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Volkswagen Shows off the R-Line Atlas

January 3, 2017 lacarguy Volkswagen Tags: , ,

Volkswagen unveiled its Atlas SUV last year, showing off its larger size and advanced tech features to help the automaker appeal to US buyers. Now VW is showing off a performance version of the SUV as well, and it’s nearly as exciting as the original release of the vehicle. This version of the Atlas boasts added power as well as some nice finish enhancements to the vehicle. It’s dubbed the Atlas R-Line and it’s a pretty cool ride.

Volkswagen Atlas R

Enhanced Power

The Atlast R-Line SUV comes with two different power options, depending on how much performance you want. The base version of the R-Line puts out 235-HP from its four-cylinder turbocharged engine. The more powerful version offers a total of 280 HP from the 3.6 liter turbocharged six cylinder engine. Either way you get a whole lot of power from the SUV and it should feel quite a bit faster. Both versions of the SUV are equipped with an eight-speed auto transmission that should be nice and smooth no matter how hard you stomp on the gas pedal.

New Looks

The SUV comes with all the badging that you would expect, denoting that it’s an upgraded R-Line vehicle all over the place. It also comes fitted with larger 20-inch aluminum alloy wheels that really look nice on the Atlas. The SUV comes with a custom R-Line dashboard on the multimedia system, that will likely function much the same.

Same Great Features

While the Atlas R-Line is going to come with added power and some custom appearance modifications, it’s going to come with all the same features that makes the Atlas such an appealing ride. It should be fitted with an advanced multimedia system, should come in either front-wheel or all-wheel drive, and should be designed with a drive-select mode, allowing the driver to switch between different driving dynamics depending on needs.

If you were thinking of the Atlas, but didn’t’ want something lacking in power, the R-Line could be a good option for you. It will of course come with a higher price tag than the standard Atlas does, but anyone that’s dead set on getting the more powerful variation of the SUV likely won’t mind the higher price to have it.

If you’re interested in the R-Line SUV, it’s expected to be available around the same time as the standard Atlas, sometime this year when Volkswagen is ready to roll out the vehicle. It’s a major move for Volkswagen and marks its entry into the full-sized SUV market.


Volkswagen Unveils its 3-Row SUV Dubbed Atlas

October 26, 2016 lacarguy Volkswagen Tags: , , , , ,

Volkswagen is known for its sedans and coupes, but the automaker has been selling SUVs for years as well. They just haven’t been offering anything as large enough to compete with the massive 3-row family vehicles offered by other automakers, at least not until now. Volkswagen recently unveiled the Atlas SUV, and it’s an impressive machine that will be on the wish list of many full-sized families looking for hauling space.


A Three Row Monster

Up until now Volkswagen has always sold vehicles that stopped at two rows. That’s all changing now though with the Atlas. This monster of a vehicle will sit up to 7 people comfortably, and Volkswagen is really proud of the easy access to the third row. Occupants have enough space to clamber back to the rear of the vehicle without discomfort.

Whether you need a kid hauler for daily activities throughout the week, or you want a spacious vehicle for camping and other special trips, the Atlas has the space to get it all done. The interior room is massive and there is space to store camping equipment, groceries and a full set of clothing and gear for a week or more away from home. Whatever it is that you want to do, you should be able to do it comfortably with the Atlas thanks to all the interior utility that it offers.

Power Options

The Volkswagen Atlas will come with two different power train options, either a four-cylinder turbocharged engine that puts out 238 HP, or a 3.6 liter V6 that offers 280 HP for a bit more kick. Either way it’s not going to be a speed demon, but the SUV should move down the street without feeling sluggish.

Both versions of the SUV come equipped with an eight speed transmission for smooth shifting and effective power management throughout the power range. The Atlas should be good at handling power through the range, though it’s unlikely that it will be very fuel efficient as a 7-seater.


Safety Equipment

All the Atlas models are going to come equipped with special safety equipment that should help drivers stay out of trouble. There’s going to be an advanced crash management system that doesn’t prevent crashes, but applies brake pressure when the vehicle first detects an accident, to help mitigate the damage overall. There will be other crash prevention systems in place as well, and the SUV is going to be designed with family safety in mind to keep everyone out of trouble while driving.

It’s hard to guess what price range the Atlas is going to come in at, but you can believe that it will be priced at a higher level than the smaller SUVs offered by Volkswagen currently. It isn’t expected to be released until later next year, but the SUV should be a nice option for larger families when it does finally come out.