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The 2017 Prius C Prioritizes Safety

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For so many car buyers safety is king. It’s not usually the first thing that buyers think about, or even the thing that stands out most when making a purchase, but safety really is the most important factor when it comes to deciding on a vehicle. That’s why it’s so important that the newest Prius C is coming stocked with enhanced safety features. It offers the same good value for a hybrid, but with more to look forward to when it comes to safety. Overall it will be safer and more reliable to drive around, but let’s take a look at what safety features you get to see why that is.

2017 prius c

Safety Sense C

All Prius C models in 2017 will come with the Toyota Safety Sense C package. This comes with a selection of active and passive safety technologies that work together to help keep you safe while driving out on the road. These systems are much more comprehensive than most of the standard safety features you’ll find on vehicles today.

The Passive Features

Within the Prius C there are some pretty impressive passive safety features that you’ll benefit from each time you take it out onto the road. A total of 9 airbags help pad any collisions that you might have while driving. There’s also a stability control system that helps you maintain control while driving and makes handling the vehicle in poor situations a bit easier as well.

The Active Features

The active features are the most impressive part of the Toyota safety package. The car comes with tech designed to help you avoid most accidents with ease. There’s automatic braking that reacts to obstacles in the road. There is a lane departure system with cameras that pick up yellow and white lines to help the vehicle stay within the designated driving area. There’s also automatic high beams that turn on and off at night, depending on traffic conditions on the surrounding roads. Overall, the active features create more reliable driving conditions and help you stay on the road even when you become distracted while driving.

The latest Prius C model will be safer and more reliable overall than many other compact vehicles on the road, and you don’t even have to pay extra in order to enjoy those benefits.

A Candid Review of the Prius C Four

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If you’re after a quality car that gets you around town without using much gas the Prius C is a good solid option. It’s not the sexiest car on the road, and it certainly isn’t the fastest, but that doesn’t stop it from being appealing. It’s a good value vehicle that you should consider if you’re trying to cut down on your gas consumption.

2015 prius c


Let’s be honest, when you climb behind the wheel of a Prius C 4 you aren’t hoping for high levels of performance. Instead you’re counting the gallons of gas that you save with each trip, and that’s exactly what this car is all about. Sure you won’t be accelerating very quick. After all, it only comes with a four-cylinder engine that manages a total of 99 lb.-ft. of torque at 4800 rpm. The car does get up to speed alright though and will travel at highway speeds without issue. The real notable thing about this vehicle is always going to be the fuel efficiency it offers and you should expect to average around 50 MPG with 53 in the city and 46 on the highway. If those figures don’t excite you just a little bit, you probably shouldn’t be buying this car.


The steering wheel of this Prius is a bit undersized and it doesn’t offer much feedback at all. You’ll enjoy a slightly numb driving experience while traveling down the road. The braking experience is similar to the steering. The regen braking gives you a mushy feel for the first three or four inches as the car makes the most of that lost momentum. After that point you’ll get hit with a sharp stopping motion. With practice you can improve the stopping feel of this Prius, but it definitely takes some getting used to. Finally the suspension is a bit rough. The Prius C is one of the budget models of the Prius and the suspension isn’t quite as pillow soft as some of the other models. This means you’ll feel those potholes a bit more and will find yourself trying to steer around them as much as possible. It’s probably better for your tires in the long run, but when you inevitably have to hit a bump you’re going to know it.


The Prius C Four is pretty affordable with a base price of just $25,300. It’s more than the Yaris, but you’re paying for the fuel economy increase with the increased rate. If you decide you want any additional extras such as larger wheels you’ll have to pay a few hundred for most, though this Prius does come nicely loaded with extras like an improved surround sound system and a high quality multimedia system.

Features Galore

The Prius C Four is one of the upscale trim levels and it’s still quite affordable. It comes packed with a top notch multimedia system and a unique feature that lets you know how economically you are driving while travelling down the road. You’ll get information about your acceleration and braking habits and over time you can learn to be a more efficient driver with this car. You’ll notice that some training with this little Prius can improve your fuel ratings while driving other vehicles as well.


This Prius is a nice looking vehicle and lends a slightly sporty edge to the well-known Prius silhouette. It comes with LED headlights and fog lights and has creases and accents in all the right places.


This little Prius comes with all the standard safety features you would expect, and has a top-notch safety rating. Still it isn’t going to be as safe as riding around in a big truck or SUV with all those other large vehicles out on the road, but that’s the price you pay for such stellar fuel efficiency figures.

If you’re in the market for something compact and efficient, you won’t find a better car than this Prius. It offers one of the highest fuel economy ratings in the industry, and it doesn’t look half bad for a Prius either.