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The 2014 Coastal Cleanup Day is a Huge Success for Heal the Bay and LAcarGUY

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Saturday Sept 20th was a big day for Heal the Bay and the team at LAcarGUY. It was the 25th annual Heal the Bay Coastal Clean Up Day spurring countless teams to action around the country picking up their local beaches in one of the largest cleanup events of the year. It was a big day for the LAcarGUY cleanup team as well and they had more than 160 volunteers in all working hard to clean Will Rogers State Beach. That’s the biggest volunteer group of any corporate organization, and that’s the second year that they’ve broken that record, they managed to smash it in 2013 as well.

lacarguy 2014 coastal cleanup


Success During the 2014 Coastal Cleanup Day

Each year Heal the Bay puts on a Coastal Clean up Day around the country. Participating groups go out to their local coast and clean the waterway, improving the environment for everyone. During the 2014 single day event more than 44,880 lbs. of debris were cleared away from coasts around the country. A total of 11,275 volunteers came together and worked to not only better the environment and enhance beaches at 50 different locations, but set a great example for other people to follow as well.

Strange Items Found During Cleanup

Each year it’s fun to see what strange items are found during the massive cleanup, and this year’s results don’t disappoint. A handgun was found at Malibu Surfrider Beach, so good thing that was cleaned away. During the cleanup at Tujunga Wash a Beauty Queen DVD was picked up, and at Redonda Beach, 4 octopi and 100 crabs were found living in trash and helped to a better environment.

It’s amazing what things are left around at our beaches, and some of the oddest finds, like the handgun, only reinforces how important it is to take time to pick up once and awhile.

2014 lacarguy coastal cleanup team

The Dealership Contest

LAcarGUY put on a friendly dealership contest this year between its several locations to see who could put together the largest group of volunteers. Toyota of Hollywood managed to land first place by a landslide with an impressive 51 volunteers. Lexus of Santa Monica managed to get together a team of 35 volunteers for second place and Toyota of Santa Monica took third with 22 volunteers.

Coastal Cleanup day’s an important event that shows how much can be accomplished through careful organization and hard work. The volunteers who participated in the single day event managed to remove over 22 tons of debris from more than 50 beaches and clean up these natural environments for everyone to enjoy. It was a massive undertaking but most of the volunteers would agree that the results are worth the effort.

Join Us for the Kickin’ Cancer 5K Event on September 14th!

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Lexus of Santa Monica is thrilled to be taking part in the 13th annual Kickin’ Cancer! 5K event to help build support and raise funds to help fight cancer. The event includes a serious 5K as well as a family fun run and a variety of other fun activities for families to take part in. It occurs on September 14th from 7:30 am until 11:30 AM and promises to be a fun-filled morning.  Come out to San Vicente Blvd. on Sunday the 14th to check it out. You can learn more about it at kickincancer.com

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The Runs

The 5k run is set to begin at 9 AM on the 13th and the Fun Run will begin at 10:30AM. Both activities are designed to raise fund for preventative cancer care. You can sign up to participate in either event through the Kickin Cancer website above.

Why We Do It

Most people are aware of the damage that cancer causes and how deadly it can be and this event is a major fundraiser to provide preventative care for the disease. Last year the event managed to raise over $200,000 toward preventative care, and that money was used to help many patients get the help that they needed. This year we hope to raise just as much and continue providing much needed financial help to victims plagued by cancer.

How to Get Involved

There are several different ways for you to get involved with the event if you want to help out or participate. By visiting kickencancer.org you can register to participate in the 5K or the Kiddie Fun Run yourself, you can donate to the cause, or you can donate to one of the sponsors already setup to run the race. By typing in the discount code”lexus” you can save 5 dollars off the entry fee and get involved for even less. Use this opportunity to test out your physical fitness while generating money for a worthy cause as well.

This is the 10th year that Lexus of Santa Monica has sponsored the event and we’re thrilled to be helping such a worthy cause and excited to promote physical activity as well. Not only are we providing some of the money to set up the event, but we’ve also provided the pace car for all the runners planning on taking part on the 14th.

Get involved with a great cause and come out to San Vicente Blvd. to take part in the Annual Kickin’ Cancer! event. It’s sure to be a morning filled with fun and worth checking out.