As cars evolve they almost always get bigger, faster or more efficient. The one type of upgrade that isn’t nearly as common is a suspension upgrade. Added power needs to be handled more effectively. Demanding driving environments should be approached with everything we’ve got. That’s why Lexus is so excited to talk about its new Roll Skyhook Control technology. The tech is used in the brand new RX SUV and gives a whole new meaning to smooth.

Lexus RX Sky Roll Hook

When travelling over a bump surface it’s very common to experience a rolling sensation. That’s an issue even if the vehicle is prevented from rolling. That’s the issue that Lexus nearly resolves with the new Skyhook tech. This new system creates a feeling of being “hooked in the sky” according to Lexus. That means the vehicle will stabilize itself from the top side and remove most of that roll feeling in a variety of driving situations.

How it Works

The company does not go into detail about how the technology works, but an electronically controlled system of counter weights seems plausible. There is something up near the top of the vehicle that throws weight in the opposite direction of the roll of the vehicle. Whatever the technology is, Lexus promises a much more stable and smooth driving experience, especially around corners. This is an excellent improvement in a

Enhanced Suspension Too

The Skyhook technology is just one of the special features that comes with the new RX, it can also be equipped with an adaptive suspension system to help provide smoother driving dynamics in most standard situations. While going over major bumps the system relies on a series of dynamic dampers to help stabilize the situation.
The Lexus RX is a seriously improved vehicle, and with the new Skyhook technology you’ll be able to corner faster and more confidently. The improvements make the RX more attractive to look at, and more enjoyable to drive as well. With the adaptive suspension it handles smoothly and corners with ease and the media enhancements within make the RX more pleasurable overall.