Ken Gushi, Toyota’s racer battled hard in the harrowing race up Pikes Peak, but he wasn’t able to repeat his first place finish that he achieved last year. Even though Gushi didn’t manage to snag the first place victory he still showed off what the FR-S is capable of and delivered a spectacular performance that leaves no doubt that he’s an excellent driver.



















The Race

Pikes Peak is a 12.42 mile race up the slops of the Colorado Rocky Mountains that ends 14,115 feet up above sea level. Throughout the course of the race drivers have to deal with ever thinning air, whipping winds, and winding roads that you only find on difficult mountain courses. The entire race brings drivers around a total of 156 turns making it one of the most interesting and exciting races to watch.

Getting the FR-S Ready

At only the second time that the FR-S has been raced on Pikes Peak, a decent amount of preparation had to occur before it was ready to be raced up the steep slopes. In order to get the Scion FR-S ready for this harrowing race the suspension was completely retuned to handle the rough turns and bumps. A whole slew of new performance and safety gear was also installed in the vehicle to make this level of high-performance racing safe for the drivers. Finally the engine was enhanced to produce 500 HP and 480 lb.-ft. of torque giving it enough strength to fly up hills and keep up with the competition.

Why the FR-S Makes an Excellent Racecar

From its inception the Scion FR-S has been designed for racing and performance handling. It is built with a low center-of-gravity in mind and swings around corners accurately and adeptly. It’s characterized by its light agile steering quality and its low weight, both excellent qualities for winding courses like Pikes Peak where drivers have to turn at a moment’s notice.

Toyota was confident enough to put their 2013 FR-S up against a horde of other well-designed sports cars in one of the most challenging races of the year, and it performed quite well. Sure it didn’t land a top spot, but it certainly proved to all the viewers that the FR-S is an excellent driving car that can handle most conditions quite well.