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Deciding Whether to Buy or Lease a Vehicle

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If you’re planning on shopping for a new vehicle, or will be in the next year or two you may be considering whether you should lease or purchase that new Subaru you’ve had your eye on outright. I would love to tell you that you should buy a vehicle or that you should lease a vehicle, but one option isn’t right for everyone. You must consider the benefits and drawbacks of each situation, and how your car ownership habits affect the whole situation. Only when you do this can you truly determine if you should be buying a car, or signing a short-term lease agreement instead.

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How Often Do You Want a New Vehicle?

One of the biggest considerations that you have to make, and you need to be honest here, is how often do you want a new vehicle? Are you willing to deal with an aging vehicle past the first five years that begins to have mechanical problems that need to be addressed? If you are the type of person who will commit to a vehicle and drive it as long as possible then owning is much more affordable than leasing. Especially with quality vehicles like the Subaru Impreza WRX. If you don’t like dealing with repairs and will want to switch to a new vehicle every three or four years then leasing is probably a better deal and will actually save you money.

Saving Through Lower Payments

The way that leasing can save some buyers money is through the lower payments. A lease payment is lower than a car payment because the lease only cover depreciated value. If you lease a vehicle that starts at $25,000 and will be worth $15,000 after the three year period is over you only pay the $10,000 in depreciation. If you were to buy that same vehicle your payments would be going to cover the full $25,000 which is why you would be paying so much more each month.

Business Deductions

If you are getting a vehicle for business purposes it actually makes more sense to buy than it does to lease most of the time. This is because of all the additional deductions that you can take. Not only can you deduct the vehicle payment that you are responsible for each month, but also the depreciation of the vehicle, the mileage and the operating expenses for the vehicle. All of these deductions really add up and you might find your yearly costs of buying versus leasing to be more affordable for that reason.

Consider Your Yearly Distance

Most lease agreements cover between 12,000 and 15,000 miles a year.  If you go over that by a significant amount leasing probably isn’t going to be affordable for you.  Lease agreements that offer higher mileage amounts cost more money to obtain and if you go over the amount you’ll be hit with a stiff penalty. That being said, if you don’t drive very far you may actually save even more with a lease and could work out an agreement with a lower mileage amount.

When you take the time to consider the benefits of leasing and buying a vehicle it makes it a bit easier to come to the right conclusion. For some people it simply makes a lot more sense to lease than to buy, but for others buying is clearly the more affordable option.

The Subaru USA RallyCross Team is Entering the World RX of Canada Competition

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Subaru recently announced that they will be entering the World RX of Canada event with Sverre Isachsen behind the wheel. He will be driving around the same Subaru WRX STI Global Rallycross car that he operated at the Red Bull Global Rallycross event and did so well with. This latest event takes place on August 8th through the 9th and is the first overseas round of the series.

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Moving to the FIA World Rallycross Series

Up until now Subaru has stuck with the U.S. Rallycross series but after their latest success it seems that they are getting a bit bolder and are venturing out into the foreign Rallycross events.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that Subaru is entering the Canadian event after taking second at the Red Bull Global Rallycross event. Team spirits are high and they saw an opportunity to test themselves out against a different pool of competitors.

An Excellent Opportunity for the Car Company

The Subaru team leapt at the chance to join up with this new event and they see it as an opportunity to refine their driving skills further while making further improvements to the vehicle. With the event being so close by it’s convenient to travel and compete there.

About the Event

The World RX of Canada is held on the Trois-Rivieres Circuit in Quebec, a mere 85 miles from Montreal. This puts the event just a few hours drive from the Vermont SportsCar’s shop in northern Vermont. Even though this race was developed to a different set of standards the STI was designed to stay within those standards as well so no modifications will be necessary to enter the race.

Isachsen’s Experience

Even though the Subaru USA team is new to the European RallyCross Circuit, their main driver Isachsen is not. This seasoned athlete dominated the European series three years in a row taking first place between 2009 and 2011. Isachsen’s thrilled to get the chance to race against old rivals and come up against familiar teams with his new team that he helped build from scratch.

The Subaru USA team is hoping for a similar performance from Isachsen like the one that happened at the Red Bull RallyCross event. With Isachsen back on familiar ground he could fair even better than he did in the states. It will be an exciting event to watch the Subaru USA team go up against foreign competitors, and see how their brand-new team holds up against some of the most seasoned veterans in the sport.

Subaru Takes on the World’s Leading Teams in RallyCross and Endurance Racing

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Subaru is known for producing quality vehicles that are loved by outdoors men and performance drivers alike. Most people don’t know that Subaru is also involved in racing, and all of the track time that they put in is part of why their vehicles end up being so reliable. Subaru was able to compete competitively in the Global RallyCross championship this year, and they took part in the grueling 24H Nurburgring Challenge, showing that they are committed to designing rugged vehicles that can take on any surface.

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The Subaru RallyCross Team

Subaru is contantly working to improve their racing team and a few years into serious racing and the team is now at a competitive level with Bucky Lasik as one of their top drivers. Two years of development time went into the Subaru rally cars and that hard work showed with Bucky qualifying for the #2 spot and Isachsen coming up just .4 seconds behind him. The two drivers fought hard throughout the race, dealing with all the challenges that are thrown at rally car drivers, and they managed to bring home the Global RallyCross silver medal for all of their hard work.

Taking on the 24 Hour Nurburgring Challenge

The 15 mile course used for the 24H Nurburgring Challenge has been labeled the Green Hell due to its high level of difficulty and harsh terrain. Over the course of the race day more than half of the cars have trouble making it to the finish line at all, and it’s no wonder. This course is the equivalent of climbing to the top of the Empire State building each time that a driver goes around a lap.

Subaru brought the 2015 WRX STI to the fight and although they worked very hard to maintain a fast pace it was not enough to win them the race. Audi came in first place using a specialized R8 model. One of the biggest problems that Subaru faced was how new their vehicle was. While many of their contendors had already used their vehicle in other races and were experience with them, the WRX STI is a brand new model that was just being broken in a couple weeks before the event. The team took the vehicle through the Laguna Seca course in order to determine the best specifications to set the vehicle at, but they didn’t have enough time to really optimize the vehicle completely.

Impressive Performance for a Production Vehicle

Even though the WRX STI wasn’t able to beat out many of their competitors what the race demonstrates is just how powerful and reliable the WRX STI production cars are. Sure Subaru modified the vehicle, but it’s still built on top of the same basic platform and uses most of the same parts. While many manufacturers were creating specialized vehicles to win the race, Subaru just took one of their stock cars and modified it to optimize it for the course. Their fastest lap of the day was 9:28.960 which translates to an average speed of approximately 100 MPH, which is very impressive for such a difficult course.

Subaru may not be the best racing team out there, and they don’t have a history of racing victories, but they are clearly dedicated toward developing quality performance vehicles, and they aren’t afraid to take slightly modified stock cars out onto some of the most rugged professional courses in the world such as the Green Hell. That should inspire confidence in Subaru owners, and it says a lot about the company’s concern for creating quality vehicles.

Mark Higgins Sets a New Lap Record at the Isle of Man TT Course with the 2015 Subaru WRX STI

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On June 4, 2014 Mark Higgins used the 2015 Subaru WRX STI to beat his old record for the fastest lap at the Isle of Man TT Road Course. He shattered his record with an average speed of 116.470, up from 115.36 in 2010. His final time for the lap was 19.26 and he stated that a lot of his success can be attributed to the improvements to the car.


WRX STI Enhancements

The new Subaru WRX is equipped with a much better chassis according to Higgins. This gave him an edge in the technical parts of the course, where he states he made the most improvements. This new car is a clear improvement over its predecessor and Higgins believes a faster time could be achieved with it in the future.

Completing a Faster Lap

Higgins stated that he made several mistakes that cost him time while traveling through his record lap. He braked improperly and entered a few corners in a less than ideal position. These are all factors that cost him time and ended up leaving him with a slower time than he knows he could have achieved. For this reason, he believes he will achieve a better time in the future.

The Car

Higgins operated a nearly stock 2015 Subaru WRX STI, with a few modifications here and there. It came equipped with improved Dunlop Derezza tires. It also has modified springs and dampers, a racing seat, a harness, and a fire suppression system. Most of the changes made to the vehicle were for safety purposes rather than to boost performance though, and that shows what this little car can really achieve.

Throughout the course drivers travel at between 30 and 160 MPH and the vehicle is pushed to its limits. This just goes to show that the WRX STI is built for performance and a great car to take out on the tracks.

The Excitement of the Race

The Isle of Man TT Road Course features a tremendous amount of variation over its 37 mile circuit. Elevations change rapidly, it switches between town and country roads, and there are nearly continuous surface variations making it a particularly challenging course to go through.

While Mark Higgins still rules the Isle of Man course, it’s clear that Subaru is making improvements on their vehicles. Higgins relied on all the changes and enhancements to get his fastest time yet, and we can only assume that the next model of the WRX STI will come with even more improvements, and maybe a few more broken records as well.

A Closer Look at the 2015 Subaru WRX STI

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We previously brought you a post about the debut of the 2015 Subaru WRX STI at this year’s North American International Auto Show. Today, Subaru USA National Manager, Product Communications, Dominick Infante goes over some of the design highlights and performance features of the WRX STI for 2015 in the following video:


Subaru Announces Pricing for 2014 WRX and WRX STI

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For those of you who have been anxiously waiting for the next generation Subaru WRX, Subaru of America has finally released pricing for the 2014 WRX and WRX STI. The next generation of both cars are due out next year and prices for the entire 2014 lineup have only increased by $200 with the new starting MSRP of $25,995 for the WRX and $34,495 for the more powerful WRX STI.


Offering more power than rivals like the Ford Focus ST and Volkswagen GTI, the Subaru WRX delivers the biggest performance value in its competitive set. The 2.5-liter turbocharged/intercooled four-cylinder BOXER engine produces 265-horsepower and 244 lb.-ft. of torque and is exclusively teamed with a five-speed manual transmission and Subaru Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive.

Standard equipment for the 2014 WRX includes sport-tuned suspension, 17-inch alloy wheels and an AM/FM/CD stereo with six speakers, Bluetooth® audio streaming and hands-free phone connectivity and iPod® control.

The MSRPs for the WRX apply to both the four-door sedan and the five-door model, leaving the customer to choose trim level, color and port or dealer-installed accessories. For more comfort, the WRX Premium, with an MSRP of $28,495, adds fog lights, a power moonroof, and, on the sedan, a body-color trunk spoiler. (All five-door models have a rear spoiler). Also standard, the All-Weather Package includes heated front seats, heated exterior mirrors and a windshield wiper de-icer.

The 2014 WRX Limited, with an MSRP of $29,495, adds leather-trimmed upholstery and high-intensity discharged (HID) headlights. The WRX Limited offers one option package, the Navigation System with AHA Connected service, for an MSRP of $1,100. The system features a 6.1-in. touch screen, voice-activated controls, SMS text messaging, SiriusXM® Satellite Radio (subscription required), iTunes® tagging, SD card map upgrades and more.

The indomitable 2014 Subaru WRX STI takes the brand’s rally-bred road performance to the highest level, featuring a 305-horsepower turbocharged/intercooled Boxer engine, six-speed manual transmission, performance suspension and the exclusive Multi-Mode Driver Controlled Center Differential (DCCD) version of Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive. The WRX STI is also exclusively equipped with a Brembo® Performance Brake System, Subaru Intelligent Drive (SI-DRIVE) and Multi-Mode Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC) system, the latter featuring a track performance-optimized mode.

The 2012 WRX STI is available in both four- and five-door models. The four-door comes in STI and STI Limited versions, with MSRPs of $34,495 and $37,845, respectively. All WRX STI models include as standard HID headlights and the All-Weather Package, with heated front seats, heated exterior mirrors and a windshield wiper de-icer.

The WRX STI five-door, with an MSRP of $36,495, comes equipped with the BBS® forged aluminum-alloy wheels, along with fog lights, rear window wiper/washer and special cargo area features. The WRX STI Limited adds power moonroof, fog lights, leather upholstery and BBS wheels. The Navigation System is available for all WRX STI models for an MSRP of $1,100.

2015 Subaru WRX/WRX STI Spied at the ‘Ring

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A camouflaged Subaru prototype was spotted taking laps around the Nürburgring track. A closer look at some of the telltale elements suggest that this may in fact be a prototype for either a non-WRX, sporty Impreza, or a thinly disguised and production-ready next-gen WRX or WRX STI. Many fans hope it is the final option, as it appears to combine a standard Impreza sedan body with fascias of the recently unveiled Subaru WRX concept.


Another obvious sign is the giant rear wing, which shares a design with wings found on past WRX STI models including the current 2013 version. There is also a slightly toned-down version of the aggressive rear diffuser seen on the WRX concept as well as wheels that almost completely fill out the arches. Other influences by the WRX concept include the almost-identical hexagonal grille, trapezoidal lower intakes, and LED-encircled hexagonal headlights. Other changes include LED taillights and a hood scoop.

Most can only speculate at what’s under the hood. We will bring you more news when the significantly re-engineered sedan makes its debut at the next Tokyo Motor Show this winter.

Subaru Goes Live With New iPad® Apps

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Subaru of America, Inc. announced the release of Dynamic Brochure iPad® apps for the 2012 Subaru Impreza, Impreza WRX/STI, Outback, Legacy and Forester. Fun and interactive consumer tools, the apps showcase the confidence and capabilities of these models.

The iPad® apps feature new, fully photographic exterior and interior 360-degree views that allow viewers to experiment with paint colors and interior trims. The apps also include interactive feature demos, videos and comprehensive specifications.

The all-new Subaru Impreza 4-Door, 5-Door and Impreza Sport, rally-bred Impreza WRX/STI, rugged Outback, intelligent Legacy and the versatile Forester, all come standard with Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive and a balanced SUBARU BOXER® engine for exceptional handling and capability to match their accommodating interior versatility and comfort. Users can see, hear and explore the Subaru models and the technology right from the interactive iPad® apps.

The 2012 Subaru model iPad® apps build on the success of the industry-leading Dynamic Brochure program, which Subaru debuted in 2011, to give audiences more content and more engaging choices for information, comparison and sharing. The program also supports Subaru commitment to environmentally-friendly practices; the digital brochure platform helps to reduce paper usage, energy consumption, inks, and production waste.

“Subaru is excited to roll out the next generation of our leading-edge, environmentally-friendly Subaru model iPad® apps for 2012. These model app launches will be followed closely by the all-new Subaru Life Book featuring our full line of vehicles in a single app,” said Sondra Shiffer, brochures manager, Subaru of America, Inc.

These iPad® apps can be downloaded for free at: