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Toyota Offers a More Affordable Prius than Ever Before

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Toyota has been suffering  from a lull in sales recently due to extended low gas prices. Buyers aren’t as interested in the Prius as they once were, and Toyota admits that prices have slowly climbed up to a slightly less approachable level. Most buyers wouldn’t consider a $25,000 base price outlandish for a top-performing hybrid like the Prius Two, but to help bring in new customers and offer an even better value, Toyota is releasing a slightly stripped down version of the Prius and dubbing it the Prius One. It’s $1,200 cheaper and tosses out some very minor features that few people will miss. If you’re looking for a way to cut your car-buying costs and the Prius is your vehicle of choice, you’re in luck, because the Prius One is coming out soon. Let’s get into what you get with the Prius One, and what you lose out on so you can decide whether the trade-off is worth it to you or not.

2017 toyota prius

What You Lose out on

If you opt for the low-cost Prius One, you are deciding to miss out on a few select features. You’ll still keep all the standard safety equipment that you get with the Prius Two, but you’ll lose a spare tire, a rear window wiper and the pockets at the rear of the front seats. These are all pretty minor sacrifices that most people will probably be able to give up, but it’s still important to understand what you are deciding to lose out on.

Top Level Safety Still

Toyota is fast becoming known for its preventative safety technology that is beginning to be the new standard with every Toyota vehicle. That will be carried over to the Toyota One. It’s going to be fitted with the Toyota Safety Sense P technology, including things like pedestrian detection, adaptive cruise, lane keep assistant and auto high beams. These are features that you won’t find on many top level vehicles from other brands, and they come with the most affordable Prius available when you shop with Toyota,.

Free Safety Upgrade on Other Models

If you decide that you don’t need to save money and you still want the Prius Two or greater, you’re still going to benefit from recent changes by Toyota. That’s because the automaker is giving buyers a discount that pretty much allows them to get the added Safety Plus Package with cross traffic alert, park assist and a blind spot system for enhanced safety still.

The Prius One will maintain the excellent levels of fuel efficiency that the Prius is known for, but will do it at a lower cost for buyers looking to save some cash. It’s the perfect vehicle for college kids, or anyone looking for efficiency really.

The 2017 Prius Receives Canada’s Green Car of the Year Award

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It’s no secret to anyone that the Toyota Prius is one of the most capable hybrid vehicles on the road today. It’s affordable, it’s stylish, it offers enough power and industry-leading fuel economy. That’s why it shouldn’t come completely as a surprise that the 2017 Prius managed to receive Canada’s Green Car of the Year award. It’s a prestigious title that’s worth celebrating, and it’s not something that’s given out to many vehicles. The title is just another reason why it makes sense to own a Prius.

2017 toyota prius

What Toyota had to Say

This is what Toyota had to say about receiving the award, and it was clearly an honor for the company.

“Toyota is committed to maintaining its leadership position in designing, engineering and building environmentally-advanced vehicles that meet the many demands of today’s drivers – which is why the 2017 Prius sets new standards for efficiency and emissions even as it provides owners with more style and driving fun,” said Cyril Dimitris , Vice-President, Toyota Canada Inc. “We’re delighted that members of AJAC agree, and thank them for this important award.”

Exceptional Efficiency Fueled by Technology

The 2017 Toyota Prius is one of the most efficient hybrid vehicles to date, thanks in large part to it’s highly technical powertrain setup. It’s fitted with an efficient 1.8L four-cylinder engine on the Atkinson Cycle. The car’s equipped with a high-power electric motor, new and improved batteries and an advanced powertrain management computer that effectively doles out the power and mixes electric and gas power to make the hybrid magic happen. When everything comes together properly, the car can achieve a combined MPG rating of just over 52 MPG, an exceptional figure that’s unrivaled by other hybrids today.

Comfort and Safety

It’s the exceptional fuel efficiency of the modern-day Prius that won it the Green Award, but that’s not all that the car has to offer either. It provides enough power to avoid feeling sluggish in all driving conditions. The car comes equipped with the advanced Toyota Safety Sense P system of avoidance safety features as standard. It has a set of driving modes to give you more control over how it handles, and comes with a slew of infotainment and tech features like nav, keyless entry, push button start, full color gauges and much more.

It’s hard not to love the 2017 Prius, and it’s even improved dramatically in the looks department since the older models. It looks sportier, sleeker and more stylish than ever before.

News and World Reports Names Toyota Prius Best Hybrid Value

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When most people think of a hybrid vehicle the first one that comes to mind is the Toyota Prius. That’s because it’s the biggest success story when it comes to hybrids. It was one of the first hybrids released and the first real success story in the segment. While there are plenty of other hybrid options out on the market today, the 2017 Toyota Prius remains the best value for the money when purchasing a hybrid vehicle according to News and World Report’s comparison. That means that if you are looking for a hybrid to lower your environmental impact, to cut your gas costs or just to avoid using as much fuel as you once did, the Toyota Prius is likely one of your very best options.

2017 toyota prius

How Winners are Chosen

News and World Report gives out awards to vehicles in 20 different categories and there is a strict comparison technique that the company relies on to select the winners of the contest. To decide which vehicles are the best value, the company looks at the initial price of the vehicle, as well as the total cost of ownership over a five-year stretch. With these two figures it is a simple matter deciding which vehicle is the best value of the bunch.

Affordable and Efficient

The Toyota Prius is known for its efficiency and there are models that average around 55 MPG in city driving conditions today. That’s an impressive figure, and that’s not all the automobile has going for it. Compared to other hybrids on the market, the Toyota Prius is surprisingly affordable. At between $25,000 and $30,000 the Prius is easy for most people to purchase and something that the average homeowner would have no trouble buying.

Spacious and Well-Appointed

The Prius isn’t known for being a luxury vehicle, but that doesn’t stop it from being well-equipped, spacious and nice-looking within. Inside the vehicle you’ll find all the standard features that you expect from a modern vehicle, plus a bunch of active safety features that will help keep you safe while out on the road. The vehicle also comes with plenty of interior space for five people to sit comfortably. There’s ample trunk space in the back, allowing you to pack clothes for a trip or head to the grocery store and do some shopping.

Decent Handling

Sure, the Prius isn’t a sports car, but that doesn’t matter. The Toyota Prius has over 120 HP thanks to the two electric motors and the small gasoline engine. The two electric motors rev up and get the vehicle off to a smooth start from a standstill quickly and effectively. The vehicle isn’t going to win any races, but it doesn’t feel sluggish and handles pretty nicely.

Overall the Toyota Prius is a solid vehicle with a lot to offer in the value department. If you want an efficient car that isn’t going to use much gasoline, the Toyota Prius is still the king of the hybrids and pretty hard to pass up.

The 2016 Prius is Most Efficient According to Consumer Reports

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The all new Toyota Prius is now the most efficient vehicle to ever be tested for fuel efficiency at Consumer Reports. It beat out the 2000 Honda Insight hybrid vehicle, by getting a combined fuel efficiency of 52 MPG. While it seems a bit odd that it took until 2016 to best the Honda Insight, it’s important to realize that a lot of expensive extras were added to that particular vehicle to make it as efficient as it was. The Prius achieves superior fuel efficiency levels without the use of expensive extras. That’s what the true achievement here is, efficiency and practicality in one.

2016 Prius Two Eco
2016 Prius Two Eco

How the Prius Achieves this Efficiency

The 2016 Prius manages to be so efficient by relying on a 97 HP 1.8 liter gasoline engine and a 71 HP electric motor. Together the two engines produce around 121 HP. The main trick that allows the Prius to be so efficient is the same thing that allows any other hybrid to be efficient. The electric motor gets the vehicle up to speed before the gasoline engine has to do much of the work, so that it can perform in its most efficient power range.

The 2016 Prius just manages to do this job more efficiently than other vehicles do. Engine enhancements and a more aerodynamic footprint allow this car to move down the road in a highly efficient manner.

Surprisingly Efficient Highway Driver

Typically hybrid vehicles get better fuel efficiency in the city than on the highway, well not this Prius. The latest Prius manages around 59 MPG on the highway and 43 MPG in the city, giving it the 52 MPG combined efficiency rating. This is pretty darned hard to beat, and if you’re looking for the most efficient car to drive around, this is the one that you should think about getting. It’s important to note that these fuel efficiency figures were during an extended test period by Consumer Reports, but the EPA rates the vehicle at around 52 MPG combined as well, so the Prius actually performs about as well as the estimate in real life, pretty impressive for one of the most efficient cars available.

Of course the 2016 Prius comes with the latest tech features. You’ll get a media system with Bluetooth connectivity and USB and Aux-in plug for listening to most of your devices. The Prius is surprisingly spacious and seats four comfortably.

With the 2016 Toyota Prius being the most efficient hybrid currently on the market, there’s no doubt that it’s worth consideration if fuel efficiency matters to you, so take a good look at the car and consider your options.

The 2016 Toyota Prius Just Received a Euro NCAP 5 Star Rating

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If it wasn’t impressive enough that the 2016 Toyota Prius was able to earn the Top Safety Pick + designation from the IIHS, the vehicle has also managed to impress the very stringent folks over in Europe. The vehicle from Toyota impressed Euro NCAP so much that it received a 5-star rating, the very best available to a passenger vehicle. That’s just more good news to add on to a glowing recommendation to buy the 2016 Prius.

2016 toyota prius

Highly Effective Safety Sensors

The 2016 Toyota Prius comes with the Toyota Safety Sense technology at no additional cost to buyers. This technology was successful at picking out potential crashes with pedestrians and other vehicles. It enables autonomous braking and makes the Prius safer to drive for everyone.

Excellent Bodily Protection

During all the crash tests the Prius protected the dummy’s body well. It was confronted with a frontal crash test, a frontal offset test, a side pole test and a rear crash test. In each of the crashes very sensitive dummies were used to sense any pressure and damage caused by the impacts. The results were very reassuring, and something that most any driver would be satisfied with trusting, though they weren’t perfect.

No Perfect but Pretty Close

While the Prius is highly effective at protecting against most danger, there were a few tests where dummies suffered some damage to the chest. For instance, the ribs suffered a bit of compression on the Side Pole Test, and a bit of chest damage on the Frontal Offset test. It’s important to note that these are the most extreme tests that the vehicles are put through, and the scores are still quite good.

The bottom line is that the 2016 Prius is very good at keeping the driver and all passengers safe. It’s designed to protect everyone from the front, back and the sides adequately, and it does so better than many other cars out on the road. Not only is it highly efficient, but it’s also a pretty safe ride, which is even more important to drivers with children to transport from one location to another.

Why the Prius Comes with Two Different Battery Options

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The 2016 Toyota Prius is offered with either a lithium-ion battery pack or a nickel metal hydride pack but both options deliver the exact same level of fuel efficiency and that’s precisely why Toyota is making the two options available. The automaker actually decided on two different battery setups to help create uniformity of efficiency levels between most of the different trim levels.

2016 Toyota Prius Under the Hood


Making Way for Features

The more affordable nickel metal hydride pack is being used in the low-end Prius models where there aren’t as many features because the pack is heavier overall. Toyota wanted to be able to keep the same fuel economy figures across the Prius trim levels, and different battery options was how they were able to do it.

The more expensive, yet lighter, lithium ion battery pack saved 16kg that could be used for additional features without taking away from the vehicle’s fuel economy. It was a wise decision by Toyota to help maintain balance across its lineup and help car buyers make a decision on the trim level they want without having to consider fuel economy differences.

The Eco Package

There is still a more fuel efficient variant of the Prius known as the Prius Two Eco that will get 53 MPG compared to the 50 MPG that the other trim levels of the vehicle are gong to get. Other than that difference in fuel economy all the levels of the Prius are the same and you can expect similar performance from each of them.


Lithium ion (left) and NiMH/nickel metal hydride battery packs for the 2016 Prius.
Lithium ion (left) and NiMH/nickel metal hydride battery packs for the 2016 Prius.

Why the Weight Difference?

There is such a major weight difference between the two battery technologies because lithium-ion batteries are much denser than nickel metal hydride. The lithium ion pack is made of just 56 cells while the nickel pack comes with a whopping 168. There are some real-world benefits to both of the packs though. Lithium ion packs are lightweight and powerful and relatively reliable, but the nickel metal hydride packs might end up outlasting them in the long-term.

Either way each of the latest Prius trim levels are more efficient than the outgoing Prius they replaced, and that’s cause for celebration.  You’ll just have the comfort of knowing that nearly every other Prius out on the road is getting the same fuel efficiency figure that you are.

The 2016 Prius May Have All-Wheel Drive

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Toyota wasn’t saying much about the 2016 Prius during either of the two public releases that the automaker made, but a few more details came out about the vehicle thanks to a leaked staff manual. As long as the manual’s correct it looks like the Prius could receive all-wheel drive on some models, it also looks like it will have a highly efficient combustion engine, which isn’t surprising, and Toyota has already stated that a new eco-Prius will be available for even higher levels of efficiency.

2016 toyota prius

All-Wheel Drive

According to the staff manual some of the higher level Toyota Prius models will come with an all-wheel drive option. The all-wheel drive is believed to be achieved through the addition of an electric motor on the non-powered axle of the vehicle. This additional motor will likely reduce efficiency slightly, but the added control offered by the all-wheel drive should be more than worth the efficiency loss to the right people.

The Engine

The next Prius is expected to run on a 1.8 liter four-cylinder engine based on the Atkinson’s cycle. The engine is thought to be able to achieve up to 40 percent thermal efficiency in some applications and is likely instrumental in some of the efficiency improvements to the latest Prius.

The Eco Prius

By now most people believe that the 2016 Toyota Prius is going to get about 55 MPG, which is a nice 5 MPG improvement over the 2015 model, but there could be an even more efficient model that gets around 60 MPG. According to Automotive News Toyota is going to release an eco grade of the 2016 Prius that gets around 60 MPG thanks to an improved battery. The standard battery used in the Prius is a pack made from nickel-metal hydride, but the Eco version is rumored to use a Li-ion pack instead. The pack will be lighter and more effective than the standard option and that’s where the efficiency improvement comes from, along with a range of other optimizations to the vehicle.

There’s no guarantee that two different battery packs are going to be used in the two different Prius types, but if they are the Li-ion pack could also be used to boost the EV-mode driving range of the vehicle to something a bit more competitive with other models. At the moment the EV range isn’t extended enough to do much more than drive to the corner store, but that could change in the future with vehicle improvements.

The 2016 Toyota Prius looks to be an improved version of the vehicle that so many American’s have grown used to. It’s still the best-selling hybrid on the market and that’s largely because Toyota manages to stay out ahead in terms of fuel-efficiency.

The 2016 Toyota Prius May Be Getting a Major Battery Range Boost

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There’s no arguing that the Toyota Prius is the most iconic and successful hybrid vehicle in history, but it’s lost a bit of its luster in recent years. With more competition and lower fuel prices, people are buying the vehicle less than they did in the past. They are beginning to seek out other alternatives instead, now that there is some competition on the market that’s similar to the Prius. The vehicle still excels in fuel efficiency figures, but if rumor has it, the car might also excel in electric-only operation soon enough. At the moment the battery-only driving mode gets around 11 miles before it runs out of juice, that could change dramatically in future iterations of the Prius.

2015 toyota prius

A Major Range Boost

It’s not confirmed yet, but the 2016 Toyota Prius is expected to receive a major range boost. Previous models have been criticized for their short all-electric range, even though they manage to deliver such high hybrid fuel efficiency levels. Toyota is striving to change that, and offer drivers a range that they might actually be able to take advantage of for regular commuting. The current Prius electric range is somewhere around 11 miles. It’s rumored that Toyota will try to raise the level to between 30 and 35 miles on a single charge. With that range, it would be possible to commute to work in many conditions on electric power only. It would also put the car right at the top of the list for hybrid full-electric performance. There would only be a few other vehicles out that would then be topping the Prius for electric range.

Expected Enhancements

On top of the range enhancement, the Prius is expected to get a variety of other improvements as well. It is thought that Toyota will give their flagship Hybrid a sportier look than it’s ever had before while also improving the driving mechanics. This is great news for a car that’s been criticized for its looks and lack of performance in the past. Toyota will of course work hard to maintain high quality and durability while constructing the vehicles, but they will also try to enhance the areas that aren’t so strong. Altering the looks of the vehicle and making it a bit more powerful and exciting to drive can only help increase sales for the already popular vehicle.

If you like the idea of being able to drive the Prius back and forth to work without burning up any fuel in the process, keep an eye on the 2016 model. It might get the range boost you need to really start commuting on battery power only, while still allowing you to take long-distance trips when necessary. The Prius is getting enough exciting improvements to stand out again as one of the best hybrids on the market. Sure it will keep that reliable and dependable design, but it’s going to do it with a bit more edge and flare in the future.