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Highlights of the 2017 Toyota 86

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Well the Toyota 86 has been out for awhile, and we’ve taken the time to test out the vehicle. I’m not going to say that it’s a revolutionary vehicle, or that it’s a perfect sports car, but it does have some nice improvements since when it was the Scion FR-S, and it’s a lot of fun to drive around. Here are some highlights of the vehicle experience.


It’s a Whole lot of Fun

The Toyota 86 is great fun when taken on backgrounds with plenty of twists and turns. It’s well-balanced and offers very direct steering. While it performs beautifully out on most roads, the car is pretty much the same as the Scion FR-S. It relies on the same general mechanics, and

The Manual is the Way to Go

One of the biggest perks of the Toyota 86 is that it comes with a manual transmission and it’s a blast to use. This transmission shifts smoothly, the shifter is highly ergonomic in the hand, and the vehicle gets a 5 HP boost to 205 HP, making it slightly more powerful than the automatic transmission option. For any driver that wants to maximize their experience, there’s really no better option than a manual transmission. The automatic does offer a higher fuel economy with 24/32 MPG while the manual only offers 21/28 MPG, but the added entertainment is worth the loss in fuel in my opinion.

More Comfortable Performance

With adjusted spring rates, and damping around the vehicle, and a more robust anti-roll bar, the Toyota 86 feels more grounded and capable than the Scion FR-S. It offers improved handling over major bumps, and is just more stable overall.

A Nice Quality Interior

The Toyota 86 isn’t a luxury car, but it still looks and feels pretty nice inside. Most of the interior surfaces are covered by a suede-like material, and running your hand along any surface feels much better than plastic would. The steering wheel is a bit thinner than in the FR-S, and there are audio controls mounted on it that weren’t present before. Overall the 86 is comfortable and feels sporty up front without being over the top.

The Toyota 86 isn’t a crazy sports car, and it isn’t priced like one either. At around $27,000 it’s quite affordable and a pretty decent little sports car for someone looking for a more engaging ride. Sure it’s not packed with power at right around 200 HP, but it’s not slow either. It’s satisfying to drive around, and a lot of fun when you opt for the manual version.

The FR-S Lives on as the Toyota 86

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Well the Scion FR-S is no more. I know it’s a sad day for auto enthusiasts, but there’s no reason to cry. The model will live on under another badge, the Toyota 86! That’s right, Toyota is nearing the launch of a 2017 performance model under the badge of Toyota 86, and it looks to be an improved version of the FR-S that drivers are really going to enjoy. Sure it’ll set you back a bit more than the FR-S would have, but you’ll also get more for your money than Scion buyers did.

A Bump in Cost

While making the transformation from the Scion FR-S to the Toyota 86, the car became more expensive. The standard model will be about $950 more than it was as the Scion FRs and the Automatic model will cost around $570 more than the automatic FR-S did in 2016.


While making the transformation from the Scion FR-S to the Toyota 86, the car is receiving quite a few enhancements that are worth taking note of. It’s getting more aggressive styling, it will receive a few handling enhancements to make it more exciting to drive around and the car is even getting a bit more power during the transformation. Between all those changes the Toyota 86 should be worth taking a look at and really considering if you were a fan of the FR-S.

The vehicle comes with a new set of shocks and tune-adjusted springs that should perform better during aggressive driving. It comes standard with a Hill Start Assist Control mode, and will be offered in both manual and automatic variations, which is excellent for all you manual enthusiasts out there.

Overall the Toyota 86 is an exciting vehicle that offers many of the same benefits and features that the Scion FR-S had going for it. Sure it’s rebadged and it has a new name, but it’s the same reliable and high-performance vehicle. If you’re interested in a high-powered Toyota coupe, the 86 is probably the best that you are going to get, and it’s pretty darned good. It’s hard to say if the name change is good or bad for the sports car, but it will be pretty cool to own the first of a new line of cars, and that’s exactly what buyers of the 2017 Toyota 86 will be seen as.

The 2017 Toyota 86 Shows Itself

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The all-new Toyota 86 just recently made its appearance to the public, and Toyota Racing Development is already showing off an extensive body kit for interested buyers looking for an even edgier appearance. The body kit helps bring the sporty coupe to the next level with some very sharp features that are hard to ignore.

2017 toyota 86

The Kit

The front end of the 86 comes with an even more extended front splitter dressed up in black. The group also added on a set of daytime running LEDs to help dress up the car. The rear of the vehicle is enhanced by a lip spoiler that wraps around the back edge of the boot. The bumper has a whole new set of creases and bends designed to give it a more complex look than the standard 86 backend. The final standard item that comes with the set is a pair of quad exhaust pipes that go onto the back of the 86. They’re similar to an optional set that you can get from Toyota for the 86 right now, but they’re dressed up in chrome.

Additional Goodies

If all those changes aren’t enough for you, there are a bunch of additional items that you can add on to the 86 as well. You can choose between 18-inch aluminum wheels or between two 17-inch options, one from SARD and the other from TOM’s. There’s also a massive carbon fiber wing that you can add on to the car if you really want to give it that hardcore racecar look.

Functional Enhancements

While most of the above features are just for looks, other than the daytime lights and the spoilers, there are several functional improvements that you can add to the 86 as well. There is a set of adjustable coilovers you can use to change the way the suspension performs. There are also a bunch of underbody brace options to help stiffen up the ride even more, and a front tower brace that you can add as well.

For the moment this body kit is only an option through Japanese car dealerships, but it’s very likely that the option is going to spread to other countries in the near future, giving you the ability to really customize your ride.

The Toyota S-FR Concept is Highly Unique

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One of the coolest vehicles shown off at the Tokyo Motor Show is one of the smallest as well and it’s worth talking about. The Toyota S-FR is a compact little coupe with a highly distinctive look to it. It’s around the same size as the Mazda Miata, but it offers four seats instead of two. This compact little car has a highly unique style that has a Japanese feel to it.

Toyota S-FR Concept

A Really Unique Style

The Toyota S-FR has a very unique look that was modeled after a worn pebble. It doesn’t have angles or straight sections anywhere. Instead it’s a mesh of curves and minor rounded corners. The car looks like an oval that was stretched and worn away a bit and it’s unlike any other vehicle out on the road currently, which is a good thing for drivers trying to get something that looks a bit  different.

Under the Hood

The Toyota S-FR has its engine positioned up front and it’s rear wheel drive. It’s a bit longer than the Mazda Miata, but would be the smallest sports car that Toyota offers to date if the auto giant decides to go ahead with production.

In the Cabin

Inside the cabin you’re presented with a very stylish but clean interior. It’s a mesh of deep blacks and eye-popping yellows. Together you get a very dynamic vehicle that makes use of rubbers alongside more traditional cloth materials for an unusual but pleasant interior. It looks luxurious but different and it’s obviously designed for comfort as well. The instrument panel is very small and it’s circled by a digital rev counter. A single cup holder resides in the center of the two seats.

The classy car is clearly targeted at sporty subcompacts like the Miata, but it’s set in a lower price range with an MSRP of just $18,000, making the car a bit more affordable than some other options out there. There is no word that the vehicle is even going to be produced, but with such a unique look and a nice feature set, there’s no doubt that there would be interest in the vehicle. It might not be a hit seller, but in a limited production run to get started Toyota might have a successful car on its hands.