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Scion Shakes Things up With Some Major Changes Including the Possible Introduction of a Micro SUV

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Scions making some major changes in the coming years. Not only are they getting rid of one of their vehicles, but they are altering quite a few of them and possibly bringing in a few new options as well to try to spice up their lineup. If you’ve grown tired of the Scion lineup they could be shaking things up just enough to make it good again.

scion iq

Down with the iQ

The Scion iQ hasn’t been one of their most popular offerings and Toyota finally decided that enough is enough. They are removing the iQ permanently and don’t have plans to replace it with anything else at this point. They are also taking out the xB but will be replacing it with a rebadged and modified Auris. The Auris is a popular sedan sold overseas in the UK currently and it is based largely off the Corolla architecture.  This four-door hatchback should show up in spring of 2015 with a new more aggressive look, an exciting new name and a luxury interior that will attract customers. The move aims to transfer some of the Corolla reliability into a luxury format that buyers can get excited about.

The Next xD

The next generation of the Scion xD is set to be released in 2016 and it will be based very closely on the Mazda 2. This pint-sized sedan is going to be produced in Mexico where the Mazda 2 and the next generation of the Yaris are also made.

New Compact SUV

The executives at the Japanese company are considering making a pint-sized SUV smaller than the RAV4 and more aggressive. This SUV would be designed to attract a younger audience and offer something exciting to hold their interest. It’s reasonable to expect it to have a decent level of power but not enough to compromise high fuel efficiency levels.

The FR-S and TC

Both the Scion FR-S and the tC will stay close to the same until at least 2016. That’s when the next generation of the tC is destined to come out and the next FR-S won’t be released until 2017 at the earliest.

Scion clearly realizes that they need to make a few changes to keep buyers interested. Sure their vehicles feature exciting designs and many of them perform very well, but they aren’t doing enough new to inspire new buyers to try out their vehicles. The FR-S sports car was a good start toward shaking up their lineup, but Scion is clearly determined to do more. Keep an eye on their offerings over the next few years because there should be some promising changes worth taking note of.

Toyota Confirms Limited Production Of Electric RAV4 And Scion iQ In 2012

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by: Zach McDonald Hybridcars.com

Toyota’s chief executive in the United States confirmed last week that electric versions of the Scion iQ and the Toyota RAV4 will enter the production cycle in 2012. The two electric vehicles have been promised for a couple of years, so hitting the delivery dates on time is good news. The bad news is how tentative the production numbers will be.

Toyota Motor Sales president and chief operating officer, Jim Lentz, told reporters at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show that both the electric iQ minicar and the battery-powered RAV4 SUV will be small-scale production vehicles and used to “gauge consumer preferences, usage patterns and daily requirements.” In other words, Toyota will continue to sit on the sidelines and study EVs, while Nissan (and others) aim for the biggest possible volume for its electric vehicles.

Lentz also confirmed that the Toyota RAV4 EV will have a range that exceeds 100 miles. It will become the only all-electric SUV available in the US when it hits dealerships-mainly in California-later this year. The second-generation RAV4 EV is also Toyota’s first fully-electric vehicle sold in the United States since it halted sales of the legendary old-school RAV4 EV in 2003. This time around, Toyota will team up with the startup EV-maker Tesla for design and production of RAV4’s drivetrain. Tesla’s Roadster and forthcoming Model S are both capable of ranges well in excess of the 100-mile barrier other fully-electric consumer vehicles have failed to break.

Lentz said the electrified Scion iQ will have a range of 50 miles or less, and that the minicar will be a fleet-only vehicle. It’s expected that most of the 100 or so Scion iQ EVs will be sold to car-sharing programs in urban areas in the US. According to Lentz, gauging consumer preferences means that Toyota will “test” both electrified vehicles for three years, at which point the automaker will determine whether or not the technology is ready for mass production.

Pricing information for both vehicles is still unknown.

Test Your "iQ" In A 21st Century Scavenger Hunt With Scion Santa Monica

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Ready for a little urban adventure? Something that’s going to be a cross between a scavenger hunt and geocaching? If so, then starting today Scion Santa Monica wants to test your “iQ”!

How do you play? First head on over to our Facebook page and “Like” us. Next, come to Scion Santa Monica and test drive the iQ, trust us you are going to LOVE this car. You will scan the QR code for your first clue, and then you are off on the adventure!

Each QR-Code that you scan will give you a clue that leads to your next destination. Upon scanning your last clue you will be instructed to return to Scion Santa Monica where we will verify that you’ve completed all of the clues. After completion, your name will be put in a drawing to be the lucky winner of $1,000. There are less than 100 participants so the odds are better than 1 in 100.

The person who arrives first will receive FOUR (4) drawing entries, The person who arrives second will receive THREE (3) entries, The person who arrives 3rd will receive TWO (2) entries and everyone thereafter will receive ONE (1) entry.

If you need more details, or to make sure that you are elegible to win, head on over to this page, where we have all the details.

Good luck, and good hunting!

2012 Scion iQ: Small Package, Big Ideas

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How much car do you really need? That is what Toyota’s Scion brand is asking with the iQ it’s bringing to the market beginning in December. Available in Japan and Europe for several years now this micro-compact is being targeted at Gen-Y buyers who live in very condensed urban environments.

At just 10 feet long the Scion iQ is the shortest car being sold in North America save the SMART FourTwo, and the less said about the SMART car the better. While in theory the iQ and the FourTwo are priced similarly and are targeting a similar demographic, the Scion iQ is so far and above the SMART as to make the FourTwo look as sophisticated as the Wright Brothers Flyer in the world of the 787 Dreamliner.

Priced at $15,995, which includes destination charges, the iQ is not the cheapest car on the market, but it is very well equipped and very well built. Standard features include vehicle stability control, electric power steering, keyless entry and Bluetooth connectivity. While there are no soft touch surfaces in the iQ, one wouldn’t expect them at this price point either. That said, the quality of the materials along with the fit and finish of the interior are certainly better than in larger and more expensive B and C segment cars we’ve driven in the past year. “It’s a real car,” Scion Vice President Jack Hollis said. “It drives and feels like a Corolla, but it’s in this tiny package.”

The iQ will not have any factory options available, however, like all Scions there were be a plethora of accessories for the iQ available at Dealers to customize and personalize the iQ. There will be one option, which is a lowering kit for the iQ, along with larger 18” wheels which Jack Hollis said looks “amazing on this car”.

In North America where bigger is always better, and in cars and trucks perceived as safer, the iQ comes will 11 airbags, and is expected to achieve an IIHS Top Safety Pick when it’s results are released. There are are the usual airbags for driver and passenger knees, side bolster and side curtains, but two innovative airbags in the iQ are ones in the seat bottom that lift the knees up to prevent the driver from submarining under the steering wheel and a rear curtain airbag that covers the rear glass area to protect rear seat passengers from a rear end crash.

While technically the iQ is a four seat car, it is really a 3+1 as only the smallest of people will be able to sit behind the driver. The rear seat room behind the passenger is acceptable for anyone under six feet tall.

The packaging of the iQ is very clever. The two front seats are offset (the passenger sits farther forward) to create rear seat leg room. The fuel tank is located under the passenger floor, the engine and transmission have been engineered to push the front wheels as far forward as possible to create more cabin space by eliminating wheel well intrusion into the cabin. It allows to iQ to be very short, 10 feet in length, but, the iQ is very wide for such a short car. In fact, the cabin width is as wide, if not wider than a Toyota Corolla! You would think that driver and passenger shoulders would be touching in the iQ but it feels very much like a C segment car from the front seats.

Driving the iQ as we did, mostly in an urban setting, is quite enjoyable. Given how short the wheelbase of the car is, the ride is not overly choppy or harsh. The ride is firm, but acceptably so. The steering in fairly direct, maybe not go kart sharp, but still very good. The only transmission offered in the iQ for North America is the Toyota CVT. We have to say that the CVT in the iQ may be the best we’ve ever driven! It was for the most part a non factor, and that may be the highest praise we can give that style of transmission. When asked about the availability of a manual transmission for the car, Jack Hollis said that while he, and many others at Scion North America would like to see that as an option, the fact that 95% of Gen Y’ers don’t know how to drive a manual, is an issue, plus the fact that the car is targeted at the urban environment, a CVT was a better choice.

What is astonishing about driving the iQ is just how tight the turning radius is. It’s not a joke to say that the iQ can “turn on a dime and give you eight cents change”. The actual turning radius of the car is 12.9 feet!! The iQ can almost turn within it’s own length! Parking the iQ is very easy as well. While you can’t see the nose of the car while seated behind the wheel, the nose of the car isn’t much past your feet being on the peddles. Rear visibility is good as well, and again the rear bumper is four inches past the rear glass, so distance is easy to judge.

The engine powering the iQ is Toyota’s 1.3 liter inline four cylinder, and with the CVT transmission it returns fuel economy in the iQ is 36mpg city, 37 highway and 37 combined. Acceleration feels good in urban environments. While the actual 0-60 numbers are around 10 seconds, the iQ feels much zippier than that. On the freeway the iQ wasn’t buffeted around by large semis. While our highway segment was short with the car, it was enough to get a good take away. We wouldn’t want to take a four hour drive on the highway all the time with the iQ, but if your commute includes highway time, this Scion will do just fine. Wind noise at speed is also very low, in part due the aero sculpting of the the car in the wind tunnel. It’s had to believe, but the iQ had a drag coefficient of just .31!

The Scion iQ will be available in dealers on the West Coast beginning in early December, and roll out across the rest of the country in stages through March. Scion are looking to sell about 2,000 iQ’s per month once the car is released across the country, and they do expect sales to be concentrated in areas like L.A., San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, New York and Chicago, areas where the iQ would fit well into tight urban environments.

Going in we didn’t know what to expect with the iQ, really all we’d ever really seen of it were segments from Fifth Gear and Top Gear. It will make a great commuter car, a great car for college students, or a car for people who live in cities who need cars for things like going to the grocery store, or running a number of errands where a Zip car service or public transportation wouldn’t work out. We have to say walking away from our drive, that the iQ is a very impressive little car.