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The 2019 Volkswagen e-Golf To Come with a Majorly Expanded Range

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When the first Volkswagen e-Golf was released back in 2014 it was competing against the Nissan Leaf, a car that was launched a couple years before it ever made it to market. The e-Golf was put out with virtually the same range and MPG equivalent as the Leaf, but that was then and Nissan has since released a newer and more robust Leaf. Now the Leaf goes farther than the e-Golf, even if it’s just slightly, but according the Volkswagen that’s all going to change in the future.

2015 VW egolf

The Next Generation e-Golf

The automaker is working on an all-new e-Golf that’s expected to travel close to the 200 mile mark in real-world driving conditions. That’s the type of range that allows you to commute to most jobs without issue, even if there isn’t a charging spot somewhere in your company parking lot. The vehicle would likely travel about 186 miles on a single charge according to VW’s lead small-car developer Jocham Böhle, which would give it an EPA estimated range somewhere around 215 miles. That’s a significant improvement from the current estimate of 83, and it’s something that would help draw more buyers in to the full-electric market.

A Separate Platform

While the standard Golf is continually built on top of Volkswagen’s MQB platform, the e-Golf is built on top of the MEB platform instead, a specialized underpinning that’s designed for electric vehicles. Volkswagen plans on releasing another small electric car, as well as the electric microbus and each will be built atop that same MEB platform helping it to grow and mature with each new iteration.

A Distant Release Date

The e-Golf sounds like a pretty exciting vehicle even though we don’t know too much about it yet. That being said, it’s not expected to come out for quite a few years yet. Volkswagen is giving it a 2019 model year, which means it will probably come out in 2018. By then there will be new electric car offerings from a range of automakers. Volkswagen is clearly working hard to keep up with other manufacturers with its electric offerings and the next e-Golf could be just what the industry needs to get more drivers behind the wheel of an electric vehicle, after all with a range of close to 200 miles on a charge it will be a whole lot more convenient to use electricity to get around.

Why Electric Vehicles are Awesome

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Electric vehicles are slowly becoming more popular and are sold to more people each year. Even with more people beginning to own EV’s there are still so many more that don’t know about most of the benefits that these vehicles come with. There’s a reason that so many people are picking up EV’s today, and why so many more will begin to in the near future, and it’s not just to save money on fuel. Electric vehicles are fun to drive, and much more affordable than gasoline vehicles are over the long term. When you consider all the benefits that cars like the VW e-Golf and Nissan Leaf have to offer they make sense to get.

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Easier to Maintain

One of the biggest benefits of an all-electric vehicle is that it’s easy to maintain compared to a gasoline-powered one. EV’s have far fewer moving parts and they are less likely to fail or have costly repairs. This means you can do more of the maintenance on your own, and enjoy driving a vehicle that doesn’t have to be worked on all the time. Over time the lack of maintenance will help you save a great deal of time and money.

Save on Fuel Costs

I know, I know gas prices dropped down recently, but even at $2.00 a gallon, or whatever the price is near you, EV drivers are likely still saving on fuel costs. This is because electricity is cheaper than gasoline. When the prices eventually creep backup (and they will!) EV owners will really be reaping the benefits. At 15,000 miles a year it’s likely that an EV driver would save at least $1,000 a year and that figure goes up quite a bit of gas prices increase again.

A Calm and Soothing Ride

Electric vehicles are surprisingly quiet, and that’s not a bad thing. Some car enthusiasts will miss the rumble of a gasoline engine, but I didn’ the first time I took an EV out. Mostly I was amazed at how quiet the ride is, and I kept wondering if the vehicle was on at all. EV’s also smell better than gasoline engines and you don’t have the harmful fumes to worry about breathing in while driving around.

They are a Blast to Drive

Even without all the other benefits it would make sense to pick up an electric vehicle because they are so much fun to drive. If you haven’t experienced one yet you’re missing out and you don’t know the true value of an electric vehicle. Automakers love to go on and on about all the money that buyers will save, or about how the cars are good for the environment, but they never focus on how much fun the cars are to drive.

Electric vehicles accelerate so uniformly and so immediately that it’s like controlling a jet on the road. You step down on the thruster and blast off from a standstill to high speeds nearly instantly. With 100 percent of the torque available right away even small engines feel potent and ready to strike. If you’ve always wanted an electric vehicle for the other benefits, but haven’t had the motivation to go through with the purchase, get yourself to a dealership and test drive one of these cars. Once you realize how fun they are you won’t have any trouble getting the motivation to make the purchase anymore. That’s how good electric vehicles are, and how confident I am in their capabilities.

With all the federal and state incentives, and battery prices dropping each year it makes sense to pick up an electric vehicle if you do a lot of local driving. Whether you get a car, truck or SUV. Your new EV will make driving more enjoyable and save you a bit of cash as well.