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Volkswagen Could Become the Largest Automaker in the World Very Soon

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Toyota has been able to stay ahead of Volkswagen for years as the largest automaker in the world, but all that could change in 2016. Volkswagen is ahead of Toyota currently by a decent margin, and that’s a trend that could continue throughout the rest of the year. Even with all the obstacles in its way, Volkswagen managed to outsell Toyota making it the biggest and most successful automaker in the world for the first two quarters of 2016. That’s big news for the automaker, and it’s one of the reasons that it’s still up and running even after a serious scandal.

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Volkswagen Beat Out Toyota by a Decent Amount

Volkswagen managed to sell a total of 130,000 more vehicles than Toyota did over the first six months of 2016. The total for Volkswagen came in at 5.12 million, while Toyota’s total was 4.99 million. That doesn’t seem like such a big difference when you look at in terms of millions, but even massive automakers pay attention to hundreds of thousands of vehicles, and that’s the difference between Volkswagen and Toyota today.

Could Volkswagen Take the Full Year Title?

While Volkswagen has already done something significant by coming out ahead of Toyota for the first six months of the year, that isn’t enough for them to call themselves the larges automaker in the country. To get that title Volkswagen needs to outsell Toyota throughout all of 2016. That’s something that Toyota has managed to do to all automakers for the past four years. The very first year that Toyota took the top title it beat out General Motors, which is now sitting in spot number three behind Volkswagen and Toyota.

For years General Motors was the top automaker in the world, and then Toyota took over that top position, and it looks like Volkswagen could take over that top spot soon. The automaker has been shooting for the top position by 2018 for a couple years now, and that still looks like a pretty realistic goal for Volkswagen. While the automaker is besting Toyota at the moment, that could change in the coming months. Either way Volkswagen is really proving that it’s one of the best and most capable automakers. There’s no doubt that the company will continue selling well for years to come, and it could even take over that top spot in the near future if it continues to grow in China and Europe as much as it has been recently.

Volkswagen is Helping to Improve Biking Conditions for People around the US By Supporting PeopleForBikes

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Volkswagen supports bike riders and is helping to make the United States a more enjoyable place to bike by continuing their partnership with PeopleForBikes for at least two more years. Since they began working with the organization in 2012 they helped improve conditions for close to 5 million bike riders. They traveled around to a total of 165 different bike and lifestyle events and played a role in improving them and making a true impact on the biking community.










Their efforts have nearly doubled the number of protected bike lanes in the United States, while engaging more than 800,000 Americans about the benefits of biking and how to improve conditions for everyone.

The Ride on Chicago

The Ride on Chicago is a 5-day bike ride event started in 2011 by Tim Johnson with support from Volkswagen. The event is a fundraiser for PeopleForBikes and in 2013 it managed to exceed its fundraising goal by generating more than 100,000 for the organization. Tim Johnson has traveled more than 2,000 miles since beginning to work with this event, and it has singlehandedly generated hundreds of thousands of dollars for PeopleForBikes.

About PeopleForBikes

Bicycling conditions in the United States aren’t the greatest and take a backseat to driving conditions even though this type of transportation is good for the environment. PeopleForBikes strives to improve biking for everyone. They work to expand bicycling lanes, improve laws for bikers and just educate people about the benefits of this mode of transportation.

Giving to PeopleForBikes

PeopleForBikes president Tim Blumenthal stated that “VW’s exceptional support of PeopleForBikes is important to the future of bicycling,” and with the major impact that they’ve made on the movement there’s no wonder. On top of sponsoring events and supporting the organization, Volkswagen has given PeopleForBikes four different vehicles now two of which are Jetta Sportwagens that travel to events at either end of the country. They also offer cobranded gear for cyclists on their DriverGear website to help support the cause.

Whether you’re a fan of bicyclists or you think that biking lanes are a waste of space, it’s clear that Volkswagen supports improved biking conditions and that they see a benefit in it to the country. With continued efforts from VW everyone should notice an improvement in biking conditions around the country, and maybe one day people will start travelling by bike more extensively than they do today. Sure automobiles will remain the fastest and most convenient way to get around, but bikes are a great supplemental mode of transportation, and they cut down on fuel expenses while helping to improve the environment at the same time.

Volkswagen to Debut Electric e-Golf at LA Auto Show

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Volkswagen e-Golf LA Auto Show, electric, VW

Volkswagen continues to prove its commitment to green technology with the unveiling of the e-Golf at this year’s Los Angeles Auto Show. With a full array of diesel vehicles and the recent introduction of the gas-electric Jetta Hybrid, the e-Golf moves Volkswagen into the realm of all-electric vehicles.

Boasting a range of between 70 and 90 miles, the e-Golf is able to manipulate its electric motor’s power delivery to give drivers the option of more horsepower or greater range.

Three different driving modes are available: Normal, Eco, and Eco+. In Normal mode the e-Golf makes a full 115-horsepower and 199 lb-ft of torque, or enough power to take the e-Golf from 0-60 mph in a reasonable 10.4 seconds.

Stepping up to Eco mode improves the vehicles range, but also pulls back some of the e-Golf’s modest power. With 94-horsepower and 162 lb-ft of torque available in Eco mode, the e-Golf scoots from 0-60 in 13.1 seconds.

For owners who really want to get the most range from their e-Golf, there’s Eco+ mode. With power pared down to 74-horsepower and 129 lb-ft of torque, and the A/C shut off, Eco+ mode is ideal for city use.

In the event a Volkswagen e-Golf owner does find his or her car out of electricity, Volkswagen is offering an exclusive roadside assistance plan that will take an owner and his or her e-Golf to a charging station at no cost, provided that the owner is within 100 miles of his or her home.

Furthermore, if an owner does not want to wait with his or her e-Golf as it charges, Volkswagen will cover the cost of a cab ride home; though, such an event will likely be rare as the e-Golf’s battery can be recharged to 80-percent of its capacity in approximately 30 minutes when using a DC Fast Charging system.

Volkswagen designed the e-Golf to help owners cope with potential range anxiety. A range monitor provides the driver with general information, such as the impact auxiliary systems like the A/C will have on the e-Golf’s range. And regenerative braking will be offered in three different levels in order to allow e-Golf driver’s to recapture the most kinetic energy back if they so desire.

Unlike many modern electric vehicles, the e-Golf is unique in that its architecture was designed from the start to use electric propulsion. As such, the battery and electric motor don’t intrude into the passenger compartment.

Sporting the familiar styling of the all-new Golf, the e-Golf wears a unique fascia with “C-shaped” LED daytime running lamps that will become a signature cue of all electric Volkswagen’s. Volkswagen also added LED headlamps that use less energy than halogen or xenon units.

The e-Golf marks the beginning of a new electric age at Volkswagen and we at LAcarGUY News look forward to seeing the next steps the company takes on the road to electrification. LAcarGUY News will be at the Los Angeles Auto Show posting the latest news and images from the show on our Facebook pages. Be sure to “Like” Pacific Volkswagen and Volkswagen Santa Monica on Facebook to get the latest information from the show floor.

Meet Pacific Volkswagen Product Specialist Gorkem Gercek

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America is a melting pot, people come to this country from all over the world for kinds of different reasons, and here at LAcarGUY, we are a microcosm of that.  We have a great diversity of people that we are proud to call employees here at LAcarGUY.

Gorkem Gercek

As part of a new feature we want to highlight some of the great people who work here, and help you, be it as a sales person, a service technician or someone in the back office.  The first person we are going to feature is Gorkem Gercek, one of the Product Specialist at Pacific Volkswagen.

Gorkem was born in and raised in Istanbul, Turkey, on the European side.  Istanbul is a unique city in a number of different ways, one of them is it is a city that is on two continents, both European continent and the Asian continent separated by the Bosphorus Straights, one of the busies sea lanes in the world.

Gorkem was born into a Volkswagen family, it’s all his family has every owned!  So, it should come as no surprise that his first car was a Beetle, and then after that, he owned five Polo’s before coming to America for college in 2007.

When you are born into a Volkswagen family, and are a Volkswagen enthusiast, and you have to write your thesis for your M.B.A., what’s your subject?  “How Volkswagen Can Better Cater To The U.S. Market”!

It’s interesting that many of the points in Gorkem’s thesis, more affordable, better distribution, focus on value, are many of the items VW, has move towards in the last few years.  While he was at National University here getting his M.B.A. what car did he buy?  Why a Volkswagen of course!  It’s a 1998 Wolfsburg Edition Jetta, and it’s daily driver still.

We asked Gorkem what makes you stand out at Pacific Volkswagen.  He said that everyone comes to him with questions about Volkswagen’s because he knows the products and the brands worldwide.  A great example was recently one of his colleagues at Pacific Volkswagen came to him and asked if VW make pickup’s because he saw a a pickup with VW badging over the weekend.  Gorkem was able to show him pictures of the Amarok, which is sold in Mexico and throughout Asia.

We asked Gorkem is there was a car in Volkswagen’s world lineup that he’d like to see sold in America that is not, and he said without a doubt it’s the Polo.  He feel’s it’s a great car for what young people are asking for.  A small, really affordable car ($15,000-$16,000) that also is safe and gets great fuel economy.  He points out that the BlueMotion TDI Clean Diesel gets over 70MPG!

We are proud to have Gorkem on our team at Pacific Volkswagen, and if you have any questions about VW’s world wide, he’s your man.  The next time you stop in, make sure you say hello.

Audi Reportedly Developing 235-MPG Car

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by Zach McDonald: HybridCars.com

According to a recent report by What Car, Audi has plans to release a small plug-in hybrid boasting fuel efficiency in the neighborhood of 1 liter per 100 km—or roughly 235 mpg. Audi’s head of research and development, Wolfgang Durheimer, told What Car that although the car hasn’t yet been confirmed for production, it’s one of several new plans for high-efficiency vehicles he has been trying to institute since taking over his post in September.

The vehicle would be built around the carmaker’s A1 platform, but would likely be fine-tuned for optimal aerodynamics and outfitted with ultra-lightweight materials. The conceptual and technological underpinnings of the car are based around parent company Volkswagen’s “one-liter” program, which has been experimenting with vehicles capable of hitting the vaunted efficiency mark for more than a decade.

Confirmed for release in Europe for 2014, the Volkswagen XL1 will be the first “one-liter” production vehicle ever sold. A prototype of the two-seat XL1 was photographed testing in March sporting a set of gullwing doors. The car draws its power from a two-cylinder turbo-diesel engine paired with a 27-hp motor attached to a small lithium ion battery pack. The car will be tuned to switch between electric and gas-electric modes depending upon use to ensure maximum efficiency. Audi’s version of the vehicle would likely carry a very similar configuration.

Despite the range of measures geared at optimizing efficiency, Audi’s attempt at a one-liter would remain true to the carmaker’s luxury standards. “I’m not talking about a car with a lot of deficiencies and things lacking, but a car that delivers everything that a car needs to deliver to the customer, in terms of seat space, climate conditions and comfort,” said Durheimer to What Car.

It’s still not known how much the VW XL1 will cost when it hits the market next year, but given the cost of high strength, light-weight materials, it figures to be very expensive for a two-seat car. An Audi version of the vehicle would likely add a significant luxury premium to whatever the XL1 costs. Neither car would be expected to post earth-shattering sales numbers, and at this point it’s a relative long shot that either are headed to the U.S. market.

Still, Volkswagen and Audi are further demonstrating their commitment to high-efficiency vehicles through a wide range of drivetrain configurations headed to different markets around the world. After establishing a reputation for clean diesel TDI vehicles in the 2000s, both Volkswagen and Audi have lagged somewhat in releasing battery powered hybrids or plug-ins. Now, with multiple plug-in concepts headed to market and in test fleets, it’s beginning to look like the Volkswagen Group’s answer to fuel economy will be “all of the above.”

Volkswagen Unveils New, More-Efficient Golf at Paris Motor Show

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by Zach McDonald: Hybridcars.com

At the 2012 Paris Motor Show last week, Volkswagen unveiled the seventh generation of its best-selling model, the Golf hatchback. The Golf MkVII is scheduled to hit the market for 2014, offering fuel economy improvements of 18 percent in its basic model and 15 percent in the high-efficiency Golf BlueMotion diesel over its predecessor.

Volkswagen did a total redesign for the generation seven, trimming the car down by about 220 pounds thanks to the light-weighting of numerous components ranging from the seats to the air-conditioner, and increased use of high-strength steel. Fuel economy estimates reflect the European test cycle, but if an 18-percent improvement holds true for the United States edition of the car, the new Golf could manage a combined efficiency of near 40 mpg without the use of hybrid battery system. The MkVII will also grow 2 inches longer and a half-inch wider, while shrinking in height by almost an inch, improving aerodynamics.

The Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion model that debuted at the show this week is the third generation to make its way off of the sketchpad. In 2009, VW unveiled a version of the car built on the MkVI Golf platform that was capable of 62. With the unveiling of the new MkVII platform, the concept was updated to include a variety of efficiency upgrades that will boost overall economy to 73.5 mpg. (Since the BlueMotion is only sold in Europe, both of these numbers are representative of the European test cycle, which is significantly more forgiving than the EPA’s test.)

The BlueMotion combines a clean diesel engine with stop-start and regenerative breaking, and is effectively a diesel hybrid. Diesel hybrids are considered by some to be the most powerful fuel-saving technology outside of plug-in electric vehicles, but have yet to be made available for the American market. Unfortunately for us, Volkswagen said in Paris that it has no plans to bring the latest BlueMotion to the U.S. either.

2013 VW Jetta Hybrid Modified to Become World's Fastest Hybrid

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Motor Trend and EFI West partner to transform the 2013 Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid to create the world’s fastest production hybrid vehicle. The guys debut the car at the legendary Bonneville Speed Week hoping to set a landspeed record.

Watch as the team takes the car apart to put in place the necessary safety equipment and perform the modifications needed to achieve the speed required.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VL3yLf6CF2E]

Look Out for Volkswagen’s Think Blue® Tour Coming to LA

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Just days ago, Volkswagen of America, Inc. announced its 15-stop Think Blue® Tour which will feature an interactive mobile display and activity center that was created to educate the public about ecological sustainability and fuel-efficient technologies. The tour will travel throughout the U.S. from April through to December 2012 at locations that best represent different aspects of the Volkswagen Think Blue philosophy. These include major environmental summits and public policy conferences to cycling competitions and outdoor music festivals.

“This tour is a great way to demonstrate our Think Blue philosophy, which is at the heart of the Volkswagen brand,” said Jonathan Browning, president and CEO, Volkswagen Group of America. “We are incredibly excited to offer consumers a unique experience that not only showcases Volkswagen’s fuel-efficient product range and manufacturing, but also engages them in fun games and activities that reinforce individual action and eco-friendly behavior.”

Volkswagen will be practicing what it preaches as the tour will be driven by a high-efficiency cab and 53-foot trailer. At each stop, Volkswagen will display a range of fuel-efficient vehicles, including the all-new 2013 Jetta Hybrid, E-Golf prototype, and the Passat TDI® Clean Diesel.

Volkswagen product and technology specialists will be on hand at each event to guide visitors through the exhibit and be available to the public to discuss the wide range of current and future fuel-efficient powertrain options, as well as the Think Blue initiatives by Volkswagen and its partners. They will also share information regarding the fuel-efficient processes and technologies at work in Volkswagen’s Platinum LEED® Certified manufacturing facility in Chattanooga, Tenn.

Visitors will have the chance to get involved by entering contests and participating in games and other activities that reward sustainable behavior. There will be interactive exhibits that range from a Think Blue info kiosk to a pedal-powered smoothie blender and prizes include take home giveaways.

The current tour schedule spans more than 12 cities in ten states from coast to coast, with additional stops likely to be added in the coming weeks. The first three tour events will take place in the West Coast in April-May, including:

April 19-22, Monterey, CA – Sea Otter Classic Bike Race
April 29, Denver, CO – Cherry Creek Sneak (Running Race)
May 6-9, Los Angeles, CA – Electric Vehicle Symposium

Volkswagen Santa Monica Lighting Retrofit

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Committed to changing an “environmentally-challenged” industry and protecting future generations, LAcarGUY is active in local environmental programs and initiatives. Just recently, Mike Sullivan’s Volkswagen Santa Monica completed a lighting retrofit in the service bays, parts department and business offices. The job included taking out the CFL’s (compact fluorescent lightbulbs) and replacing them with LED (light emitting diodes bulbs). One of the main advantages of LED lights is the simple fact that they last much longer. The average lifespan of an LED lightbulb is around 11 years. The other main advantage is that they are much more energy efficient.

volkswagen santa monica lighting retrofit

The retrofit reduced the energy usage from 245,875 annual kWh to 82,781 annual kWh. The annual energy cost was reduced from $36k to $12k. A total savings of 67%!

In addition to our energy savings, we reduced our carbon footprint even further by using E-Cycle Environmental to recycle 80 lbs of wood, 656 lbs cardboard and over 500 fluorescent tubes and lighting fixtures. Our landfill diversion was 100%.

Mike Sullivan’s Volkswagen Santa Monica opened in 1964 and continues today one of the nations leading VW dealerships.

Volkswagen E-Bugster Plug-in Brings Impressive Charging and Battery Advancements

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By Laurent J. Masson

To some onlookers, the Volkswagen E-Bugster concept unveiled at the North American International Auto Show was a disappointment. As we say in French, this E-Bugster is déjà vu. We’ve seen it before. Really. Seven years ago, exactly at the same place, Volkswagen unveiled the Ragster concept, which looked pretty much the same. After so much time, you might assume this E-Bugster is a production model, but it isn’t. It’s another concept.

So how is the E-Bugster any different from the dozens of other never-to-be-made concepts you see at motor shows? First of all, it is a functioning automobile. In addition, it has something you don’t find in one-off prototypes—use of a standardized drivetrain, which actually pretty big deal.

Sharing Is Caring

The Volkswagen group sold a record 8.16 million vehicles to its customers in 2011. Record profits are on the way, thanks in no small part to the use of shared platforms and engines. It’s less common in America, but in Europe, the Skoda and Seat brands sell cars with a Czech or a Spanish flavor (respectively), that are 100 percent Volkswagen cars underneath.

How does this relate to EVs? Barely two months ago, at the Los Angeles Auto Show, Audi unveiled an electric A3 e-tron concept. It had the same motor found in this E-Bugster—which is also the one we saw the year before, when Volkswagen introduced an electric Golf called Blue-e-Motion. Eighty of them are currently undergoing a test in Berlin, and preliminary results have reportedly been very positive.

Without much fanfare, Volkswagen has been hard at work on electric mobility, making it better in every aspect, and they’re already getting results. Power from the motor is 85 kW (115 hp), the same as it was the Golf Blue-e-Motion, but the motor has been made lighter. Its weight is down to 80 kg (176 lbs).
The battery pack has more capacity. It was 26.5 kWh in the Golf, and now that’s up to 28.3 kWh. Volkswagen says that it enables a range of at least 110 miles. It’s unknown what cells Volkswagen is using—it tested cells from numerous manufacturers—but it’s unlikely that they will be small cells like Tesla uses.

Charging Ahead

The E-Bugster also shows a huge improvement on the charging side. Thanks to a new Combined Charging Systems (CCS), which was developed in cooperation with all the other German carmakers, as well as Ford and GM, the car can be charged via a unique interface, with different currents.

The E-Bugster uses the same plug connector to charge from a standard American 110-Volt wall outlet, and up to an ultra-fast 50 kW DC current at electric charge stations. That’s way beyond the simple standardization of the plug connector. Volkswagen’s plan is to outdo the other car manufacturers that have designed their cars with several charging systems. The idea here is to have one smart charge controller, and a versatile unique electrical architecture to make the most of the current available, wherever the driver plugs in.

At best, the 28.3 kWh battery in this E-Bugster can be charged in 35 minutes. Volkswagen will invest what it takes to make this impressive feat a reality in all of its electric vehicles. Electric cars using the Blue-e-Motion electric powertrain will go into production in cars like the Golf as soon as next year, with others likely to follow.