The Toyota Land Cruiser started out as an all-utility vehicle meant for carrying out hard labor above all else. It was rugged, it was tough and it got things done. Today the Land Cruiser is a more pampered version of its former self. It’s larger, it’s more refined, more dotted with tech features and wrapped with buttery smooth leather. Don’t let that attractive exterior fool you though, the 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser knows how to get down to business.

2016 toyota land cruiser

They’re Engineered for Rugged Performance

Toyota builds its Land Cruiser for diverse markets. It offers the luxurious and high-priced models to customers in the United States who want to ride around in style and comfort, and it offers a more work-focused Land Cruiser GX model to customers in the Australian Outback, and to warzones throughout the United Nations. What’s exciting about the Land Cruiser is that both the luxurious model and the rugged GX are built on the same base and they are each just as capable.

The Serious GX All Business Version of a Land Cruiser

While you can’t get the Land Cruiser GX in the United States, it’s sold around the world to countries that are more interested in the vehicle’s capabilities, and less interested in its luxury features. It comes with a standard instrument cluster, vinyl floors, mostly black plastic on the exterior, steel wheels, simple cloth seats, all-terrain tires and basic audio and climate controls. It’s not designed for entertainment or for comfortable cruising, but for going over rugged terrain and bringing people where most other vehicles won’t go. The one feature that these vehicles come outfitted with that you won’t find on a dolled up American Land Cruiser is the snorkel air intake. It’s a tube air intake that draws in air from up above the roof instead of underneath the hood of the vehicle. This feature is to avoid dirt and dust that’s stirred up from off-road terrain and a major problem in desert environments and to keep water out of the engine in the event of a shallow river crossing.

Don’t Be Afraid to Go Off Roading

Just because you’re driving around a pampered version of the Land Cruiser doesn’t mean you should baby it. This finely crafted vehicle was designed to be used and abused and that’s what most of the world does to it. You can travel to out-of-the-way destinations, go through trails and drive along those sandy roads without worry. The Land Cruiser was designed for exactly this purpose, so celebrate its capability and its strength instead of ignoring it like many people do.