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The Remodeled 2015 Subaru Legacy

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Mid-sized sedans are highly popular in the United States which means that competition in this segment is fierce. With vehicles such as the Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, Ford Fusion and Nissan Altima out on the market the Subaru Legacy is often overlooked. Subaru has made attempts to pick up market share in this area in the past and has succeeded with their vehicles like the Outback and the Forester. The 2015 Subaru Legacy is their attempt to grab some more mid-sized market share and the improvements they made just might do it for them.

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New Styling Cues

Subaru didn’t do anything crazy with the styling of their vehicle when they redesigned the Legacy, but they did add some modern touches that help it fit in. It’s now equipped with nice LED lighting and clean lines that give it a more luxury feel. It still doesn’t stand out among other mid-sized cars, but at least it fits in.

A Comfortable Interior

The inside of the Legacy is seriously comfortable, with seats that provide plenty of lumbar support and cushioning in all the right places you won’t mind taking a multi-hour trip in this vehicle. Soft touch materials have been added throughout the interior giving it a more luxurious feel. There is now also a standard touchscreen display placed over the silver console that used to be in its place.

Respectable Performance

Although Subaru switched up the interior of its vehicle extensively, they left the engine completely unchanged. It still comes with the 175 HP 4 cylinder 2.5 liter powerhouse, but it’s now attached to a CVT (continuously variable transmission) and the standard option has evaporated. This engine doesn’t make the vehicle feel like a sports car by any means, but it does offer quick acceleration and enough power for it to feel light on its feet and to move through town very smoothly. With an EPA estimated city mileage of 26 MPG and 36 MPG on the highway the compact engine is a welcome inclusion to this vehicle. Those figures become even more impressive when you realize that this car comes with all-wheel drive, a feature not included on many of Subaru’s mid-sized competitors.

If the standard 4-cyl engine isn’t powerful enough for you there is an upgraded option that boosts it from 175 HP to  a much more noticeable 256 HP with a change to a 6 cylinder engine. This upgrade will cost you around $8,000 more and lowers the fuel economy down to 20 MPG in the city and 29 MPG on the highway, but it certainly gives this car a sportier feel.

All-New Features

In order to keep up with its competitors the 2015 Legacy is armed to the teeth with standard features. It comes with a rear backup camera, an infotainment system that supports apps like Pandora, and it now supports a Bluetooth connection for easy smartphone communication while driving. It even comes with a nav system that can be controlled with your voice. These features only help the Legacy keep up with competitors though and it is the safety features that put it ahead of the curve.

Subaru has an EyeSight system that offers features such as a lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control and a pre-collision system that slows down the vehicle before an impact occurs to lessen damage. Subaru offers a brand-new feature that lets drivers know when other vehicles are pulling away from a red light as well. This is particularly handy if you don’t happen to be paying attention to the road when everyone starts to go.

All-in-all the 2015 Subaru Legacy is a vast improvement over previous iterations. This vehicle has been out for more than 25 years and has remained largely unnoticed by the majority of car buyers. Made this latest model will have enough to make people sit back and take notice. It has certainly been one of the better vehicles I’ve had the pleasure of getting my hands on lately.

Subaru Introduces All-New Redesigned 2015 Legacy

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Last week, Subaru introduced the all-new 2015 Legacy which delivers a more compelling blend of standout features, interior refinement, safety technology and higher fuel efficiency along with the largest interior passenger volume in the midsize sedan segment and still the only car in its class with All-Wheel Drive as standard.

Watch the following video as National Manager, Product Communications, Dominick Infante takes us through an in-depth overview of the changes and improvements made to the 2015 Subaru Legacy:


Fortune Magazine Highlights Subaru's 45 Years Of Achievements

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“It’s what makes a Subaru, a Subaru” is more than just an advertising tagline – it’s a philosophy for the Japanese car company. And over at Fortune Magazine, the staff chose to delve in, research and determine what exactly it is that makes a Subaru, a Subaru.

After nearly 45 years in the U.S. market, Subaru of America is currently celebrating a number of achievements. Most notably, Subaru became the only manufacturer with an entire product line of vehicles awarded “top safety picks” by the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety.

Safety has often been a hallmark of Subaru, and until the introduction of the BRZ sports coupe it was almost common knowledge that every Subaru came standard with the security and safety of all-wheel-drive. Today all-wheel-drive continues to come standard on all Subaru Legacy, Impreza, Forester, Outback and XV Crosstrek models. The BRZ forgoes this system in order to appeal to enthusiasts who prefer that power be sent exclusively to the rear wheels.

Subaru’s achievements have not gone unnoticed by the press, and as Fortune Magazine points out “Consumer Reports rates Subaru above Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and every other manufacturer in performance, comfort, utility, and reliability, and says the company makes the best cars in America. ALG (formerly Automotive Lease Guide), the industry’s arbiter of residual value and used-car prices, named Subaru the leader in retained value among mainstream brands.”

Even more importantly, consumer demand for Subaru vehicles continues to increase. While Fortune Magazine notes that, “By itself, the Toyota Camry outsells the entire Subaru lineup,” the magazine also points out that “Subaru is currently running with a 45-day supply, compared with the 65 days that are considered optimal in the auto industry.”

Such a short supply can be attributed to both continued growth by the company within the automotive industry, as well as an intelligent business strategy by corporate bigwigs within Subaru of America.

One part of this strategy is for the automaker to increase U.S. sales to 350,000 units per year by 2016; a goal that seems attainable for the company given the success of the redesigned Subaru Impreza. As Fortune Magazine states: “Sales [of the new Impreza] have doubled from a year ago, and dealers have less than a two-week supply.”

Subaru has come a long way since it first came to the U.S. in 1968 and sold the diminutive 360 microcar. Yet, along the way the company has kept to a core philosphy of selling cars that were quirky, fuel efficient, reliable and fun. Though the company is continuing to expand, Subaru’s relatively dimunitive marketshare of only slightly more than 2% of the automotive market means that the company hasn’t let global domination take over its corporate values.

Subaru isn’t trying to become the next General Motors or Toyota (though Toyota does own 16.5% of Subaru’s parent company Fuji Heavy Industries). Rather than putting sales first Subaru is instead putting the customer first. This philosophy is in many ways what makes a Subaru, a Subaru. To read even more about what makes a Subaru, a Subaru, and to learn more about the company’s history visit fortunemagazine.com.

Subaru Hybrid Expected Next Year

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by Zach McDonald: HybridCars.com

Last year, Subaru announced a new directive with the goal of cutting its lineup’s overall emissions by 30 percent within 5 years. Dubbed “Motion V,” the plan called for technological cooperation with Toyota and the release of a hybrid variant of one existing model in 2013.

Since that announcement, Subaru has been tight-lipped about which model would its first gas-electric powertrain. Early reports speculated that it might be the Legacy mid-size sedan or possibly the newly-remade Impreza, which is currently the most fuel-efficient vehicle in the Subaru lineup. Lately, the most likely candidate has been considered to be the Forester crossover (which is built on the Impreza platform.)

While we may not yet know the model name of Subaru’s first hybrid, what we do know is the car will carry a proprietary gas-electric system designed in-house, as opposed to leased from another company like Toyota. That development is important, not only because it will help to keep down costs for the car, but because it indicates a commitment on the part of Subaru to continue to develop and aggressively market hybrids in the future.

While it has become the norm for every carmaker to offer at least one hybrid or electric model in its lineup, many of these cars are considered “halo” or “compliance” cars, helping their manufacturers to “green” their images or meet regulatory requirements without ever being intended to seriously compete in the market. A common thread among these vehicles is that they often involve leased hybrid technology, but Subaru’s decision to use its own system shows that gas-electrics are likely to play a major role in the Motion V strategy.

The most recent clue we have as to what Subaru’s hybrid technology might encompass came in 2009, when the company debuted its Hybrid Tourer concept at the Tokyo Motor Show. That car carried a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine alongside an electric motor providing 13 horsepower of assist. Power for the motor was provided by a small lithium ion battery pack.

Subaru’s commitment to lowering emissions won’t just be limited to hybrids of course—all new or redesigned models in the lineup are expected to feature significant gains in fuel economy. But to many devoted Subaru drivers who have been calling a hybrid option for years, 2013 can’t come soon enough.

Subaru Continues To Grow Thanks To It's Strongest Ever Lineup Of Vehicles!

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There are many reasons that the newest brand and store in the LAcarGUY family is Subaru. The companies focus on the environment, the outdoor lifestyle, and giving back to the community all sync up with LAcarGUY’s values. On top of this Subaru is one of the fastest growing brands in the United States. During the downturn in the economy, and the terrible tsunami that devastated Japan, Subaru’s sales continued to grow, even as others fell off.

Subaru is like that band you’ve loved for so many years and you are baffled as to why they aren’t on everyones radar, they ARE that overnight success 30 years in the making! A combination of durability, dependability and value, along with a fresh new lineup of vehicles are just some of the reasons more and more people are discovering Subaru for the first time.

With September’s sales numbers just in Subaru’s sales year to date are up 25% over 201, year to date, and compared to September 2011, September 2012 saw a 32% increase in sales!

As we said, with newly refreshed models like the Outback, Legacy and Impreza, and the new XV Crosstrek just arriving in our showroom, and of course the highly acclaimed BRZ, it’s easy to see, with the strongest lineup in Subaru’s history, why more and more people are discovering the brand for the first time.

So many other manufactures now tout the availability of all wheel drive, like it’s something that was never available for vehicles other than trucks and large SUV’s, it is something Subaru has been offering across the product line for well over 20+ years! These years of experience are why Subaru has the most refined all wheel drive system in the industry.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to experience Subaru, we encourage you to come in for a test drive and see for yourself why your next car should be a Subaru, from Subaru Pacific!

Subaru Introduces New EyeSight™ Technology

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Earlier this week, Subaru of America, Inc. announced the debut of its EyeSight™ driver assistance system which will be introduced on the 2013 Subaru Legacy and Outback models at the New York International Auto Show. EyeSight integrates adaptive cruise control, pre-collision braking, and vehicle lane departure warning, As well, it features the  capability to detect obstacles in front of a parked car and limit potential damage in an impact. EyeSight will subsequently be available on other products in the Subaru line-up and will become available later this year.

The Subaru EyeSight system will be one of the most affordable of such technologies available in the U.S. market. Combining safety and convenience features, EyeSight uses two charged-coupled device (CCD) cameras that are mounted inside the car on the upper edges of the windshield. Such positioning, reduces the potential for damage that could occur in bumper-mounted systems.

The technology processes stereo images to identify the vehicles traveling in front, as well as obstacles, traffic lanes, and other items. The video information is relayed to the EyeSight processor, which is also networked with the car’s braking system and electronic throttle control. At speeds of approximately 19 mph, EyeSight’s Pre-Collision Braking System is capable of detecting pedestrians or other obstacles in the vehicle’s path and is capable of self-activating in order to mitigate or even avoid the collision. Under certain circumstances, EyeSight is able to bring the to a complete stop. Pre-Collision Braking is always on in the background to act like a second set of eyes for the driver. It can also be turned off temporarily for off-road or rough road travel. The system is programmed to recognize objects such as vehicles, motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians.

By monitoring traffic lane markers and lines, the Subaru EyeSight system is capable of detecting when a car begins to wander outside the intended lane without a turn signal being used, or if the car begins to sway within the travel lane. Using the turn signal cancels the warning.

On the freeway, EyeSight’s Adaptive Cruise Control system maintains a safe distance from the vehicle in front, braking and/or accelerating the car as needed to maintain the driver-selected target speed and traveling distance. Adaptive Cruise Control is functional from 1-87 mph and can fully brake the vehicle to a stop if the system “locks onto” a vehicle ahead.

Other additional EyeSight benefits include the capability of alerting the driver when the vehicle ahead has moved if they have not reacted within several seconds. The technology can also help reduce collision damage by cutting the throttle when it senses an obstacle in front, but the accelerator pedal continues to be pushed. The system is also effective when a driver shifts into “Drive” inadvertently instead of “Reverse” when backing out of a parking space. The stereo camera design of EyeSight provides a detection angle wider than that of radar-based systems.

It is important to keep in mind that EyeSight is not designed as a substitute for driver diligence and attention on the road. The system may not react in every situation and there may be certain operational limitations such as when weather conditions obscure the view of the cameras. Finally, even with the most advanced technology being used, a driver with good vision and who is paying attention will always be the best safety system available.

Subaru Captures Multiple 2012 ALG Residual Value Awards

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Subaru Pacific is the latest addition to the LAcarGUY family of dealers and now, Subaru of America is proud to announce that it has received three Residual Value Awards from ALG, the industry benchmark for residual values and depreciation data. The ALG Residual Value Awards recognizes annually the vehicles predicted to retain the highest percentage of original price after a three-year period.

Claiming Best Mainstream Brand for third year in a row, Subaru also earned Best Midsize Utility Vehicle and Best Midsize Car for the 2012 Subaru Outback and the 2012 Subaru Legacy, respectively. Award winners are determined through careful study of the competition in each segment, historical vehicle performance and industry trends. Vehicle quality, production levels relative to demand, and pricing and marketing strategies remain the key factors that affect ALG’s residual value forecasts.

“The Legacy’s standard all-wheel drive, above average fuel economy and spacious interior appeal to a wide swath of the market, helping to keep demand high,” said Raj Sundaram, for ALG. “With the bawny new generation of Outback, Subaru continues to build on its reputation for delivering what consumers want in a crossover, the handling of a car with great utility and roomy interiors.”

“Subaru is proud to be recognized as a brand that builds safe and reliable vehicles that deliver on our mobility promise and retain value for our owners,” said Thomas J. Doll, executive vice president and chief operating officer, Subaru of America, Inc. “We are honored to have, again, received ALG Residual Value Awards for our brand and two of our popular Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive vehicles.”

Of the Best Mainstream Brand win, ALG remarked: “Subaru continues to draw fiercely loyal devotees who appreciate the brand’s strong quality and ability to remain practical yet progressive in its redesigns. Dependably low incentives and fleet sales have also enhanced its used market image, helping it to maintain the top spot for mainstream brand for the third year in a row.”