Car owners and passengers interested in remaining connected to the Internet on the go will be interested to hear that Subaru is joining the 4G movement and plan to add high-speed 4G LTE connections to their 2016 vehicles, thanks to a partnership with AT&T. During CES 2014 Subaru let visitors know about their future plans to integrate 4G connections into their new lineup of vehicles for everyone interested in taking full advantage of multimedia and information apps while on the go.

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Subaru didn’t mention which models would be getting the enhancements first, but it is likely to go into the high-end models first and move its way down the lineup over time. Dealerships should start getting the new technology in around summer time and then drivers will get a chance to test out the new high-speed capabilities first hand.

Benefits of a Strong Connection

While it might be hard to see the benefit of having a strong Internet connection in your car at first, there are actually quite a few perks to this. Many applications such as Pandora, and Slacker radio rely on mobile data to get their music while on the go, and they could play higher quality audio clips, or offer smoother playback with a more reliable Internet connection. Additional applications are expected ot make their way into the Subaru dashboard as well allowing drivers to take advantage of this new more powerful connection.

As a passenger in a Subaru it’s easy to see the benefits of the new and improved technology. Children with tablets and a spouse trying to get work done on a laptop can all benefit from the connection while on a road trip. Subaru is also updating its StarLink infotainment system with a range of new two-way applications that provide real-time information that’s helpful and convenient to have available.

Computers are making their way into every facet of everyday life, and it seems that they are becoming more important to driving situations as well. It’s li9kely that Subaru owners will have to pay for an Internet subscriptions if they want to take advantage of AT&T connections, but there is no information about whether they will offer prepaid plans, or if drivers will have to lock themselves into a contract.