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Toyota is Likely to Release a RAV4 TRD in the Near Future

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The RAV4 is one of the top selling SUVs from Toyota, so it’s no wonder that the automaker is beginning to release exciting variants like the RAV4 TRD to really get the public excited.  This variant isn’t guaranteed yet, but officials from Toyota have all but specifically said that it’s going to be released soon, to it makes sense to look out for it. It’s also not much of a stretch to consider that a performance RAV4 will be released since there is a rally cross version of the vehicle being used to race today.

RAV 4 Toyota Rallycross

The Changes aren’t Certain Yet

Toyota hasn’t even confirmed that a TRD version of the RAV4 is going to be released, but has said that it’s very likely to happen in the future. Since there is no confirmation yet, there also isn’t any information about what such an enhancement would mean for the RAV4. It’s like that the changes would include some suspension improvements as well as a power increase, but it’s only speculation at the moment.

Enhanced Power

The standard RAV4 is equipped with a 2.5 liter four-cylinder engine that produces 176 HP and 172 lb.-ft. of torque. It’s fair to assume that it will get beefed up a bit for the TRD edition of the RAV4, but it’s doubtful that the vehicle will offer anywhere near the 500HP that you’d find in the Rally version of the vehicle used in racing competitions.

Other Expected Improvements

It’s hard to say exactly what enhancements will be added to the RAV4 TRD version but it’s like that some suspension enhancements, brake improvements and powertrain adjustments will be made. Along with exterior styling cues to help set it apart from the other models. This will make the vehicle even more enjoyable to drive, and might even inspire some off-roading enthusiasts to pick up the RAV4 for the very first time.

Priced at the Top of the Range

Just like with all the other Toyota TRD models, the RAV4 TRD can be expected to be priced at the top of the range and considered a top trim-level. That means it will come with all the other technologies that you get in the other RAV4 versions, making it a highly technical vehicle as well as a capable off-roader.

It’s unclear when the RAV4 TRD version is going to be released but we’re already excited about it. It takes all the great aspects of the RAV4 and makes supercharges them for more fun.

Toyota FT-1 Concept Unveiled at 2014 NAIAS

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Toyota unveiled the FT-1 Concept earlier last week at this year’s North American International Auto Show. The Toyota FT-1 concept is a pure performance, track-focused sports car model created by CALTY Design Research, Toyota’s North American Design branch. The FT-1 concept is a symbol that captures elements of the emotion and energy we can expect to see in future Toyota vehicle designs. Its design is heavily influenced by Toyota’s long sports car tradition that includes vehicles such as 2000GT, Celica, Supra and most recently, FT-86 (Scion F-RS).

Check out Toyota’s press site for the official transcripts of the press conference. And below is a video that provides a quick overview of the Toyota FT-1:


Toyota Prepares Upgraded Hybrids for 2013 Le Mans

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After a strong showing in its debut last year, Toyota is ready for yet another 24 Hours of Le Mans. Having prepared two upgraded TS030 Hybrid race cars, Toyota Racing aims to stop favorites Audi from winning their 12th overall and 4th consecutive 24 Hours of Le Mans race this year. The two LMP1 class vehicles will be driven by the following crews: No.7 by Alex Wurz, Nicolas Lapierre and Nazuki Nakajima and No.8 by Anthony Davidson, Sebastien Buemi and Stephane Sarrazin.

2013 Toyota TS030 Hybrid

“We are very much looking forward to the Le Mans 24 Hours. Last year’s Le Mans was our first race with the TS030 HYBRID so we expected to face some difficulties; this year we are better prepared and we expect to demonstrate that. Leading Le Mans last year, and winning three WEC races, has given us a taste for success.It would be a dream for us to stand on the top of the podium at such a legendary race,” said team president Yoshiaki Kinoshita.

“We are facing a very tough opponent in Audi so it is hard to be confident, but we know we have done everything in our power to be ready and we will give 100% effort to succeed. It is a very long week and many things can happen so we must be ready for the challenges to come,” he added.

During the test day this week, Toyota ran more than 80 laps in each of the two TS030s it has entered in the race, with each one focusing on different aspects of tuning and preparation: one for aerodynamics, the other for tire and suspension setup.

Underpinning both race cars is the hybrid gasoline-electric drivetrain. With up to 300 horsepower of boost available from the supercapacitor-based hybrid system and 530 horsepower from its 3.4-liter normally aspirated V-8 engine, the TS030 is even more powerful than the diesel-burning Audi R18 e-tron quattro, which corrals 490 horsepower from its TDI diesel engine and 218 horsepower from its kinetic flywheel hybrid system.

Steve Aoki Customizes Scion FR-S

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Scion has been a strong supporter of the creative arts community for over a decade. During that time, Scion has worked with over 1700 artists from different backgrounds on different projects like record releases, art galleries, and the Scion AV initiative. In the latest collaboration, Scion has teamed up with famed DJ and producer, Steve Aoki to apply his creativity and personality to the Scion FR-S.


One of Steve Aoki’s priorities in designing the car was implementing an audio/visual system that would allow him to literally take his show on the road. As a result, a full mixing station was installed in the backseat that’s been paired with a completely redesigned speaker setup using components provided by Pioneer. New LEDs and strobe lighting fixtures were installed around and under the car, and to add to the nightclub feel, a fog machine was also added to the build.

The interior features custom graphics, wheels from FIVE:AD, an aero kit, and a shark fit antenna. The car was fitted with lowering springs, giving it a more aggressive stance, while GReddy provided both an intake and exhaust system to improve performance.

The completed Steve Aoki FR-S build will be making appearances at various Scion events throughout the year. For more details, check out the full spec sheet below:


  • Pioneer AVH-X8500BHS DVD receiver
  • Pioneer AVIC-u250 navigation system
  • Pioneer D Series 6-3/4 inch component speaker package
  • 2x Pioneer D Series 5-1/4 inch component speaker package
  • Pioneer D Series 4-inch 2 way speakers
  • 2x Pioneer 10-inch Champion Series PRO subwoofers
  • 6x Pioneer PRS amplifier
  • Pioneer DJM-900 Nexus 4-channel professional mixer
  • Apple MacBook Pro
  • 3x GoPro HERO3 White Edition camera
  • American DJ fog machine


  • MV Designz 5-piece aero kit
  • MV Designz carbon fiber rear diffuser
  • Custom graphics
  • Beat Sonic shark fin antenna


  • Oracle Lighting LEDs
  • Oracle Lighting strobe lights
  • Oracle Lighting halo LEDs


  • 19” FIVE:AD R5:F gun metal wheels
  • Nitto NeoGen tires


  • TEIN lowering springs


  • GReddy SP Elite exhaust
  • GReddy Air Intake System

Toyota Refreshes TMG EV P002 for Pikes Peak

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Toyota Motorsport GmbH (TMG) will send a revised TMG EV P002 to Pikes Peak International Hill Climb to defend its electric title. Based on last year’s ground-breaking run of 10 minutes 15.380 seconds, engineers at TMG’s electric vehicle technology center have generated more performance from the TMG powertrain to further improve the mark.

2013 Toyota EV P002
The P002 now has a top speed of 142.9 miles per hour, 1200 newton meters of maximum torque and 400 kW of maximum power. Before the annual climb, the EV P0002 will get aerodynamic upgrades and more track testing. A Schneider Electric EVlink DC charger will charge the P0002’s 42-kWh lithium ion ceramic battery on race day. All these upgrades and the history of record-setting gave Claudia Brasse, TMG’s executive coordinator of strategic EV development, reason to call the TMG EV P002 the “standard bearer for electric race cars.”

On June 30, just one week after TMG’s Toyota Racing team takes on the Le Mans 24 Hours with a hybrid prototype, Rod Millen will drive the TMG EV P002 at Pikes Peak. As a multiple record-setter at Pikes Peak and regular competitor in Toyota machinery, the 61-year-old New Zealander is highly experienced and will benefit from various improvements to the high-tech racer.

Toyota Introduces Prius Endurance Racecar

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It’s not something you would expect to normally hear in the same sentence, Prius and racecar. But Toyota continues to surprise and be on the forefront of innovation. Toyota’s Prius model is known for its fuel-efficiency, not for speed or performance. Well, Toyota didn’t design the street-version of the Prius of performance but the Prius designed specifically for endurance racing, on the other hand, is a different story.


Toyota calls its new Prius racing car the world’s fastest Toyota Prius. The car is a GT300 spec racing car that debuted last year in Japan at the 2012 Super GT series. The car hit the track again a couple of weekends ago at the Okayam Circuit in South Japan. It was a sight to see a Toyota Prius up against the likes of Audi, Lamborghini, McLaren, Porsche, and other racecar and sports car brands.

The is very little in resemblance between the road-going Prius compared to its racing sibling, other than a very slight similarity in profile styling. Rather than the 1.8-liter powering the street ready version, the racing car uses a 3.4-liter V8 that delivers power to the rear wheels using a sequential gearbox. The racing powertrain does use the original Hybrid Synergy Drive electric system but with a slightly larger lithium-ion battery pack sourced from the Prius+ MPV.

The V8 under the hood of the track-ready version is the same engine that Toyota uses in some of its other racing vehicles. However, the V8 was undertuned to meet regulations of the GT300 class. Aerodynamic features to improve downforce include a carbon fibre front splitter, rear diffuser, and a large rear wing. The race car also has wider wheel wells and arches to accommodate fat racing tires.