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Porsche Cayenne Tows Jumbo Jet

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There are some critics out there that talk about towing capacity and how it’s not always accurate. There are some companies that reportedly overstate the towing capacity of their vehicles to the displeasure of the vehicle owners, and then there are companies like Porsche, that are apparently quite conservative when it comes to the tow rating of their vehicles, or at least for the rating of the Porsche Cayenne. Just a few days ago Porsche made headlines all over the world, for doing something that seems impossible. The automaker used a couple different Porsche Cayenne’s to tow a 314-ton jumbo jet a total distance of 140 feet. That seems completely impossible when you consider the vehicle has a tow rating of a mere 7,700 pounds.

porsche cayenne jumbo jet

Setting a World Record

While towing the Airbus A380 jumbo jet down the tarmac, Porsche set a new world record exceeding the old production car tow record by a staggering 127 tons. The feat was accomplished at the Paris’s Charles de Gaulle Airport, and it’s going to be something that ever Porsche Cayenne owner takes pride in.

You Can Trust in that Tow Rating

With such a heft accomplishment under its belt, you shouldn’t have any trouble trusting in the pretty conservative 7,700 lb. tow rating put on the Porsche Cayenne. We’re not recommending that anyone go over that limit, but Porsche drove the two Cayenne’s away from the event and they both functioned fine, so owners that go above and beyond the rating occasionally probably won’t suffer from any issues as long as they are careful with how they drive. Either way, it’s an amazing feat, it’s something that every Porsche owner should be interested in, and it shows that good engineering makes it possible to accomplish much more than you think.

Not Just a Diesel Thing

First Porsche relied on a Cayenne S Diesel to complete the feat, but before you go ahead and say that it’s a diesel thing, Porsche also did the same exact thing using the Cayenne Turbo S, a gas-powered vehicle. It’s all in the Porsche engineering, not the type of fuel running the vehicle.

If you’ve been looking around for a rugged SUV to tow stuff with, it’s hard to argue against the stylish and well-equipped Porsche Cayenne. Just don’t expect to tow your jets with it, this was a carefully planned feat and probably isn’t that easy to reproduce by just anyone with a Cayenne and a jet sitting around.

Why the Cayenne Plug-in Hybrid is an Appealing Option

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With the addition of the Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid the automaker has three different plug-in electric vehicles, which is the most of any luxury automaker out there today. This mainstream vehicle has a relatively affordable price for a hybrid plug-in and offers a lot of performance for an SUV. It can travel up to 19 miles on battery power alone, and offers a lot of punch when both the electric and the supercharged V6 are used together. It has an MSRP of $77,395 and is a pretty enticing offer for being at the leading edge of technology in the luxury industry.

2015 Porsche S E-Hybrid

Impressive Fuel Efficiency

The Hybrid-electric plugin isn’t about driving far on electricity alone and it’s not really about power either. For Cayenne buyers it’s going to be all about fuel efficiency. This very heavy SUV will get somewhere around 28 to 30 MPG during normal driving conditions, and that’s very impressive for a luxury SUV packed with this much power. Not only does it feel like a performance vehicle, but now it can travel quite far on a tank of gas as well.

The SUV manages this high fuel efficiency through all the standard electric vehicle optimizations. It shuts off at idle and has regenerative braking. The electric motor handles much of the initial acceleration and the two technologies combine to create a more efficient experience overall.

Fill Up Less Often

For someone who has the money drop nearly $80,000 on a single SUV saving money on gasoline probably isn’t a major concern, but that’s not the only benefit that fuel efficiency has to offer a car owner. By having a more fuel efficient vehicle the Cayenne can travel farther as a plug-in hybrid than it could ever dream of doing with its standard powertrain. The driver will likely get another 100 miles out of a tank of gas in this version of the Cayenne, and when you’re on a trip or even going through the day to day commute that extra mileage means quite a lot. It’s a convenience thing, and the people who buy plugin-hybrid Cayenne aren’t afraid to spend for convenience.

The Powertrain

The 2015 Cayenne S E-Hybrid plugin has a total output of 416 HP. It comes with a 333-HP 3.0 liter supercharged V6 motor, and a supplemental electric motor that gives the vehicle all-wheel drive. The system is powered by a 10.8 kWh lithium-ion battery pack, and there is plenty of juice to give you the torque and the speed that you’ll want no matter what driving conditions you’re in. The car manages 0-60 in just 5.4 seconds which is blistering for this large of an SUV.

In order to stop all 5000+ pounds of SUV quickly in its tracks it has a set of six-piston vented disc brakes that are paired with 14.1-inch rotors up front. 13-inch rotors are used with a similar setup at the back.

Overall the SUV lives up to the same high standards that you’d find in a top-trim Cayenne. It’s more expensive than a standard Cayenne, but that’s to be expected with all of the added electrical technology in the vehicle. If you want a Cayenne that can still put out the power but has a longer driving range this electric model may be the right option for you.

Porsche Performs the Best Overall on the JD Power Owner Satisfaction Study

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Each year thousands of car shoppers put down premium amounts of money for luxury vehicles, but how many of those owners actually enjoy the vehicles that they purchase? A recent study from J.D. Power shows that Porsche owners are the happiest of the lot, making these vehicles one of the best investments that you can make if you’re looking for entertainment.










In this comprehensive study Porsche was able to beat out its main competitors. The automaker scored ahead of Audi, Cadillac and BMW without a problem.

Porsche’s Results

Porsche received a score of 882 on the study putting it firmly in the lead ahead of it’s main competitors

Jaguar and Audi who received an 862 and 858 respectively. The results of this study show that Porsche owners really do enjoy their vehicles, and more importantly that Porsche owners enjoy their vehicles more than other car owners do.

What the Study Means

This comprehensive study asked owners to evaluate their vehicles over a list of 77 different attributes. After all of the different questions have been answered the vehicles are given a final score that falls somewhere on the 1,000 point scale. Porsche received the highest score of the study, showing that Porsche drivers enjoy their vehicles more than any other vehicle owner. One surprising result of this study was how far behind Cadillac was compared to Porsche. They received a mere 826 during the study which is still a respectable score, but far behind the Porsche lineup of vehicles.

Porsche Snags Segment Awards as Well

On top of taking a broad look at the different vehicle lineups, J.D. Power also examines different brands based on segment. Porsche managed to take home three different segment awards as well. Porsche received awards for their Boxster, the Cayenne, and the 911 giving them a strong foothold in a variety of different categories. The Boxster was voted best in the Compact Premium Sporty Car segment, the Cayenne won for the Midsize Premium SUV segment, and the 911 won the Premium Midsize Sporty car segment.

If you’re looking for one of the best vehicles for entertainment and pure enjoyment it could be in your best interests to go with a Porsche. The thousands of Porsche owners surveyed can’t be wrong, and it’s clear that Porsche designed vehicles are meant to please more effectively than many of their competitors. Out of all the models the Boxster, the Cayenne and 911 models are highest rated and well worth a test drive at a local dealership to get the full effect.