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The 2018 Sienna Receives some Very Nice Enhancements

March 23, 2017 lacarguy Toyota Tags: , , , ,

The 2018 Toyota Sienna benefits from some serious updates even though it looks very similar to the 2017 model. If you’re looking for a new minivan, the 2018 model year will offer notable improvements over the 2017 model year. Here’s an overview of what you can expect from the new minivan.

2017 toyota sienna

Mostly the Same on the Outside

When looking at the Sienna from the outside you would almost swear that it’s the same vehicle as the 2017 model. That’s because besides for the new bumper with a larger grille and nose, none of the enhancements are visual ones. If you opt for the Sienna SE you’ll enjoy a laminated windshield. If you spring for the Limited model you’ll also get acoustic glass on both side windows up front for a quieter ride, but that’s it for exterior enhancements. The real changes come on the inside of the minivan.

A Serious Safety Upgrade

Sienna drivers can feel a whole lot safer while toting the kids around from school to soccer practice now that Toyota is making its whole safety lineup available as standard to every model of the Sienna. That means that you get things like adaptive cruise, steering assist, auto emergency brakes, lane-departure and auto high beams as standard. You won’t pay a dime for any of these enhancements, even though they will make the minivan much safer to drive around.

Tech Improvements

Another area where you’ll notice the Sienna is jumping ahead is in technology. The 2018 model will come equipped with a total of 5 USB ports, making it simple to keep all your mobile devices topped up while going down the road. It’s also going to come with a 4.2” infotainment display and the vehicle will come with Android streaming capabilities for the entertainment system as well. If you opt for the Limited version of the Sienna, you’ll also enjoy a surround camera that gives you an excellent view of your vehicle from different angles when backing up and navigating tight spaces.

Entune 3.0 is also going to come standard with each of the different trims in the Sienna. This gives you a nav system that connects through smartphone, and all the trims above the base model will come with 4G LTE and Wifi connectivity.

There’s a lot to love about the 2018 Toyota Sienna, and  for tech enthusiasts it will likely be the best option out on the road for a few years. Whether you’re concerned about the safety of your family, your family relies heavily on mobile devices or you just want the enhanced media features without paying for them, the Sienna is worth a look.

The 2015 Sienna is Decidedly Improved

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The 2015 Toyota Sienna has undergone some pretty serious changes for just being a model refresh. While it may look nearly unchanged on the outside, when you climb inside the cab it’s easy to see all of the hard work that Toyota has put into the latest iteration of their family hauler.

2015 toyota sienna

Nearly Unchanged Appearance

If you were hoping for a completely revamped look for the 2015 Sienna you’ll be disappointed, because it looks very similar to the 2014 edition. So similar in fact, that it took me a couple minutes of studying to pick out the differences between the two versions. You’ll notice that the LED lights are slimmer on the 2015 model, and you now have LED accents around the lights. Other than that you won’t see much difference between the two vehicles.

Massive Interior Overhaul

While Toyota decided not to tamper with success with their exterior styling, they knew they had some ground to cover in the interior department. Critics have long been claiming that the Sienna cabin isn’t quite as luxurious as some of its competitors. The 2015 remodel solves most of those issues marvelously. More durable and classy plastics are used throughout the cabin, and padded trim has been added to the tops of the doors. The dash is adorned with stitched faux leather or you can opt for wood trim for an even classier look.

With the interior overhaul the Sienna goes from trailing its competitors a bit to leading out in front. They have arguably one of the nicest interiors available in the minivan segment in the 2015 year, and that’s pretty important when it comes to a vehicle most families will spend a significant amount of time in.

Improved Console Layout

Extending your arms while trying to reach buttons is never fun while driving down the freeway, and the 2015 Sienna offers a more comfortable layout than ever before. Many of the controls have been moved closer to the driver, and they are compacted into a more orderly cluster that not only makes the whole interior look more well-laid out, but also makes changing stations on the radio or adjusting the interior temperature more comfortable.

Added Standard Features

When you pick up the 2015 Sienna there are more standard features that everyone can look forward to, without worrying about paying expensive added feature costs. It comes with the touchscreen Entune media system, a rear-backup camera and a powerful three-zone automatic climate control system to ensure that everyone remains comfortable throughout the trip.

On top of these three features safety also gets a boost in the Sienna, with blind spot monitor systems becoming a standard feature. The side curtain airbags also provide 30 percent more coverage than before.

Same Powertrains but Enhanced Ride Quality

Toyota didn’t make any changes to the powertrains being used in the Sienna, but they did make some changes to the suspension for the better. 142 spot welds were added around the suspension of the vehicle making it much more rigid than before. This allowed engineers to change up other aspects of the suspension making it smoother and more comfortable. The end-result is a very comfortable ride, that is less bouncy and more grounded than before.

Between all the changes the 2015 Toyota Sienna is more attractive to ride in, more comfortable, more responsive and safer, while maintaining all its positive features and design qualities. There isn’t much to complain about and a lot to look forward to.