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Toyota Borrows Microsoft Technology with Patent Purchase

March 21, 2017 lacarguy Toyota Tags: , , , , ,

Recently Microsoft has been scrambling to try and convince automakers to use its technology for connected cars. Specifically its Azure platform. The tech giant swears that the technology is ideal for connected cars and that many of the features will make a very real difference for automakers. Apparently talks with Toyota have paid off, because the automaker is working with Microsoft signing a deal to use some of the company’s patent’s for developments in the future.

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No Specific Details

Currently there are no specific details about the deal between the two mammoth companies, we just know that a deal was made. It’s presumed that the deal was for connected vehicles, and it’s likely that Toyota will leverage the tech to make some piece of self-driving vehicles, or at least communicating vehicles work more effectively.

Toyota’s Push for Connected Vehicles

This is just one more indicator that’s in favor of the idea that Toyota is pushing for connected vehicles that can communicate in different ways. Toyota understands the value of cars that can talk to one another, and earlier this year expressed an interest in creating vehicles that communicate for safety purposes. That could be something that the automaker is working on with help from Microsoft.

While there is no information about the amount that Toyota agreed to pay Microsoft, or what technology the auto giant is going to be using, it’s a good sign that some sort of innovation is on the way from Toyota, and that the company is serious about taking a strong step forward toward automation, communication and other tech-focused enhancements for its vehicles.

Toyota To Unveil New CES Car

December 12, 2016 lacarguy Toyota Tags: , , , ,

Toyota has big plans for CES in January 2017. Not only will the automaker unveil a brand new concept vehicle that should really show off the automaker’s plans for future autonomous vehicles and styling cues in general, but it will also be showing off a new framework designed to connect vehicles to telematics in a new way.


The Concept Car

Toyota wasn’t willing to say much about the new concept vehicle, and the automaker certainly wasn’t showing off any new photos, but it did say that the concept car is focused around the idea of creating more pleasant UX displays for automated vehicles and robots. In other words, the concept is going to show off user interfaces for vehicles that drive themselves. You should expect to see some additional comfort features in such a vehicle, and it will be interesting to see what other features and design accents Toyota believes should be in a vehicle that is made to drive itself around.

Long Distance Data Transmission

It’s no secret that Toyota wants to collect data from its vehicles about driving. That’s the one way that the automaker believes self-driving vehicles could be possible in the future. That’s why Toyota is going to show off a new type of interface, or a new way to interface with vehicles and collect data over long distances. These features could be just the thing to ensure that Toyota vehicles bring in plenty of information for the auto owners, and they could also be just the thing that’s needed to make sure that self-driving vehicles are a reality.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, you can tune into the big event on January 4 in 2017. It is likely to be an exciting show, and one that is worth watching out for. Keep an eye on the big unveiling next month for a first look at Toyota’s new design concepts as well as this telematics system.