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The Subaru Forester Versus the Jeep Cherokee

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Both the 2014 Subaru Forester and the 2014 Jeep Cherokee excel at off-roading and traveling in urban conditions safely. Each is designed to handle most any condition that you can throw at it and both are designed to be comfortable and enjoyable to drive. This comparison between both vehicles will let you know which is the more reliable and which your family should get.


2014 subaru forester

Exterior Styling

Although the Jeep Cherokee does feature some nice styling cues it feels a bit underplayed for a Jeep. The grille isn’t as bold as we’d like and the headlamps just look awkward the way they are split apart. The front bumper of the vehicle also looks a bit odd the way it creeps up the edges of the hood. Overall the Cherokee does look masculine but the front end looks a bit off.

The Subaru Forester is far more understated than the Cherokee and lacks many of the masculine cues present in the Cherokee. That being said, it flows better throughout and looks more like your standard vehicle. It has a boxy front end that makes the vehicle look a bit long, but it’s lifted up enough to keep that masculine stance. Subaru actually lowered the hood a bit for the new year making the vehicle more aerodynamic than before, but sacrificing looks a bit as well.

Matching Up Interiors

With either the Forester or the Cherokee it’s obvious that they are made to shuttle groups of people out into the wilderness more than anything else. The Subaru Forester provides more interior space and storage space for this task, but the Cherokee provides more interior flexibility and enhanced ride comfort along the way.

Handling and Performance

The Cherokee is built with either a four cylinder or six cylinder engine, paired to a nine-speed automatic transmission. With nine speeds you would expect shifting to be smooth and responsive, but it feels a bit clunky during acceleration. The Cherokee has a smooth ride other than shifting issues, but it offers lower fuel efficiency than the Forester at around 25 MPG combined and barely over 20 MPG in city driving conditions.

The Subaru Forester comes with either a standard four cylinder engine that provides excellent fuel efficiency figures at 27 MPG combined, or a more powerful turbocharged four cylinder engine that’s a bit more fun. Either option is paired to a continuously variable transmission (CVT) and both shift very smoothly. The Forester offers a bumpier ride while traveling on and off the road, but offers a more reliable grip thanks to its all-wheel drive.


The Subaru clearly has the Cherokee in the realm of safety with a standard rearview camera, and the forward-collision system it’s easy to avoid many common accident scenarios in the Forester. It also received an IIHS best crash rating with the Top Safety Pick + while the Cherokee only earned the Top Safety Pick designation, a step below the Subaru.

Advanced Technology

In terms of technology both vehicles are outfitted nicely, but the Forester does lag a bit behind the Cherokee. Jeep went all out when putting together the Cherokee’s infotainment package, and it comes with the Uconnect media center, in-car data access as well as a customizable LED instrument panel. The Forester fights to keep up with standard Bluetooth and audio streaming and a powerful audio system, but it fails to do so.

In the end it’s pretty difficult to decide whether the Forester or the Cherokee is better. The Cherokee is a bit more adept at weaving and bobbing through  trees and over rocks while out in the forest and a bit smoother while rolling down the road, but the Forester offers more room, a safer ride, and excellent all-weather handling thanks to its all-wheel drive. If you’re looking for a vehicle to shuttle around children in or to take family camping trips in the Forester is probably a better option, if you don’t care about space and you want the most performance you can get when in the woods the Cherokee is a better fit.

A Look at the 2015 Subaru WRX and STI

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Subaru has released their latest version of the WRX and WRX STI and they deliver on more of what performance drivers love at a lower price. The decreased price of these vehicles makes them into an even greater value for drivers looking for something fast and responsive to drive around. Although the vehicles look close to the same on the outside, many details have been seriously altered behind the scenes.

The Interior

The WRX has always lagged behind the competition a bit with its interior quality, but it is making up the difference with the 2015 model. Thanks to added interior space and a refined driver’s seat this vehicle is a true joy to ride in. Equipped with Bluetooth, a 4.3 inch multi-information display and automatic climate control the WRX is very user-friendly. The rearview camera makes backing out of tight spaces easier, and the simple layout makes this vehicle easy to drive. The trunk space has been bumped up a bit so you can store a bit more, but this still pales in comparison to the hatchbacks in this class in terms of storage.


If you pick up the WRX or WRX STI chances are it was for the performance because this car is faster than ever before, and has a more highly tuned suspension as well. The first thing you’ll notice is the surprising acceleration. Thanks to the 268 four-cylinder boxer engine this car goes from zero to sixty in under six seconds. The STI steps it up a notch with a 305 HP engine thanks to a turbocharged engine. Either way this car moves quick and it is very responsive with sharp-tight steering. This car grips the road like crazy thanks to the all-wheel drive and its aerodynamic design. It handling is on par with vehicles at twice its price range making it a great bargain vehicle for those who love performance.


A car built to go fast wouldn’t be complete without a comprehensive safety setup, and every WRX has one. With front, side, curtain and knee airbags you are truly protected from every angle. Stability and traction control systems help this already grippy vehicle maintain its hold on the road under extreme conditions. The active front head restraints are designed to diminish the shock and recoil in the rare event of crash.

Both the WRX and the STI version have a lot of power on top of a very stiff and responsive suspension. If you want to feel like you’re in a racecar while driving down windy back roads, or you want a vehicle to take to the track you’ll be satisfied with what this car has to offer. That being said, if you’re just looking for a car to cart the kids back and forth to school and to make it through the morning commute, there are better options for you. For standard driving conditions this car’s suspension is a bit stiff and it can be uncomfortable going over rougher roads. Performance car lovers will enjoy the new WRX, for everyone else there may be better options for your needs.

Subaru’s Commitment to Green Technology

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Subaru has put a lot of time and effort into making their company one of the greenest automotive manufacturers out there today. If you’re interested in getting a vehicle that isn’t as hard on the environment, one of the many PZEV vehicles from Subaru would make an excellent option.

PZEV Vehicle

Today only vehicles that meet the most stringent emission standards can be labeled PZEV or part zero emission vehicles, and Subaru makes several different models that meet this standard. Each of these vehicles are designed carefully to burn nearly all of the gasoline that they use, making them the cleanest gasoline powered vehicles in the states. Thanks to the careful engineering of these vehicles, they give off less harmful emissions into the air.

These vehicles come equipped with a 15-year or 150,000 mile warranty covering the emissions system and any possible defects of the system.

Cleaner Exhaust

In urban areas the exhaust out of a PZEV vehicle may actually be cleaner than the air you’re breathing. That’s because fuel is burnt so completely. On top of having an efficient engine these vehicles also rely on a more effective catalytic converter to convert a higher percentage of harmful gases before they are released from the muffler of the vehicle

No Landfills

On top of following these stringent emission guidelines, Subaru has also created their factory and headquarters into the most efficient automotive facility in the United States. Both the headquarters and the Subaru factory are zero landfill facilities, which means any waste produced during vehicle production is either reused for a different purpose or sent to be recycled. Subaru was the first automaker to start operating a zero landfill factory leading the way for other automakers in the industry.

If you want to get a new vehicle that’s more environmentally friendly keep Subaru in mind. Their commitment to green technology is inspiring and hopefully a trend that other automakers will follow in the future.

Subaru Teases LA Auto Show Crowd with 2015 Legacy Concept

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2015, subaru, la auto show

Subaru is preparing to release an all-new Legacy mid-size sedan. But before it does that, the company is teasing us with this sexy 2015 Legacy Concept set to debut at next week’s Los Angeles Auto Show.

Moving away from the somewhat blocky styling of the current Legacy, the 2015 Legacy Concept hints at a more coupe-like profile for the 25-year-old nameplate. Like the current Legacy, though, the 2015 Legacy Concept doesn’t ignore its standard all-wheel-drive system, and blistered fenders are visual reminders of this.

Subaru, LA auto show, 2015Though the 21-inch wheels may fail to materialize when the production 2015 Legacy is unveiled, expect front and rear end styling to remain consistent with the 2015 Legacy Concept. Subaru refers to the design of the 2015 Legacy Concept’s head- and taillight’s as “hawk-eye”. Paired with the new hexagonal grille design, the 2015 Legacy Concept certainly makes a memorable impression upon first appearance.

Keep following LAcarGUY News for the latest Subaru news and be sure to “Like” Subaru Pacific’s Facebook page to see live photos of the 2015 Legacy Concept from the upcoming Los Angeles Auto Show.

Subaru Announces Pricing On XV Crosstrek Hybrid

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Subaru’s XV Crosstrek has been a sales success since entering the market last September. Subaru reports having sold 45,000 of the little crossovers in its first year and the brand as a whole is set to top 400,000 U.S. sales this year – the fifth year in a row the company has witnessed a sales increase.


In order to keep the momentum going, Subaru is introducing its very first hybrid-electric vehicle for the 2014 model year, the XV Crosstrek Hybrid. Sure Subaru may be a little late in coming to the hybrid party, but it’s better late than never.

Starting at $25,995, the XV Crosstrek Premium takes the topline non-hybrid XV Crosstrek Touring and builds on it. That means besides added fuel efficiency the new XV Crosstrek Hybrid comes with features such as LED rear taillights, a standard 4.3-inch LCD display, a standard rearview camera, keyless access and ignition that allows owners to unlock and start the vehicle without removing the key from his or her pocket, and automatic climate control.

Step up to the $29,295 XV Crosstrek Hybrid Touring and you’ll receive a standard navigation system with a 6.1-inch display, leather seats, and a sunroof.

To learn even more about the capable and fuel efficient XV Crosstrek Hybrid, as well as the standard XV Crosstrek, stop by Subaru Pacific today.

2014 Subaru Forester Score 5 Star Rating in NHTSA Crash Test

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Having recently aced the test by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, earning a Top Safety Pick+ award, the 2014 Subaru Forester has gone on to produce similar results at that National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, earning a five-star overall crash test rating.


The previous model earned four stars and improvements in the side-impact test this year resulted in the complete five stars. Frontal and rollover ratings are still at four stars, but improvements in side crashworthiness was enough to gain the NHTSA’s highest overall rating.

Check out the frontal impact test video of the 2014 Subaru Forester below and all video are available on NHTSA’s website:


Subaru Announces Pricing for 2014 WRX and WRX STI

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For those of you who have been anxiously waiting for the next generation Subaru WRX, Subaru of America has finally released pricing for the 2014 WRX and WRX STI. The next generation of both cars are due out next year and prices for the entire 2014 lineup have only increased by $200 with the new starting MSRP of $25,995 for the WRX and $34,495 for the more powerful WRX STI.


Offering more power than rivals like the Ford Focus ST and Volkswagen GTI, the Subaru WRX delivers the biggest performance value in its competitive set. The 2.5-liter turbocharged/intercooled four-cylinder BOXER engine produces 265-horsepower and 244 lb.-ft. of torque and is exclusively teamed with a five-speed manual transmission and Subaru Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive.

Standard equipment for the 2014 WRX includes sport-tuned suspension, 17-inch alloy wheels and an AM/FM/CD stereo with six speakers, Bluetooth® audio streaming and hands-free phone connectivity and iPod® control.

The MSRPs for the WRX apply to both the four-door sedan and the five-door model, leaving the customer to choose trim level, color and port or dealer-installed accessories. For more comfort, the WRX Premium, with an MSRP of $28,495, adds fog lights, a power moonroof, and, on the sedan, a body-color trunk spoiler. (All five-door models have a rear spoiler). Also standard, the All-Weather Package includes heated front seats, heated exterior mirrors and a windshield wiper de-icer.

The 2014 WRX Limited, with an MSRP of $29,495, adds leather-trimmed upholstery and high-intensity discharged (HID) headlights. The WRX Limited offers one option package, the Navigation System with AHA Connected service, for an MSRP of $1,100. The system features a 6.1-in. touch screen, voice-activated controls, SMS text messaging, SiriusXM® Satellite Radio (subscription required), iTunes® tagging, SD card map upgrades and more.

The indomitable 2014 Subaru WRX STI takes the brand’s rally-bred road performance to the highest level, featuring a 305-horsepower turbocharged/intercooled Boxer engine, six-speed manual transmission, performance suspension and the exclusive Multi-Mode Driver Controlled Center Differential (DCCD) version of Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive. The WRX STI is also exclusively equipped with a Brembo® Performance Brake System, Subaru Intelligent Drive (SI-DRIVE) and Multi-Mode Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC) system, the latter featuring a track performance-optimized mode.

The 2012 WRX STI is available in both four- and five-door models. The four-door comes in STI and STI Limited versions, with MSRPs of $34,495 and $37,845, respectively. All WRX STI models include as standard HID headlights and the All-Weather Package, with heated front seats, heated exterior mirrors and a windshield wiper de-icer.

The WRX STI five-door, with an MSRP of $36,495, comes equipped with the BBS® forged aluminum-alloy wheels, along with fog lights, rear window wiper/washer and special cargo area features. The WRX STI Limited adds power moonroof, fog lights, leather upholstery and BBS wheels. The Navigation System is available for all WRX STI models for an MSRP of $1,100.

Fortune Magazine Highlights Subaru's 45 Years Of Achievements

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“It’s what makes a Subaru, a Subaru” is more than just an advertising tagline – it’s a philosophy for the Japanese car company. And over at Fortune Magazine, the staff chose to delve in, research and determine what exactly it is that makes a Subaru, a Subaru.

After nearly 45 years in the U.S. market, Subaru of America is currently celebrating a number of achievements. Most notably, Subaru became the only manufacturer with an entire product line of vehicles awarded “top safety picks” by the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety.

Safety has often been a hallmark of Subaru, and until the introduction of the BRZ sports coupe it was almost common knowledge that every Subaru came standard with the security and safety of all-wheel-drive. Today all-wheel-drive continues to come standard on all Subaru Legacy, Impreza, Forester, Outback and XV Crosstrek models. The BRZ forgoes this system in order to appeal to enthusiasts who prefer that power be sent exclusively to the rear wheels.

Subaru’s achievements have not gone unnoticed by the press, and as Fortune Magazine points out “Consumer Reports rates Subaru above Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and every other manufacturer in performance, comfort, utility, and reliability, and says the company makes the best cars in America. ALG (formerly Automotive Lease Guide), the industry’s arbiter of residual value and used-car prices, named Subaru the leader in retained value among mainstream brands.”

Even more importantly, consumer demand for Subaru vehicles continues to increase. While Fortune Magazine notes that, “By itself, the Toyota Camry outsells the entire Subaru lineup,” the magazine also points out that “Subaru is currently running with a 45-day supply, compared with the 65 days that are considered optimal in the auto industry.”

Such a short supply can be attributed to both continued growth by the company within the automotive industry, as well as an intelligent business strategy by corporate bigwigs within Subaru of America.

One part of this strategy is for the automaker to increase U.S. sales to 350,000 units per year by 2016; a goal that seems attainable for the company given the success of the redesigned Subaru Impreza. As Fortune Magazine states: “Sales [of the new Impreza] have doubled from a year ago, and dealers have less than a two-week supply.”

Subaru has come a long way since it first came to the U.S. in 1968 and sold the diminutive 360 microcar. Yet, along the way the company has kept to a core philosphy of selling cars that were quirky, fuel efficient, reliable and fun. Though the company is continuing to expand, Subaru’s relatively dimunitive marketshare of only slightly more than 2% of the automotive market means that the company hasn’t let global domination take over its corporate values.

Subaru isn’t trying to become the next General Motors or Toyota (though Toyota does own 16.5% of Subaru’s parent company Fuji Heavy Industries). Rather than putting sales first Subaru is instead putting the customer first. This philosophy is in many ways what makes a Subaru, a Subaru. To read even more about what makes a Subaru, a Subaru, and to learn more about the company’s history visit fortunemagazine.com.

All New 2014 Subaru Forester To Make Debut At Los Angeles Motor Show

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Subaru has released the first official photos of the all-new 2014 Forester crossover SUV, which will make its North American debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The new Forester combines a bolder profile than before while offering a roomier interior with virtually the same footprint as the previous model.

The fourth generation of Subaru’s popular Forester will offer a new 2.0-liter direct-injection turbocharged BOXER® engine producing 250 horsepower. The standard naturally aspirated 2.5-liter BOXER engine debuted in the outgoing Forestermodel. Fuel economy will be higher across the line with the debut of a new six-speed manual transmission and available Lineartronic® continuously variable transmissions (CVT).

The all-new five-passenger 2014 Forester preserves the optimal blend of SUV capability and car-like ride and handling that have made the Forester one of the Subaru brand’s best-selling models for the past 15 years. Refined (or New) suspension system delivers agile handling and a highly compliant ride quality. Generous 8.7 inches ofground clearance enhances off-pavement driving capability.

The 2014 Forester will offer an exceptionally roomy interior, featuring increased rear seat legroom, and an enlarged cargo area. In-demand infotainment features will be offered, including smartphone integration, navigation, rear view camera, and harman/kardon® premium audio amplifier and speakers.

Basic Vehicle Specifications

Engine types and output 2.5-liter 4-cylinder BOXER, naturally aspirated170 hp @ 5,800 rpm   174 lb.-ft. peak torque @ 4,100 rpm2.0-liter 4-cylinder BOXER, direct fuel injection, turbocharging, intercooler

250 hp @ 5,600 rpm* 258 lb.-ft. peak torque @ 2,000-4,800 rpm

Transmission 2.5-liter models: 6-speed manual or Lineartronic CVT2.0-liter turbo: high-torque CVT with 6-speed and 8-speed manual modes and Hill Descent Control
Drivetrain Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive standard for all models
Wheelbase 103.9 in.
Vehicle length 180.9 in.
Vehicle height 68.2 in (with roof rails)
Vehicle width 70.7 in.
Wheels/tires 2.5-liter: 17 x 7 in. aluminum alloy with 225/60 R17 all-season2.0-liter turbo: 18 x 7 in. aluminum alloy with 225/55 R18 all-season

* With premium grade gasoline

Subaru Remains The Only Car Manufacturer With 2012 IIHS Top Safety Picks For All Models

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Subaru today announced that the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has recognized the all-new 2013 Subaru XV Crosstrek as a 2012 TOP SAFETY PICK. Subaru remains the only manufacturer with 2012 IIHS Top Safety Picks for all models.

The all-new XV Crosstrek earned a “good” rating – the top rank – in the moderate overlap frontal, side, rollover and rear impact evaluations.

“The XV Crosstrek brings Subaru all-wheel drive and crossover technology into the small CUV segment,” said Thomas J. Doll, executive vice president and COO, Subaru of America, Inc. “Our buyers know that Subaru means safety and adding XV Crosstrek to our 100% list of IIHS Top Safety Picks is proof of that.”

The TOP SAFETY PICK recognizes vehicles that, in IIHS testing, do the best job of protecting people in front, side, rear, and now rollover crashes based on ‘good’ ratings in each category. The IIHS ranks in terms of Good, Acceptable, Marginal and Poor, with ‘good’ as the top rank possible in Institute tests. Winners also must have electronic stability control.

“For three years running, Subaru is the only automotive manufacturer with the distinction of earning IIHS TOP SAFETY PICK awards for every model it builds,” said Institute president Adrian Lund. “It’s tough to win, and we commend Subaru for making safety a top priority.”