For the most part billboards are just a waste of space. They take up a section of the earth and show off commercial pictures that you see while driving by. There is no purpose to them and it can be frustrating seeing them all over the place when something else could be there instead. That’s been the case with billboards for years, but that’s something that Toyota is changing right now with its Mirai billboard. Toyota is putting up special billboards that actually scrub pollution from the air around them. Not only do the billboards show off the new Mirai, they make the surrounding air better for everyone at the same time.

toyota air cleaning billboard

How they Work

Each of the billboards is made from titanium dioxide-coated vinyl that reacts with oxygen to convert nitrogen oxide into nitrates and take them right out of the air. It’s a passive system that requires no electricity, and it’s something that will continue to work for a long time before stopping.

The Overall Impact

Nitrogen oxide is responsible for smog, as well as acid rain. Taking it out of the air is a very good thing for the California landscape where most of the Mirai billboards are currently located. It’s estimated that the 37 billboards put up currently will remove the equivalent of 5,285 vehicles worth of Nitrogen oxide each and every month. That’s a pretty significant impact over such a small number of billboards.

The Toyota Mirai is celebrated as an environmentally-friendly vehicle because it runs on hydrogen and only emits water vapor out of its tailpipe. Now the billboards that represent that vehicle can also be touted as environmentally friendly. It’s a brilliant branding stunt, and an excellent way to take nearly useless billboards and turn them into a tool that will help improve the landscape around them. If only more companies thought like Toyota in their marketing efforts and did something environmentally friendly while building publicity for a vehicle.