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Why the Volkswagen Arteon is Going to Do Well

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If you’re on the market for a stylish coupe to drive around it’s hard to pass up an offering like the Volkswagen Arteon. It’s one of the most stylish vehicles that Volkswagen has produced to date, and it offers excellent performance and safety on top of the nice looks too. Of course you’ll pay for the style and the safety of the vehicle, and the Arteon is by no means a cheap Volkswagen, but it makes sense for buyers looking for a more luxurious and stylish ride.

Volkswagen arteon

Quality Safety Features

One cool feature on the Arteon is a self-driving mode that can handle driving around at speeds up to 37 MPH. Sure you won’t be able to use it to pilot yourself down the highway, but the car can help with stop and go traffic and other slower situations that you don’t want to deal with all on your own.

The car also comes with a few emergency safety features to help keep drivers out of trouble. The first feature detects when a driver may be falling asleep and starts to try and wake the driver up with vibrations, beeps and light swerves, and if all that fails to rouse the driver, the vehicle will actually pull itself over and sit on the side of the road with the lights flashing. This is an important safety feature that should help cut down on the number of accidents that occur every year from sleeping drivers.

The car also comes with what Volkswagen is calling rear-end crash protection. The system aligns seatbelts with the seats for a safe impact. It opens up the windows in the vehicle slightly to allow the airbags to open fully and effectively. The system also pops on the hazard lights so everyone knows to steer clear of the vehicle.

The Change is Mostly for Style

Volkswagen executives admit that not too many of the changes while going from the Volkswagen CC to the Arteon were functional changes and the biggest reason the car underwent the transformation from one model to the other was for stylistic appeal. The Arteon is a beautiful car inside and out, and shows off some excellent design cues that you would normally only find in luxury brand vehicles. It certainly looks like a luxury car and many people will be surprised to find out that it’s actually a Volkswagen. The seats are plush and comfortable, the front dash is stylistic with a nice clean look and just the right amount of curve over the steering wheel to really help bring the whole look together. Overall the Arteon is an impressive vehicle just going off of looks, and that’s what is going to sell it above all else.

Not Cheap

The Arteon should be priced at a similar level to the Volkswagen CC models starting at 38,000 and moving upwards from there. That gives it close to luxury brand pricing, which some people will find a bit confusing given that it’s a Volkswagen, but you’re getting a lot for your money.

Ultimately we believe that buyers will overlook the Volkswagen tag and pick up the Arteon because of its looks. That’s how nice looking of a vehicle it is, and looks really matter in the case of a car like this.

VW Cuts Production to Current Model and Plans Future Improvements

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While many people are still picking up the new Volkswagen CC, the automaker stated that there simply aren’t enough sales for the current generation of the vehicle to justify its continued production. For that reason the automaker has decided to discontinue it for the short term. It’s an interesting decision, and something that many VW fans wasn’t expecting, but it’s not all bad news. The next model is expected to bring some exciting changes.


Current CC is No Longer in Production

Experts are saying that Volkswagen is reportedly cutting off production of the current model year CC, but they are working on the next version already. The car isn’t selling in high enough volumes, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t obtain a current model year CC, because many dealerships still have quite a few in stock. The vehicle is known for sporty performance and exciting handling characteristics.

New and Improved CC

The next VW CC is expected to be noticeably improved over the current model year version. The car will be based on the MQB platform that many VW vehicles are being offered with and should have many similarities to the Passat. The car will come in both four and five seat varieties, depending on the options that you choose to get. The car should also be equipped with the very latest tech features available in consumer cars, making it a strong competitor to other sporty coupes out on the road.

Rugged Good Looks

The next version of the CC is expected to borrow heavily from the Sport Coupe Concept that VW recently showed off. That means it will likely have a sleek shape and a stout and masculine front end, giving the vehicle an overall edgy and tough appearance. It’s an exciting design direction for the CC to head in and could be just the thing needed to bring more interest to the coupe overall.

If you’re interested in the current Volkswagen CC it’s still available at most auto dealerships. If you are interested in the next version of the car, it should be released sometime next year, and bring with it a whole host of new and exciting changes.

Why The 2015 Volkswagen CC 2.0T Manual is a Desirable Car for Driving Purists

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When most consumers pick up a new Volkswagen it’s likely to be the Passat, the Golf or the Beetle. These are the most popular vehicles in the lineup, but not always the best fit for the consumer. There is a little-known vehicle badged the Volkswagen CC and it’s an excellent driver-focused car dubbed the four-door sedan that many consumers will love. It benefits from above-average chiseled looks, an increase in power over most of the VW lineup and simple interior styling that makes it more intuitive to drive around. These are all differences that a subset of drivers will really enjoy, and that’s who should consider this car.

2015 volkswagen cc

Purist Drivers Unite

The 2015 Volkswagen CC and the CC lineup overall is about performance and a pure driving experience more than anything else. Sure it’s a more expensive vehicle, and yes it doesn’t have all the features of the Passat, but that’s why people buy it. The CC is a bare-bones, high performance driving experience. It lets the purist connect with the car on a whole new level and even comes with a nice smooth manual transmission to emphasize that point.

While the CC probably isn’t going to win many track races against a true hardened sports car, it’s got plenty of power that shows through with every step of the pedal and turn of the wheel.

Well-Crafted Interior

The inside of the 2015 CC Sport 2.0T shows of highly padded bucket seats that emphasize a sporty ribbed pattern. Compared to the Passat and many others of the VW lineup the CC is sparsely equipped. The media system is quite minor, the gauge cluster is simple in design and everything is neatly segmented into its own place. The interior is clearly made from quality materials, and it has an expensive look, but it isn’t confusing and you won’t have to spend as much time learning how to use features and navigating all the different items inside.

Inclusive Base Price

Often the base vehicle in a lineup is pretty bare bones, but the base CC comes with most of the main features and upgrading will only give you a set of extras that you may or may not want such as a massage feature and a more luxurious interior. The car comes standard with a 5.0 touch screen media screen that manages to blend in with the rest of the vehicle well. This device offers navigation, and a rear view camera. The base model is also equipped with a pair of bixenon headlamps as well for greater road visibility and a more upscale look.

Overall you get quite a bit with the Volkswagen CC models and it’s a more fun car to drive around than a Passat or many of the other family focused vehicles. As with any driver-focused performance car you’ll pay a bit more for the power and the upscale look, but for some it’s going to be more than worth the price.

The 2013 Volkswagen CC Will Debut At The L.A. Auto Show

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When the Volkswagen CC debuted four years ago, it was the first affordably priced four-door coupe on sale in the U.S. What looked at first like a niche has developed into a completely new segment: nearly 270,000 people around the world have bought Volkswagen’s sedan that has the looks and heart of a sports car. The CC mixes practicality with style and attainability.

Volkswagen is presenting a technically and visually updated version of the vehicle at the LA Auto Show, held at the LA Convention Center in downtown Los Angeles between November 18 and 27. With new front and rear styling and an extended range of standard equipment that includes Bi-Xenon headlights with the Adaptive Front Lighting System and LED taillights, the new CC makes an even bolder statement in the entry-luxury class. The 2013 Volkswagen CC will go on sale in the Spring in the U.S.

Get A Personal Walkthrough Of The 2011 Volkswagen CC And Tiguan

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It’s no secret that Volkswagen is on a roll with fantastic lineup of cars, CUV’s and SUV’s. What you may not know is that Volkswagen is once again focused on being “The People’s Car” by offering tremendous value in it’s line up.

We have two videos for you to take a look at, our Fleet Manager Sean “Hutch” Hutchinson walks you through the 2011 Volkswagen Tiguan and the 2011 Volkswagen CC. After watching these videos, you will be shocked at what a great value for the money these VW’s are.

We have some tremendous lease and purchase incentives going on right now for the Tiguan and the CC along with many other great Volkswagen models. It’s time for you to come into Pacific Volkswagen and find out what Das Auto is all about.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vXlu_WOrG5A?hd=1&w=560&h=349]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVcpcOG8bO8?hd=1&w=560&h=349]