If you think that a Lexus truck sounds like a crackpot idea, you wouldn’t be alone, but it’s not quite as crazy as it seems at first thought. While pickup trucks are supposed to be rugged workhorses, and aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of luxury vehicles, pickups are getting more and more luxurious. There are plenty of upscale pickup models that fall well into luxury vehicle prices, and some pickups are even more expensive than luxury SUVs are. Now consider that automakers like Mercedes-Benz plan to sell luxury pickups and you have more than enough reasons for Lexus to at least consider the idea, and they are. They talked about potential plans for a Lexus pickup, but those plans certainly weren’t set in stone. Lexus merely mentions that they are considering such a truck, but what would a Lexus truck be like?

2015 toyota hilux
Toyota Hilux

Built Around the Hilux

Lexus stated that a truck would be the most difficult vehicle on the list to create, and the hardest to make successful. If it did release such a vehicle, it would be based on the legendary Toyota Hilux platform, meaning that it would be built like a tank. A very shiny, glitzy, modern tank. Since the Hilux isn’t offered in our market, it’s unclear whether the Lexus variation of it would be either. It would be nice to get such a truck option here, but it’s likely that it would be offered in Europe, Australia and other countries where it would be more in demand.

The Other Expected Models

While Lexus is thinking about a pickup there are several other vehicles that are getting more attention and are higher up on the priority list. That list includes a large 7-seater variation of the Lexus RX and a compact SUV that’s smaller than the RX. Both of these models are likely being planned to capitalize on the growing SUV market. US buyers simply can’t get enough crossovers and SUVs in their lives at the moment and automakers are working hard to meet the demand.

I don’t think we’ll see a Lexus pickup anytime soon, and US customers might never see one unless they are willing to import it from another country. It’s still an intriguing idea, and it’s likely that a luxury automaker will offer a luxury truck in the United States at some point. That just seems to be the direction that we’re heading in.