In order to celebrate the upcoming 2017 Lexus IS, the automaker made a special version of the vehicle absolutely covered in a total of 41,999 lights. The car lights up blindingly and can display a wide range of graphics and messages. It’s a pretty cool spectacle and it can do a lot more than you might expect.

light up lexus LIT

Different Interactive Modes

Lexus is calling the light-covered vehicle LIT, and it comes with three different modes that all do something special and cool. From reacting to music, to drawing in attention, this special car is an excellent way to get attention on the automaker.

Music Viz Mode

In Music Viz mode all the lights on the vehicle respond to the sound and beat of music. Different patterns are created, and a unique looking light show is put on from the vehicle. It’s a pretty cool spectacle when put to the beat of a good song.

Gesture Mode

Gesture Mode gives full control of the LEDs to a single person through a gaming console. The console is attached to all the lights, and you’ll be able to create unique gestures all over the vehicle while going down the road, sitting at a red light, or just showing off in a parking lot.

Attract Mode

Attract Mode is the main form of advertisement that Lexus does for the new IS. This mode shows off a unique spectrum of colorful patterns that Lexus claims shows off the design elements of the IS nicely.

This isn’t the first time that Lexus has gone all out for one of its upcoming vehicles. They create exciting spectacles and cool stunts all the time, but this one was particularly cool and is certainly a sight worth seeing. Do yourself a favor and watch a video of the car, it’s worth the time.