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A Look At The All New A4 And S4 With Pacific Audi's Chris Prodromides

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Sure we’d all like to have an Audi R8 as our daily driver, and for a select few, they can, but for the rest of us, who live in the world of kids, life, family budgets, etc., that doesn’t mean you can’t have a car that is brilliant to drive, in fact one that is a benchmark in the industry, a very high quality interior and has style above reproach.  The all new Audi A4 and S4‘s are the cars for those of us who need four doors and trunks that can swallow a run to Costco, yet provide all the driving dynamics you want and expect from a German luxury sports sedan.

Come and see what the all new A4 and S4 are all about with Pacific Audi’s General Sales Manager Chris Prodromides.

 [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JNIPz-qyLXU&w=640&h=360]

Like Being A Kid In A Sandbox: Demo, Divert, Rebuild!

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Our new building is underway, but you might be wondering what happened to it, and wondering what we did with it after demolition. We knew that, and it’s actually one of our favorite topics.

First, did you know that construction and demolition materials account for 29% of the waste stream? But many materials can be reused or recycled, and lengthen our supply of natural resources and potentially save money in the process. (CalRecycle) We’ve really evolved…all waste that would traditionally have left a facility can (mostly) now head to a few basic directions: reuse in-house, or sort into streams to be recycled (and sold) outside a company, or incinerated in waste-to-energy plants.

Fitting in with our LEED goals and because it’s just the logical thing to do, Pacific Audi hired Three D Service Company, Inc. (TDS) to manage this, and they diverted a highly impressive minimum of 85% of the potential waste and did these terrific things with it instead:

1. All of the CONCRETE MATERIALS were crushed on-site, using a portable crusher, into a “crushed miscellaneous base”, a kind of porous material that lives and breathes, has a gravel-like feel and will be used as a base under the driving/parking areas of the lot. If you’re nerdy like we are, we love the details: under areas where trucks go, the base will be 7”, and for cars only 4”.

2. All of the WOOD removed from this site was used in one of three ways.
a) Standard-sized structural lumber was removed and sold in Mexico for reuse.
b) The short wood or wood that was not in good enough condition for reuse will be ground into and sold as mulch.
c) The worst wood material was further ground and sold to the Co-Gen plants located in Mecca, CA, where it will be used as fuel to produce electric power. (We’re particularly excited about this waste-to-energy use.)

Both (b) and (c) were performed at TDS’ recycling facility (Haven Diversion) in Ontario, CA.

3. All construction & demo materials—i.e. studs, drywall, ceilings, flooring, etc.—were transported to TDS’ recycling facility, divided up into separate waste streams and processed into product and sold for re-use. The bulk of these materials were mixed with soils and cow manure which produces a top soil sold on the local markets.

So in the end—as everything can’t be converted yet into a product—only 5% to 15% of the CD materials are reloaded and hauled to a local Class III Landfill.

By the way, the process of “reuse” is something we can all do. There are a variety of companies that demo for reuse, often called ‘deconstruction’. For example, if you bought a home with the intent to rebuild, a company like The ReUse People or Deconstruction and Reuse Network can be hired to remove wood floors, bricks, toilets, roofing materials and even nails. These and other items can be reused in your new house, OR these 501(c)(3) non-profits can take them away and sell the items to others doing remodeling or building! You might even get a nifty tax deduction for deconstruction vs. straight demolition! (Please consult your accountant, your contractor and your deconstruction company.)

We are excited to have done this right, with our partners, and hope you consider plunging in to the diversion and reuse idea if you have a chance in your future!