There’s no better way to tackle major environmental problems than by getting students involved in the task. Not only are they capable of solving some pretty major problems, but they’re also the future of this world and our country. By teaching them about sustainable responsibility, and helping them become involved with actively improving the earth organizations like Grades of Green can have a dramatic impact on the earth overall.

LAcarGUY has partnered up with Grades of Green to help with important projects around the Santa Monica and LA areas. Just last week members from Grades of Green came in to visit with the Green Team at LAcarGUY to learn about important sustainable practices in the auto industry.

mirabella mulching

Grades of Green is actively working to help students make an impact, and here are a couple of stories about just how students are managing to do that. Each of these events happened recently and they were led by students concerned about their environment.

Mulching in Mirabella

Droughts are a serious issue in California and it’s important to preserve moisture whenever possible for that reason specifically. That’s why the Youth Corps project at Mirabella Middle School was such an important one. The student along with help from the 8th grade science classes went around and mulched plants around the school. Not only did the students mulch each of these plants, but they also learned about why mulch is key in preserving plant moisture and improving soil fertility as well.

mulching in mirabella

Doing Away with Idling at Robinson Elementary

Car idling is a major issue for the environment and for public locations like schools. It wastes gasoline and puts pollutants into the air around schools. In order to take control of this problem, and cut down on pollutants that children are breathing in, students between 3rd and 5th grade held a “No Idling Event” for parents encouraging them to turn off their vehicles while waiting. During the event Mark Burton the Manhattan Beach Mayor, and Wayne Powell a City Councilmember from Manhattan Beach joined in to help explain the importance of this project to parents. Not only does the event encourage parents to stop idling entirely, but it also helps define a zone around the school where idling shouldn’t take place to keep air cleaner for students.