Resale value is a figure that matters to millions of car buyers around the country. The resale value is how much a used vehicle is worth years after it’s purchased originally. Many people sell off used vehicles and switch to new ones in a cycle pattern. When doing this, it makes sense to invest in vehicles that are known for having a high resale value. If you do this, you’ll save money on automotive ownership and benefit from these savings over time. Certain brands are well-known for offering good resale values, and others are not. Toyota is one of the brands that’s known for holding value over time, and it’s easy to see why when you take a look at studies like the one conducted by KBB annually. The 2017 study awarded Toyota with the best resale value brand title, a very prestigious one indeed.

2017 Toyota 86

Toyota Offers the Best Brand Value

If you’re looking to get as much as possible back from a vehicle that you buy, Toyota is a really the way to go. Toyota has a history of offering excellent resale value figures years after an initial purchase. The automaker continues with that tradition in 2017 by winning the Brand Resale Value award once again. If you’re looking for a good general vehicle that’s going to sell for a high amount later on, you would have a tough time finding another brand better than Toyota to go with.

How Winners are Chosen

Kelley Blue Book is all about the numbers. The whole service offered by the company is based on car values, and those values are determined by a team of analysts at Kelley Blue Book. In order to determine the best brand to go with, Kelley Blue Book relies on predictions made by the analysts that take into account a bunch of different data points in order to determine which brand is the best investment overall. Toyota came out on top this year, just like the automaker did back in 2014. With several wins on its side it is easy to see how Toyota can be a good solid investment.

This data doesn’t mean that every auto buyer should pick up a Toyota vheicle, but it does mean that Toyota vehicles are generally a good solid investment. There are not too many other vehicles that will hold their value as well as a Toyota will, so if you want to get as much as possible out of your investment, consider buying a Toyota vehicle.