The 2015 Subaru Outback is a more popular SUV than even Subaru could predict. The Outback has so many optimizations that buyers simply can’t get enough of it. It’s designed to handle everyday driving conditions, but is built to switch from standard road to off-road conditions comfortably. The highly awarded SUV has been given titles like the Best Wagon for the Money, and is known in both Canada and the US for being an excellent value overall. Unfortunately this means that there simply aren’t enough to go around. That’s right, if you decide to go out and buy a 2015 Outback Wagon you’ll likely be in for a wait.

2015 subaru outback


The Waiting Game

If you decide that you want an Outback you could be in for a wait of several months depending on where you go looking for one. Some dealerships will have one in, and others will have a waiting list that you have to be put on. Trying to get a new Outback will require a bit more work than typical car shopping, but if you ask the long list of buyers if it was worth it, they’ll all give a loud resounding YES.

Picking up New Customers

Around 60 percent of the buyers going for the new Outback are new to the brand. These buyers were attracted by the feature-set of the vehicle, or all the publicity surrounding it. Subaru has to be loving all the extra customers its brand is picking up, but car dealerships around the country are experiencing a shortage. Even Hueberger Motors in Colorado, the largest dealership in the country, can’t keep the Outbacks in stock.

2015 Enhancements

The 2014 Subaru was a highly celebrated vehicle as it is, but the 2015 model makes some key safety improvements and offer a couple nice features that you won’t see on the older year model. For starters they added in a Blind Spot Detection system. It offers Rear Cross Traffic and Lane Change Assist features that all make it quite a bit safer to weave in and out of lanes while out on the highway. The car also comes with an enhanced EyeSight system that takes advantage of the standard rear camera to improve system notifications and overall safety. The infotainment system also comes with a touchscreen as standard now. The roof rails are equipped with crossbars to adjust the front and back of any cargo you happen to be carrying around. Finally the 2015 Outback has a few added options like the power tailgate and the 18 inch wheels, that you couldn’t get in 2014.

The Outback is one of the most highly celebrated Wagons of the year, and that’s why you’ll have to be patient or persistent if you want to get your hands on one. You can either canvas all the Suby dealerships in the area, or you can stick with one and wait it out. Either way the Outback is worth the wait, and builds on what it was already famed for to begin with making it the best Outback to date.