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Toyota is the Most Valuable Brand in 2017 According to Brandz

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There’s always so much criticism about the way that Toyota cars look and function, but in reality Toyota is doing better than all the other automakers out there, at least according to new market research that just came out. According to the annual Brandz report Toyota is the most valuable auto brand out there today. That’s saying something coming from the company that has been evaluating the top 100 brands for years.

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A Very Strong Valuation

Toyota managed to obtain a brand valuation of $28.7 million from Brandz this year, that’s stronger than many other brands on the market today, and puts it firmly into the first place position out of all the other automakers. That means that Toyota was able to beat out guys like BMW and Honda.

Reliability and Resale Value

Toyota has been able to maintain a top valuation over the long term thanks to its reputation for building reliable cars that hold their value. That’s something that most auto buyers are interested in, and it’s one of the main reasons that Toyota vehicles continue to sell so well. With that said, Toyota is not one of the fastest growing auto brands on the market today, and is actually shrinking a bit. In order to deal with the shrinking problem Toyota will have to innovate more than it is already.

Bolster Itself through Innovation

In order to foster growth and maintain its top spot into the future Toyota is hard at work on innovations that will help it stand out in a market filling up with automakers that are working on the future. Toyota is hard at work innovating with alternative fuels like hydrogen fuel cells and electric vehicles, as well as working toward autonomous vehicles that are going to play a big part on the market in the years to come. Toyota isn’t just known for reliability, it’s also known as an innovator as one of the first automakers to create widespread hybrid electric vehicles through the Prius, and the auto giant is working hard to do the same thing with hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and the other tech advancements that it’s working toward. Sure it’s tough for a company like Toyota to match the double digit growth that Tesla is enjoying, but at the end of the day Toyota is still at the top, and there are a lot of very good reasons for that.

BrandZ Ranks Toyota as the Most Valuable Automotive Brand

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Each year BrandZ does a global company review to determine what the estimated value of different companies is around the world. Toyota remained on top as the most valuable of all the automakers in the world. This is good for the automaker in a number of ways, and it also means that you can feel secure when buying a Toyota vehicle.

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More Money for Research and Development

Toyota, the most valuable automotive brand in the world, has plenty of money to complete research and to develop new products and technologies. That’s why the automaker was able to begin selling the Mirai to the general public and to help build out that hydrogen fuel infrastructure. The automaker can afford to lose millions of dollars on the new vehicle initially in hopes that it will take off and become a major technology in the future. That’s exactly what the company did with the Prius more than a decade ago, and signs are good that the same is happening with the Mirai as well, even though the vehicle is getting off to a somewhat slow start.

Improved research and development funding also helps lead to advanced features such as automated driving, and enhanced media systems. Toyota is in an excellent position to develop some of the latest and most helpful technologies for vehicle owners, and being ahead of other automakers in finances is largely why the company can afford

Excellent Resale Value

Holding the highest value of any car brand means that Toyota vehicles will hold their value for longer than most other car makes will. When you are ready to sell off your Toyota Corolla, Highlander, Camry or any other model that you happen to own, you can expect to get more money for the vehicle than you would if it was another brand. That’s a major benefit of buying into a Toyota vehicle, especially if you plan on reselling it a few years after making the purchase.

Improved Reliability

Toyota is known for its reliability and the automaker relies on a team of some of the most skilled engineers in the world to keep its vehicles running properly and to make them even more reliable over time. All the money that Toyota has available makes it much easier to keep vehicles reliable and to ensure that future vehicles become even more dependable.

Toyota is the most valuable automotive brand because of hard work and excellent decision making skills, but all the money that the automaker has obtained over the years only helps it stay out ahead of the competition through excellent innovation, and bringing brand new technologies to the mainstream. Sure Toyota wasn’t the first automaker to come up with a hybrid vehicle, or a vehicle that runs on hydrogen fuel, but it was the first automaker to bring those vehicles to the masses, and that’s something that Toyota will likely continue doing for years to come.