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The Scion C-HR is Supremely Impressive

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Scion is no stranger to producing small and edgy vehicles, but the XB has been lagging in the market and was finally discontinued by the automaker. Now there’s a gap that needs filling and it seems that the company is hard at work coming up with an edgy vehicle to slot in their.

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What Scion came up with is known as the C-HR concept. It’s a sharp looking SUV that’s got more than enough edge to catch the eye of any young buyer. It looks like a luxury sports car morphed into an SUV and it’s just the thing that the automaker needs to get more buyers into its SUVs.

The car has a sharp angular grille out front, it has angry air scoops driving air to the massive 21″ wheels at either side, and it comes with narrow slitted headlights that really help pull the concept together. The sides are tucked right in against the vehicle creating contours with each of the wheel wells and there’s even a little spoiler at the black.

The concept vehicle is a beautiful show of what Scion is capable of, and hopefully the automaker won’t veer too far away from the design when producing the consumer version of the vehicle. The company is known for creating stunning concept vehicles and then dulling them down too much before selling them to the general public. That’s the last thing they should do with this SUV. If they leave it just as it is, or make some cost-saving optimizations while keeping a near-identical exterior they’ll get buyers. Probably more than they know what to do with. That’s how good the latest design is. Until a production version of the vehicle is released there are still plenty of used XB models for sale, but buyers will be eagerly waiting for this concept to make it to real life, I know I am.

Scion Shakes Things up With Some Major Changes Including the Possible Introduction of a Micro SUV

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Scions making some major changes in the coming years. Not only are they getting rid of one of their vehicles, but they are altering quite a few of them and possibly bringing in a few new options as well to try to spice up their lineup. If you’ve grown tired of the Scion lineup they could be shaking things up just enough to make it good again.

scion iq

Down with the iQ

The Scion iQ hasn’t been one of their most popular offerings and Toyota finally decided that enough is enough. They are removing the iQ permanently and don’t have plans to replace it with anything else at this point. They are also taking out the xB but will be replacing it with a rebadged and modified Auris. The Auris is a popular sedan sold overseas in the UK currently and it is based largely off the Corolla architecture.  This four-door hatchback should show up in spring of 2015 with a new more aggressive look, an exciting new name and a luxury interior that will attract customers. The move aims to transfer some of the Corolla reliability into a luxury format that buyers can get excited about.

The Next xD

The next generation of the Scion xD is set to be released in 2016 and it will be based very closely on the Mazda 2. This pint-sized sedan is going to be produced in Mexico where the Mazda 2 and the next generation of the Yaris are also made.

New Compact SUV

The executives at the Japanese company are considering making a pint-sized SUV smaller than the RAV4 and more aggressive. This SUV would be designed to attract a younger audience and offer something exciting to hold their interest. It’s reasonable to expect it to have a decent level of power but not enough to compromise high fuel efficiency levels.

The FR-S and TC

Both the Scion FR-S and the tC will stay close to the same until at least 2016. That’s when the next generation of the tC is destined to come out and the next FR-S won’t be released until 2017 at the earliest.

Scion clearly realizes that they need to make a few changes to keep buyers interested. Sure their vehicles feature exciting designs and many of them perform very well, but they aren’t doing enough new to inspire new buyers to try out their vehicles. The FR-S sports car was a good start toward shaking up their lineup, but Scion is clearly determined to do more. Keep an eye on their offerings over the next few years because there should be some promising changes worth taking note of.