takes off down the street with confidence. Of course the performance Pirelli P-Zero tires help on that front, and so does the smooth all-wheel drive that delivers maximum traction from the very beginning. Overall, when you want to get going, it’s so easy to do in the SQ5 that you’ll probably end up driving a bit too fast like we did.

Speed isn’t the only thing that this SUV has to offer though. It’s also very easy to handle. The steering is responsive and the moment you turn the wheel you’ll feel the SUV move with you. This makes sharp corners a blast to go around, did I mention that body roll is pretty minimal for an SUV? That’s right, you can whip this SUV around corners comfortably, in fact, it almost seems to enjoy being whipped around. When it’s time to slow down the powerful ceramic brakes do the job just fine and will drop your speed down in a split second.

Gorgeous Inside and Out

Inside the SQ5 strikes a balance between quality materials and top-notch design and flash. Audi works hard to keep the interior as minimalist as possible, and what you get is a very nice-looking interior, with seats coated with quality materials, diamond stitching, soft touch materials throughout, but a pretty simple looking interior. Audi is showing that they have no need to be ostentatious and instead the automaker decides to let the pure quality of the interior show through. The result is a nice-looking interior, but something that isn’t over the top at all.

On the outside, the SQ5 draws stares wherever it goes. It’s edgy, trim and in proportion all over. The rear end is neat and tucked in giving the mid-sized SUV an almost compact footprint, and the front end features a big beastly grille and a chrome finish that looks nice as well. The exterior of the SQ5 is similar to the interior that it’s clearly luxurious, it stands out, but it’s not over the top like some sporty vehicles are.

An Enjoyable Tech Experience

Audi put a lot of effort into making a user-friendly but capable techno infotainment system. There’s a heads-up display, there’s a pretty capable nav system built right into the cluster, and the media system is almost entirely customizable. It’s simple to get the features you want to show, while hiding all the rest. Even though the infotainment system packs dozens of cool features, you won’t be overwhelmed by everything that you see while using it, which makes the whole system very user-friendly. The system also makes use of a track-pad as well as a set of buttons to help you navigate the features as fast as possible.

The Audi SQ5 is a true experience and a pleasurable vehicle to own on a daily basis. It’s a bit tight in back and there are only two rows, which might be a downside to customers with large families. The SUV packs plenty of power, it’s nice to look at inside and out and it’s a true user-friendly experience overall, but it’s not cheap. You’ll be spending north of $50,000 and should expect a price closer to 60k once you get the addons that you want. That’s not overpriced for the segment, but it’s certainly not a budget vehicle either.