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We Could See a Track Worthy Lexus LS in the Future

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Lexus has long been a vehicle that focuses more on luxury features and comfort than it does performance. Lexus vehicles aren’t the first choice or even the third choice for most tuners or race track fanatics, but that could all be changing in the future. There hasn’t been an official announcement saying that Lexus is going to release a powerful track car, but there was a patent filed that indicates it’s possible. The LS-FC concept was shown off at the New York Auto Show last month, and that hints at a more performance focused Lexus, but it was the LS-F concept name patent filed by Lexus that showed the possibility for something more.

2017 Lexus LS

The LS-F

The LS-F seems like an unlikely release in the near future because Lexus already claimed that they were not going to come out with a LC-F vehicle, which would be the more obvious performance car, but that doesn’t mean that an LS-F is off the table either. There are some good reasons for making a high-performance variant of the LS before the LC, the most obvious of which is that it would be more affordable. Performance enthusiasts don’t mind spending more for their vehicles, but they don’t want to spend top-end prices either. Mid-range performance vehicles like the lower AMG variants are selling at high numbers, and this could be exactly what Lexus is trying to achieve as well. By tuning up its LS variant, buyers could pick up an affordable track-worthy vehicle to play with, and that could be just the thing to get Lexus recognized as a serious performance brand.

It Could Mean a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Variant Instead

While it’s possible that the LS sedan could receive a major performance variant, it’s also possible that the LS-F vehicle could actually be for a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. If that’s the case it would be the first hydrogen-powered luxury sedan, and it could be another major step in the right direction for Toyota while trying to get the tech out there and increase its popularity. If that’s the case it could be just the thing needed to increase widespread adoption of hydrogen fuel cells.

Either way, it seems likely that Lexus is putting out a variant of its LS sedan, and that variant could be something pretty exciting if we’re interpreting the patent information properly. It’s also possible that Toyota is just covering itself and that no variation will be released for the LS at all. That’s why enthusiasts are encouraged to keep an eye over Lexus during the next few months to see what they are really up to.

The 2018 Lexus LS is More Capable Thanks to Serious Engineering Enhancements

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Lexus is always looking for ways to improve on its vehicles, and that’s true for its flagship LS more than any other. The automaker took special engineering measures to make the LS more capable than ever. It’s stronger, safer, more spacious, lighter and faster, all from some serious engineering tweaks throughout.

2017 lexus ls

Added Room

Lexus is always looking for ways to expand the interior space of its automobiles, but it’s important to avoid making the vehicles bulkier in the process. The automaker managed to keep bulk to a minimum, while increasing interior space of its 2018 Lexus by relying on more durable high-strength steel products. The vehicle is actually lighter and more spacious, a pretty impressive combination.

Shedding the Pounds

In order to cut away approximately 200 lbs. from the vehicle, Lexus made use of high-strength tensile steel in several sections of the body of the LS. The steels are used throughout the body and frame of the vehicle to do away with bulkier metals that were once required to support the vehicle. Lexus also implemented an aluminum hood and trunk lid to cut down on weight even more. The overall result is that the vehicle is lighter, faster and more spacious overall.

Aluminum Supports a Safer Frame

Not only will the next LS be lighter, but it will also be safer as it tries to come out with higher scares on the next crash test. Lexus is making heavy use of aluminum webbing throughout the structure of the LS to add to its strength. The chassis benefits from suspension towers at both the front and rear.

All these changes should make the LS better than ever before and will give owners something to be proud of in their vehicles. Sure the lighter body, the greater interior space and the added safety won’t stand out as much as design changes would, but these improvements are the things that really matter most.

Ride Like an Executive in the Lexus LS 460L

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If you’re looking for a fast and sporty car do not buy the Lexus LS 460L. It’s not that this car is slow, it does have close to 400 HP under its hood, it’s just that that’s not what the 460L is all about. It’s big and bulky and adapted for the highest level of comfort possible. If you want to travel around town like a king, with the feeling of floating on air and noise isolation that will keep out any distractions the 460L may be more your speed. The steering has a lightweight feeling to it while still offering a precise feel. The car comes with rear-wheel drive, but all-wheel comes as an added option. The car is expected to get somewhere around 19 MPG combined which certainly won’t make it a cheap driver with the premium fuel that it runs on.

lexus ls 460l

Selectable Driving Modes

The 460L comes with three standard driving modes, Eco, Normal and Sport. The different modes adjust the vehicle’s shifting points as well as steering and throttle response. Eco mode has slightly more sluggish performance but boosts efficiency figures while sport mode stiffens up the ride a bit at the expense of efficiency. If you opt for the Adaptive Air Suspension option you’ll also get a Comfort mode and a Sport+ mode giving a greater level of flexibility to the ride.

The Interior

Climbing inside the Lexus LS 460L is like climbing into another more comfortable world. It’s whisper quiet inside thanks to the high level of soundproofing.


The best way to describe the handling of the LS 460L is silky smooth and subdued. There’s enough power to keep the vehicle from feeling sluggish and the V8 engine and eight-speed automatic transmission work together to slide through the power range effortlessly.

The Outside

The Lexus 460L isn’t flashy like a typical sports car. It’s all about subdued luxury and low-key class. You can tell it’s an expensive car by looking at it. You’ll know that the ride is comfortable before you even climb in, but it won’t stand out driving down the road.

The Highly Comfortable Rear

One of the highlights of the Lexus LS 460 is the incredibly comfortable rear seats. With the expanded frame passengers get a full five inches of added legroom. The seats offer enough room for two full-sized adults to sit comfortably with enough space for a child or smaller adult in the center if the armrest is raised up. If the standard back seat setup isn’t comfortable enough for you there are two different upgrade packages that you can choose instead. The first and more affordable option comes in at $5,240 and adds in power adjustable seating with a massage feature. The back also comes equipped with four zone climate control and a small refrigerator as well as some other comfort enhancements.

If you’re the type of executive who enjoys being driven around there is a very tempting backseat package known as Executive Class Seating. It isn’t for the faint of heart or the light of wallet coming in at $16,400 but for the price you get a lot of nice perks. The seats are upgraded to power recliners with an included ottoman. Those seats have built in multifunction Shiatsu massage as well to relax between those stressful meetings. The back also comes with a Blueray entertainment system to catch up on your favorite movies. The rest of the cabin also benefits from comfort improvements with this package and it’s a nice overall improvement with emphasis on rear comfort.

Overall the LS 460 is a smooth rider that’s fit for an executive. If this describes you well then you should consider getting the vehicle. If you’re a thrill seeker looking for something flashy, fast, fun and sporty above all else then there are other options you should consider.


2013 Lexus LS Tops JD Power Initial Quality Study

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For the sixth year in a row, the Lexus LS leads the industry in J.D. Power and Associate’s 2013 Initial Quality Study. The LS was redesigned for the 2013 model year with dynamic, fresh styling that gives it greater road presence and a stronger identity while demonstrating significant improvement in driving dynamics, responsiveness, and handling.


The model has seen great success and popularity since it hit dealerships. Last month, the LS sold 996 units, up an impressive 117.9 percent on both volume and daily sales record basis compared to May last year. It is the most technologically advanced model in the Lexus lineup and comes equipped an array of safety features including the industry’s most advanced Pre-Collision Safety System (A-PCS).

In the study, the Lexus LS received the highest score among all models in the industry with 59 problems per 100 vehicles (PP100) where the industry average stands at 113 problems per 100 vehicles sold. The study, which looks at problems experienced in the first 90 days of vehicle ownership, was redesigned in 2013 to better reflect issues related to new technologies and features.

The Lexus production facilities also took Plant Assembly Line Quality Awards.  The Yoshiwara, Japan plant (LX 570) was honored with the Gold Plant Assembly Line Quality Award, while the Kyushu 2, Japan plant (IS line, ES line, RX line) received a Silver Plant Assembly Line Quality Award.

Lexus Introduces Significantly Refreshed LS

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Over the last 18 months, Lexus has updated most of their entire lineup, with the exception of their flagship car the LS. Now, as we close out 2012, Lexus is ready to reveal the update to their flagship luxury sedan.

While the 2013 LS is a mid-cycle refresh, over half of the parts involved in building this car are completely new. There is a substantial rework of the exterior, which features Lexus’ signature spindle grill up front along with significant sculpturing throughout the body from nose to tail to greatly reduce aerodynamic drag.

In a market segment that puts a premium on perfection the new LS is positioning itself to once again be the standard by which others are measured. Not only is the exterior refreshed, the interior gets a complete makeover as well. The design concept 1st seen in the interior of the new GS is now brought in to the flagship LS sedan.  One of the features of the interior is the 12.3 inch  center display which can be organized into 3 different columns of information.

Interior materials also get an upgrade including a unique wood trim called Shimamocu. This unique wood trim takes 38 days and 67 different processes to complete. It has a horizontal grain pattern which helps to emphasize the with an interior space of the LS. If you choose to go with the hybrid version of the LS you can choose the bamboo wood option which gives a very nice look and feel to the interior.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mabO5t5alK0&w=640&h=360]

Something else that is also unique in the LS is the analog clock in the center of the dash is linked via GPS to automatically update times, even when crossing into different time zones. So, let’s say you’re driving from Detroit to Chicago, where you go from the Eastern time zone to the central time zone, the clock will automatically update to the local time.

There will be several trim levels available in the  LS, including the ultra-lux package which will have 4 different climate zone controls. All cars, 16 way power driver seat,” way adjustable passenger seats. Opt for the 600 L, or 460 L, and you will have rear seat that will recline, as an ottoman, and also massage functionality. It truly is an “Executive” sedan. The driver and passenger seats also have a unique climate control system integrated into them the seats sense body temperature and bring the temperature of the seats to the desired temperature, until the rest of the cabin can reach that temperature.

Depending on which trim level you get, the LS can have a sportier feel, but the emphasis of the LS has been, and always will be, that of late luxury sedan. As such, the emphasis is on a quiet interior and a smooth and comfortable yet very controlled ride. The LS will never be a Canyon Carver, but on tight twisty roads it can hold its own.

Powertrains are a carryover, a 4.6 L V-8 with 386 hp combined with an 8 speed automatic transmission will be standard. Elect for the hybrid version and you have a combined power rating of 438 hp between the gasoline motor and electric motor. The hybrid model also gets a redesign regenerative braking system which aids in recharging the batteries much quicker and more efficiently.

Available for the first time in the LS is the F-Sport trim.  With the F-Sport you will get a deeper drill with other aero treatments, cooling ducts for the brakes, suspension lowered 10mm, Alcantera headliners, larger side bolsters in the seats,, paddle shifters and a Torsen limited slip differential.

You also get 19” BBS wheels that are unique to the F-Sport along with massive six piston Brembo brakes.

Pricing will be announced at the end of October and the LS’s will begin to go on sale in November.