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Toyota Shows off New Concept at CES with Personal Assistant

January 4, 2017 lacarguy Toyota Tags: , , ,

Smartphones and computers have personal assistants, so Toyota says why not cars as well? The automaker put together a very futuristic looking concept vehicle for CES called Concept-I, and it comes with its very own personal assistant Yui. It’s not just any personal assistant though, this is an artificially intelligent entity that grows more intelligent as you spend time with it. It’s supposed to feel like a member of the family almost, or a friend that you are riding around with.

Toyota Concept i

It’s Like a Living Breathing Creature

Toyota went all out trying to make Yui feel like a living thing. The car can greet you as you walk up to it and can put visuals on the side panels, making it possible for it to communicate with you even when you are not in the vehicle. It will take directions from you and help you manipulate the systems in the vehicle. Yui will also communicate to other drivers at the rear of the vehicle about upcoming hazards or problems. At the front of the vehicle you’ll see Yui blinking through the headlights, and there is also an indicator letting drivers know whether you are in manual or autonomous driving mode.

Space Age Design

It’s obvious from the first glance that the Concept-I vehicle is  not a standard model. It shows off highly futuristic styling, and features that you won’t find on any other vehicles. The car is light and airy on the inside, but it features holographic displays and neon lights all over the place. It’s like climbing into an alien space ship. The doors even swivel up and out on their own, much like the cockpit of a jet.

Holographic Directions

While driving the Concept-I around, directions are displayed right up on the windshield itself. That means you’ll see arrows on the roads ahead of you showing you where to make your turns.

Autonomous Driving

The car also covers autonomous driving, and is designed to shift in and out of autonomous driving mode depending on what the user is interested in at the time. It will allow drivers to have control only when they want to, and to give it up to the onboard computer when they do not.

The Toyota Concept-I shows how a futuristic vehicle should be. It’s exciting, ultra-modern and displays impressive artificial intelligence that likely won’t be matched by many other vehicles.



Toyota is Pushing Ahead with Artificial Intelligence Research to Make Safer Vehicles

November 5, 2015 lacarguy Toyota Tags: , , , , ,

It’s no secret that automotive companies like Toyota want to create self-driving vehicles, but some companies are putting in more effort than others to make it happen. Toyota is putting a great deal of emphasis on artificial intelligence in order to allow their vehicles to predict pedestrian movements as well as traffic adjustments. This technology could help make self-driving vehicles safer and much more effective than the more simplistic models that companies are using at the moment for testing and development.

Toyota Technical Center

Ramping up Research and Development

Toyota announced last week that it would be putting in a total of $1 billion to create two different research and develop centers, both in the United States. The first will be in Silicon Valley and the second at a campus right by MIT in MA. Overall a total of 200 scientists and engineers should eventually be included on the project, but that money will be spent over a term of five years.

AI Research

Toyota forged a separate relationship with Stanford and MIT to research more into artificial intelligence to help improve human and robotic interactions, because that’s what a self-driving car would be, a robot. To further those research efforts specifically Toyota is contributing $25 million to both Stanford and MIT toward artificial intelligence research.  Steve Eglash, the executive director of the artificial intelligence lab at Stanford is hopeful that the two research centers funded by Toyota will lead to improved vehicle handling in poor weather conditions and on busy city streets.

The Standard side of the research effort will be housed in an existing building and will work on between seven and nine different projects. Not only is Toyota offering a staggering amount of research funding for these projects, but the automaker is also offering access to its massive data pools collected from drivers, from past research and development efforts and through all the different studies and engineering work that’s been completed in the past.

All the funding and the focused effort on learning more about artificial intelligence and what it can do for driving should help move self-driving technology ahead by leaps and bounds. Researchers that aren’t part of the project are excited about the prospects of the work as well and are looking forward to building on the research later on to help further the field of artificial intelligence even more and to apply it to other sectors around the world.

Artificial intelligence has the ability to affect almost every part of life and people are just starting to realize that. Toyota wants to build better and safer vehicles, but the research efforts will likely yield benefits to the rest of society as well.