Volkswagen is working on new ways to innovate, and in the process of working toward energy efficiency for the masses, the automaker released a highly exclusive car that manages an astonishing 260 miles per gallon. Sure it’s not affordable at around $130K, but it’s truly impressive anyway. This vehicle runs on diesel and it manages fuel efficiency figures that simply can’t be matched by most vehicles today. While 50 MPG is considered very good for a diesel vehicle today, 260 MPG is more than five times that amount and it shows that we can do considerably better when it comes to fuel efficiency, but how the heck did Volkswagen achieve these results?

Volkswagen XL1

Using a Mini Hybrid Engine

In order to get this stellar fuel efficiency level the Volkswagen vehicle uses a turbo-two engine that’s working alongside an electric motor. The whole vehicle is run through a 7-speed dual clutch transmission and the overall output from both motors is 74 HP and 163 lb.-ft. of torque, respectable enough to get the car down the road without too much trouble, especially when you consider that it comes in at just 1,753 lbs. thanks to the judicious use of carbon fiber (part of why this vehicle is so expensive).

Excellent Aerodynamics

On top of the highly efficient motor and the ultra-light body of this VW, the vehicle also has excellent aerodynamics. The rear tires are completely covered over, and the whole body is designed to let air flow as smoothly as possible. Thanks to careful testing this car is extremely efficient when moving down the road and minimizes drag as much as possible.

It Comes with Standard Features

Even though the aim of this Volkswagen vehicle is to be as efficient as humanly possible, it packs quite a few features in anyway. It comes with air conditioning, power steering and satellite navigation. It’s a beautiful car inside and out, which just helps its case even more.

With just 200 of the Volkswagen XL1’s for sale, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever get your hands on one, even if you do live in Europe where they’re being sold, but hopefully this vehicle will help result in more efficient vehicles throughout the VW lineup in the future as well.