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Tricks and Tips for the Lexus Nav System

April 4, 2017 lacarguy Lexus Tags: , , ,

One of the most important tools in a modern-day vehicle is its navigation system. After all, without a good setup you could become lost very easily when driving around in unfamiliar territory. That’s why most people today make sure they get a car or truck with a nav system so that it can be relied on each time that you take the vehicle out. Nearly every Lexus vehicle sold today comes with navigation, so it’s pretty important for Lexus owners to know how to make the most of these systems. Here are a couple of helpful tips to help you make more of your navigation system when out and about.

RX Lexus Nav System

Turn up the Volume

One of the biggest issues that drivers experience with the navigation system is directions that are too quiet. If you can’t hear the directions while driving, you’re going to miss important turns and end up driving inefficiently. Fortunately, there is a way that you can turn up the volume so that those directions are a bit easier for you to hear all along. To change the volume levels you’ll have to dig through a few menus, but the process isn’t too difficult, we promise.

Select “Menu” then choose the “Setup” option.

From there you need to choose “Voice.” And “Voice Settings”.

Once in this menu you can easily turn the volume up or down between 1 and 7. It often defaults on 2, so you can crank the volume up significantly.

Finding Your Way Home

There is a special feature known as Route Trace that makes it easy to figure out how to make it back to your starting location. Whether you are exploring a new area, or you simply need to remember how to trace your steps, this system is the way to do it. When it’s enabled the car will leave a series of dots on your navigation map that you can follow back in the opposite direction. This makes it easy to drive in unfamiliar surroundings, or to drop off a person and find your way home after.

To turn on this feature you’ll have to go through one of two different step sets. New vehicles make it easy, you just select “Options” and “Navigation Options”. Now choose “Map information” and select “Route Trace” to enable the option.

If you’re driving an older model you’ll have to choose “Show on Map” at the bottom of navigation, and choose “Route Trace”.

No matter how you turn Route Trace on, it should help you avoid getting lost while driving around and leave you with more positive stories to tell about driving. No matter what you want to use your vehicle for, hopefully these two navigation tips will help you make the most of it and stay out of trouble more consistently.

The Lexus Hoverboard Gets a Skate Park to Match

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By now we’ve all at least viewed photos of the Lexus hoverboard they’ve been developing. It’s an interesting piece of tech for sure, and according to the videos it appears to be something that actually works as well. Now Lexus is saying that they’ve completed a whole skate park around the concept, and we can expect a range of promotional videos around the technology and what it can do. What isn’t clear is why is Lexus doing this at all? Sure it’s awesome that they built a hoverboard, but why did they do it? Will they mass produce them and sell them to the public? That seems unlikely. Are they trying draw more young interest to the brand? Or are they showing off tech they plan on releasing on their cars in the future?

Lexus Hoverboard

How Does the Board Work?

If you think you can bring this hoverboard anywhere you like and ride it around you’re sadly mistaken. It has to be operated in specific areas that have a metallic grid underneath. That’s why a special skate park had to be constructed for the hoverboard.

The board relies on powerful magnetics to create the lift it needs to stay off the ground. This isn’t some amazing new breakthrough that Lexus has made, it’s simply technology that they packaged very nicely into a compact and highly attractive product. Liquid nitrogen is used as the cooling source, which makes it put off a futuristic mist as you use it.

Releasing the Board as a Consumer Product

If Lexus does decide to try and release the board as a consumer product, which I doubt, they would have to figure out how to make the board more affordable and add a metal framework on a range of skate parks around the world. Even a very focused, low-volume, product release would be difficult.

The Board in Action

There are videos around the Internet showing the board in use through a straightaway section of the skate park. It shows that the technology works and that a hoverboard experience can really be enjoyed with the product as long as it’s used in the right situations.

Professional Skater Interest

Several professional skate boarders have already expressed interest at trying out the product. Lexus hasn’t responded to them yet and hasn’t released any plans for it to be tested out in such a way. For this reason the product mostly seems to be a marketing stunt that they are relying on to gain interest in the brand or some new technology that they are developing.

If you would like to learn more about the technology and keep an eye on where it goes, you can keep an eye on the Lexus blog to see what news comes out about it. The automaker has been releasing regular stories covering the tech and you better believe that the stories will keep coming for quite a while.

Technology Tuesday: Lexus Pre-Crash System

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The Lexus Pre-Crash Safety System compensates for human error with vigilant always-on sensors ensuring safe journeys. With the Pre-Crash Safety system fitted, your car can optimize crucial settings, in the vital moments before a frontal collision, to minimize the risk of injury. A radar sensor, mounted on the front of the car, constantly monitors the distance and closing speed of any approaching vehicle. If a crash becomes unavoidable, the car alters its suspension settings for optimum braking performance. The Brake Assist system, which increases braking is also primed and the front seatbelts are tightened before impact.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8l_4hYdF0xE]