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Are Electric Cars the Future of the Premium Segment: Porsche Thinks So

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When most people think about electric vehicles one of those dinky little Prius models comes to mind, or even an under powered all-electric commuter. It’s vehicles like these that make it hard to imagine Porsche utilizing electric technology to enhance their own vehicles, but that’s just what the automaker intends to do.

cayenne hybrid

Porsche believes that all-electric, and hybrid electric vehicles are the future of the premium segment. There are a few major benefits to using the technology, and one of them is something you might not have considered, added power!

Enhanced Torque and Power

In vehicles like the Cayenne hybrid, or the Tesla Roadster you can really feel all the power and torque available. That’s because electric motors provide a nearly instantaneous power source and ridiculous levels of torque. Even just adding in a small electric motor alongside a standard gasoline engine will add in a noticeable amount of torque to the equation. This makes cars feel more responsive and improves acceleration capabilities dramatically.

Reducing Turbo Lag

Today most automakers are switching over to smaller turbo-charged engines, Porsche included. With turbo’s being used more frequently it makes sense to try and come up with a good reliable fix for turbo lag. There are many advanced turbo systems that remedy lag pretty well, but one of the best solutions is to include an electric motor as well. The electric motor can provide that initial power burst while the turbo-charged engine gets up to speed, masking nearly all of the lag.

More Fuel Efficient Sports Cars

Consumers looking for top-level sports cars normally don’t care about fuel efficiency figures, but the EPA and other sources do. Porsche has to follow fuel efficiency and emissions regulations just like every other automaker in the industry, and electric technology can help them meet the requirements. As regulators become more strict about fuel efficient requirements Porsche will likely lean on electric power more and more to keep their dynamic cars from becoming sluggish when meeting efficiency demands.

All of these very real benefits pretty much guarantee that the Porsche lineup is going to become thick with electric models. Someday every vehicle may integrate some type of electric engine into the mix, but for now you’ll just see more electric and hybrid variations popping up.

Porsche Panamera Nets More Than 53 MPG in Media Test Drives

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by Zach McDonald | hybridcars.com

This week, Porsche turned its soon-to-be released Panamera S E-Hybrid over to journalists for a series of test drives at an event in Stuttgart, Germany. Over the course 42 sessions, journalists were allowed to pilot the car through a 28.7 km course “comprised [of] 6.5 km city driving, 9.2 km of country roads and 13 km of German Autobahn.” At the conclusion of the tests, the car had racked up an impressive average efficiency of 53.5 mpg, with one driver managing to push fuel economy as high as 84 mpg.


The Panamera S E-Hybrid debuted at last month’s Shanghai Auto Show and has an all-electric range of about 22 miles. Porsche touted the car as the first plug-in hybrid in its class, promising it would travel in all-electric mode at speeds of up to 83 mph. Estimated average fuel economy stands at 75 mpg by European standards, leading to questions of just how well it will perform under American EPA tests.

But if the recent journalist test drives are any indication, the answer should be “pretty well.” Average speed for the tests was 54 km/h, while the average speed for the European fuel economy testing regimen is just 33 km/h.

The Panamera S E-Hybrid‘s dual drivetrain combines for a total of 416 horsepower and 435 pound-feet of torque, via a twin-turbocharged V6 engine and 95-hp electric motor. Electric energy is stored by a 9.4 kilowatt-hour lithium ion battery pack. Suggested pricing in the United States will start at $99,000, roughly a $21,000 premium over the gas-only Panamera.