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Toyota to Use Block Chain Tech for Vehicle Communication

May 24, 2017 lacarguy Toyota Tags: , , ,

The same technology that allows Bitcoin to be a viable currency around the world, could be just what Toyota needs to make self-driving vehicles a reality. At least that’s what the automaker and partner MIT now firmly believe.

Toyota Connected

Gathering the Necessary Data Quickly

Chris Ballinger, the director of mobility services and chief officer of finances at the Toyota research institute said it could take hundreds of billions of miles worth of human driving data in order to come up with a self-driving vehicle model that’s actually capable of handling all the common scenarios that you would encounter while out on the road. The main problem with that is actually gathering all that data without it taking an eternity to do so. One way to get hold of as much data as possible is through blockchain technology. The same tech that’s used to operate Bitcoin today. The massive dynamic ledger system could be used to gather driving data from all sorts of vehicles out on the road if implemented properly.

Using the Technology Immediately

Before Toyota begins using all the data collected from the blockchain tech for self-driving purposes, the automaker is going to utilize it in other ways as well. Toyota plans to use the technology to help create more effective insurance policies and insurance discount programs. Toyota also wants to use the technology to make ride-sharing more effective and to share trip data between vehicles within a fleet.

Involving other Automakers to Speed the Process

It’s important to note that Toyota does not want to keep the blockchain system of information gathering private, and instead wants to get other automakers involved as well. More user-data means more information for everyone involved. The more drivers are connected and sharing their data, the more quickly self-driving cars will become possible. That’s why Toyota is hoping to get other automakers connected into the blockchain network as well in the future.

Blockchain technology isn’t new, but it’s highly efficient for collecting data on a widespread scale, and it could be just the thing needed to make self-driving vehicles a reality.

Toyota Cars Will Soon Talk to One Another

October 1, 2015 lacarguy Toyota Tags: , , , ,

Toyota plans to be the very first auto manufacturer that creates talking vehicles on a massive scale. They plan on selling cars that speak to one another over a set frequency. This communication is key to getting vehicles driving themselves, because sensors alone aren’t going to offer enough information to keep vehicles from smacking into one another all the time. By being the first company to offer this technology to consumers Toyota is taking the lead in the self-driving market.

Toyota ITS

The Intelligent Transportation System

Before year’s end Toyota is going to start sticking the systems into their vehicles and calling them Intelligent Transportation Systems. There isn’t any information about whether they are going to be offered in the United States, or how much the technology will cost consumers, but it’s a good place to start.


Toyota is setting up its vehicles to talk to one another over a 760 megahertz frequency while driving down the road. The automaker will make use of signals similar to WiFi and radio waves to send lightning quick messages between nearby vehicles.

The Benefits

We already know that the technology is an important precursor to self-driving vehicles, but what do current drivers get out of it? Toyota states that it will help make radar cruise more efficient so that several vehicles on the highway could all synchronize speed changes and create a smoother traffic flow that’s more enjoyable for everyone.

Making Driving Safer for Everyone

Toyota is fighting to get what it calls a “smart infrastructure” in place around countries. This includes a series of cameras and sensors and communication systems in all the vehicles driving around. A combination of all these features could reduce accidents significantly together and make driving into the safe activity that it should be. The inter-car communication system is just the first step to this overall goal, and it’s a good way to get the American public, and other sections of the world, to see the benefits of cars that can talk to one another and their surroundings.