Pokemon GO! has taken over the U.S.!  You’ve seen the YouTube video’s and items on the news where people are driving and trying to catch the Pokemon’s.  At Pacific Volkswagen, we’ve joined the craze too!  However, we want to help you do this “war driving” safely, so we have created #PokeRide.  We are offering to drive you around for free in the iconic Volkswagen Beetle in the “Catch Them Test Ride.” The ride includes several stops at designated hotspots so you can level up from the passenger’s seat. The idea came to the Pacific Volkswagen team when they noticed their dealership was already a pre-designated hot stop on the mobile game.

Please call 424-251-5192 to schedule your “Catch Them” test drive appointment, OR, if you’d rather book your appointment online, please email Pokemon@LAcarGUY.com. Include your first and last name, as well as your preferred drive time and date.  Hurry, as this only runs through Sunday at 5PM!

The drive will last around 30 minutes. Good luck!!!