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Porsche Using Stickers to Censor 2018 Macan

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The Porsche Macan went from being a strange idea that many Porsche fans rejected, to a popular mainstay of the brand. The Macan has already been through a few evolutions since being released, but Porsche is clearly trying out another one as we speak. The interesting thing isn’t the changes the Macan is receiving, but how Porsche has decided to mask the next vehicle, with stickers.

2018 Porsche Macan Spy

Sticker Covers

That’s right, Porsche has placed stickers over top of the 2018 Macan in order to make it look like a 2017 version of the vehicle. By looking where the stickers have been placed, it’s easy to see what changes are coming on the latest model and what you can expect from the automaker overall. The stickers are actually pretty difficult to notice in pictures, and they’re a brilliant way to block distinctive features on the latest Macan while still getting it out there for testing.

Only Minor Changes are Coming

On the front of the Macan the headlights are clearly being changed up in some way, but it’s tough to see exactly what the change is from a picture alone. It also looks like the Macan is getting a new bumper and fog lights, and it’s very likely that it’s going to have an LED across the entire back, or at least that’s what the full-sized rear sticker would suggest. Overall the cosmetic changes are all just speculation, but there are quite a few modifications coming.

Expect Interior and Engine Upgrades

Not only is the exterior of the 2018 Macan getting some changes here and there, but buyers should expect the interior to be notably changed, and for there to be different engine options than what is currently offered on the Macan. There could even be a plug-in hybrid version of the popular sports SUV offered by Porsche, which would be very interesting.

While the 2018 Porsche Macan doesn’t look like it will be a revolutionary vehicle, it will come with quite a few changes to its front and rear, and it will be interesting to see exactly what those are. Don’t expect to have to wait months to hear about them though, it’s likely that Porsche will put out an announcement and show off the vehicle before the end of summer.

2017 Base Macan Sold with Four-Cylinder Engine

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Enthusiasts weren’t happy when the Porsche Macan was released, becasuse let’s be honest, a small crossover doesn’t seem fast or sporty. Of course Porsche proved most of those people wrong by showing the crossover off on the track. Even the base model came with a very capable V6 engine capable of burning out and tearing up the track. Now Porsche is releasing a less powerful Macan still that comes with a four-cylinder engine. That sounds pretty tame on the surface, but this turbocharged engine actually offers a lot of very real benefits to the vehicle and many Macan lovers are going to enjoy the new change, and even if you don’t like it the more powerful engines are still available.

2017 Porsche Macan

A Four Cylinder Base

The latest Macan comes with a power drop courtesy of the four-cylinder base engine, but thanks to a very nice turbo setup, it still manages to give you 252 HP and 273 lb.-ft. of torque, giving you more than enough power to burn out at a stoplight, or to accidentally speed without even noticing that you’re doing it.

Lower Cost

Opting for the smaller four-cylinder engine will help you save as much as $4,745 off the base price of the Macan versus the base from last year. It comes with a base price of $48,850, which is pretty affordable for a sporty Porsche crossover.

Lower Weight

Though the Macan comes packed with less power than last year’s base model, it makes up for that decrease a bit by dropping its weight by 210 lbs. Those weight savings are all pretty much from the smaller engine too. The base model weighs in at just 3,902 lbs without additions.

Fuel Efficient

That lower engine doesn’t just drop the Macan’s weight down, it curbs fuel usage as well. You can reasonably expect to get between 20 and 25 MPG while tooling around in the Macan, a nice bump up from the 17, 23 offered by last year’s model. When you consider that it comes packed with a 19.8 gallon fuel tank, you’ll realize that you can travel pretty darn far on a single tank of gas in this mid-sized SUV.

Overall it’s the same SUV, it just comes with less power, less weight and at a lower cost. There’s a lot to love about the latest Macan and it’s something to get excited about.

Porsche Takes the Kelley Blue Book Luxury Brand Resale Value Award

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Resale value is an important consideration for many auto buyers that don’t plan on keeping their vehicles forever. Buying a car with good solid resale value potential is a good way to lower the cost of ownership markedly, and it’s something that savvy car buyers all pay attention to. If you’re concerned with resale value at all it makes sense to pay attention to the annual report put out by Kelley Blue Book. The Best Resale Value award is given out in different categories. There’s an award for the best Brand and the Best Luxury brand, and there are also awards for individual vehicle models. Porsche managed to take the top luxury spot this year, marking Porsche vehicles as a good solid investment when it comes to a luxury car.

2017 porsche macan

Porsche Takes the Top Spot

This year Porsche managed to achieve the highest rating in the luxury segment. Porsche received the Luxury Brand Resale Value award, proving that the brand is capable of holding its value over time, and that Porsche vehicles are reliable purchases when you want to get as much back out of them in the end. There’s a booming used luxury market, and Porsche vehicles are at the top of it all.

How Awards are Given out

The awards given out by Kelley Blue Book are based on the companies research throughout the year. The company relies on a group of analysts to come up with reliable value projections for the vehicles, and that information is compared to come up with the vehicles most likely to hold onto their resale value. Porsche models were more likely to hold value than most other luxury models this year, making Porsche vehicles a solid recommendation for the luxury enthusiast that plans on selling off their vehicle after a few years.

The Porsche Macan

If winning the overall luxury brand award was not enough, Porsche also managed to take the luxury SUV segment with its Macan. This low-cost Porsche vehicle holds its value very well and is a solid investment if you’re in the market for a quality luxury SUV. Porsche fans would do well to consider the compact SUV that drives like it should be on a track.

If you’re interested in luxury vehicles, and looking for something that will hold its value decently over the years, consider investing in a Porsche.

Porsche Continues to Show off the Capabilities of the 2015 Macan

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For a luxury sports car manufacturer such as Porsche SUVs are tricky things to sell. The maker has to do a balancing act between the off-road capability that everyone expects out of an SUV while maintaining that on-road performance aspect that people expect from an automaker such as Porsche. They’ve managed to do this quite well with the Macan and that’s probably why they take every opportunity that they can to show off how well it handles and how well-built this vehicle is. A recent video by Porsche highlights some of the most exciting performance features and capabilities into the Macan. It’s one of many out there about the little performance SUV today, but that doesn’t make it any less impressive.

Porsche Traction Management

Porsche has released a few different videos showing the off-road capabilities of the Macan, but let’s be honest, how many people are really going to bring this low-riding SUV through rough muddy and off-road courses? This video does a good job summarizing all the different suspension and handling features had by the Macan, but the most impressive portion shows the vehicle gliding capably across smooth pavement that’s covered with a pretty thick layer of water.

The Macan is a very capable SUV that can handle adverse road conditions better than the average vehicle. Not only is it a beautiful luxury SUV with enough power to make for an exciting ride out on the track, but all of the traction control features and careful engineering makes it a very safe vehicle to operate. You can count on it to get you where you’re going, and with a good pair of snow tires I have no doubt that it would be a pretty capable winter driver as well, if buyers decide they want to bring it out of the garage in those cooler months.

If you’re looking for a more exciting family vehicle with a very luxurious look and feel, the 2015 Macan’s a pretty tantalizing option. It’s certainly not a pure sports vehicle like most of the cars sold by Porsche, it’s actually something more. It’s a great little performance SUV that can burn rubber on the tracks and handle some pretty nasty road conditions, and Porsche will continue to show off those capabilities as they work to persuade buyers that the Macan is worth every penny that they are charging.

The BMW X4 against the Porsche Macan

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With the release of the Porsche Macan auto enthusiasts are no doubt comparing it to some of the other luxury SUVs on the market today. None stand out as a contender more than the BMW X4, and that’s why we’ve taken the time to compare these two fine utility vehicles to see which is the better option. After taking a close look at both vehicles it’s easy to see how the Macan comes out ahead in some areas, but it doesn’t entirely best the BMW X4.

porsche macan


When you first compare the styling of these two vehicles with one another you’ll notice that they look pretty similar. The Macan is a bit more rounded while the BMW is a bit taller and edgier.  The X4 ends up looking bulkier and a little less-refined that the slightly more compact Macan. Both vehicles have essentially the same dimensions with the same length and wheelbase giving them subtle differences.


It’s remarkable how similar the storage boot of the X4 and the Macan look. Both provide 500 liters or around 17.6 cubic feet of storage but the space provided by the Macan is a bit more square and wider open for easier, more effective storage. That being said, the back of the X4 is lower to the ground making loading heavy objects easier to do.


Just like with the rest of the vehicle there isn’t too much difference between the power output of either of these SUVs. The BMW X4 offers 255 HP while the Macan puts out 254 HP. The X4 goes from 0 to 62 in 5.8 seconds while the Macan only makes it from 0 to 60 in that time period. While the X4 is slightly more powerful than the Macan and accelerates a twinge faster, the vehicles essentially offer the same level of power.


When looking at the handling of both vehicles the Porsche slowly starts to take the lead. With all-wheel drive the X4 doesn’t handle poorly by any means, but compared to the dynamic control offered by the Porsche it feels a bit stiff. You can’t feel the road through the wheel very effectively and going around corners feels clumsy. While the X4 feels like a large SUV while going around windy roads the Macan feels more like a sports car. It hugs corners tight and provides plenty of feedback to the driver making driving feel like second nature. All the careful designing comes together into a flawless performance that gives the Macan a natural flow as it curves through bends. After test driving both vehicles the Macan just feels better and immediately becomes the more desirable of the two.

Both SUVs are very similar to one another and it’s no surprise that they fall in the same price range either. You can obtain the Macan for slightly less than the X4, but the X4 comes with more base features and fewer expensive upgrades than the Macan. The Porsche feels better while driving, and has a slightly more refined look, but in the end it comes down to personal preference more than anything else. Test out both vehicles and decide which you enjoy driving the most. There is no clear winner when you look at the features included with each vehicle, and that makes choosing the one you like the best a lot of fun since it all comes down to looks and the feel while driving.