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Toyota Will Create a Flying Car for the Olympics

May 15, 2017 lacarguy Uncategorized Tags: , ,

For decades flying cars have just been the stuff of legend, until some manufacturers began coming out with the massive plane-car hybrids they are dubbing flying cars. While their creations are pretty cool, and definitely a proof of concept, it’s hard to consider them as a finished unit that’s worthy of any real excitement for the everyday consumer. That’s where automaker Toyota comes into play. The car company is planning a drone-car hybrid product release in 2018, and they want a working model in time to light the flame during the Tokyo Olympics that year.

Flying Car

How the Car would Work

While we don’t have all the details of the vehicle, Toyota has hired a firm called Cartivator to work on the project and develop a vehicle that relies on jet propelled tech to fly around in a way that’s similar to how drones move around. The vehicle would rely on a series of rotors to lift it up, and fly around. No doubt this technology will be used in a way that’s similar to helicopters today, but it could be just the tech that’s needed to create more wide-scale air transportation for more people.

A Capable Little Machine

The flying car would be just 9.5 feet by 4.3 feet in size and could achieve heights of about 33 feet in the air. The car is expected to attain speeds of up to 62 MPH while up in the air, making it a very capable way to move around a crowded city where streets are covered below.

There’s no guarantee that Toyota will have this tech ready by next year like the automaker is hoping, but with such heavy emphasis on the technology and other companies working ont eh same project it seems likely that the release will happen near the deadline, even if it is a bit late.

It’s a radical vision for flying cars and the tech Toyota is pursuing is something that many other companies are working on in one way or another as well. Many companies are looking into transport drones for mailing purposes, or for medical transport, and eventually that flying vehicles could be an everyday part of life for the average person. This is just the first step toward that new world, and it’s a pretty exciting one.

Toyota Could Be Developing a Flying Car

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Flying cars probably seem like a thing of the future that isn’t going to happen for many years in any practical way, and that’s probably true, but that doesn’t mean Toyota isn’t already working on such a vehicle! That’s right, Toyota has filed a patent for a pretty ingenious stackable wing design for a Prius-esque vehicle. The system helps make cars into flying vehicles, without compromising a compact footprint that drivers are used to.

toyota stackable wings patent

The Problem with Current Flying Cars

That’s right, there are currently flying cars such as the Terrafugia Transition and the Aerombil 3.0, but they are more driving planes than they are actual flying cars. By that I mean that they are bulky and they look like airplanes. They don’t really look like cars, and you’d stand out dramatically if you were to drive one of these behemoths around on standard roads.

The Benefit of Toyota’s Solution

Toyota’s patented solution shows a series of wings stacked on top of one another and positioned right on top of the vehicle. These wings simply extend vertically and pick up air one on top of the other to generate enough lift to get up off the ground. Unlike the other flying cars that have big bulky wings that extend to either side, or hang back behind the vehicle while driving, these wings simply look like a slightly bulky carrier on top of the vehicle. They’re much more compact and convenient. The car also makes use of a vertical fin that’s just looks like an aggressive spoiler or fin at the back of the vehicle. Overall, from the drawings you get a vehicle that doesn’t look much different than your everyday Prius. There’s no telling if adding in a source of propulsion, such as a pair of turbines is going to take away from the relatively clean design that Toyota currently has, but it’s exciting to see that flying cars that actually look and function like cars when they aren’t in the air could be coming closer to a reality.

Take a look at the pictures from the patent above and you’ll see how simple and cool the design is that Toyota is proposing. There’s no telling if the company already has a working prototype that it’s testing out, but going off their track record, it wouldn’t be surprising if they were already trying things out.