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Volkswagen is Planning a Performance EV for the Future

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When most people think of electric cars, they imagine that they will be sluggish, underpowered and pretty dull to drive around. There are a handful of vehicles out on the market today that prove that doesn’t have to be the case. Take the Tesla Roadster for instance. The car’s lightning quick and clearly an exciting sports car. Sure it’s not a realistic daily driver and it’s not the type of vehicle that most people can afford, but it’s clearly not boring either. Volkswagen’s potential upcoming I.D. GTI electric vehicle is another example of a full electric vehicle that isn’t going to be boring either. It’s still onlyvolkswagen idbeing considered as an option though, and might not make it to production at all.


Based on the ID Concept

Volkswagen recently showcased a very modern looking full-electric concept vehicle known as the I.D. It was modern looking with a very cool finish, and boasted decent driving specs. For comparison sake, the Volkswagen GTI can make it from 0 to 60 in 5.8 seconds. The I.D. does the same task in less than 8 seconds. That’s not quite the same, and the car will have to become faster in order to be comparable to the GTI, but it’s not a huge difference to overcome.

Styling and Power Changes

Before releasing the full-electric I.D. GTI model, it’s likely that Volkswagen will figure out a way to speed the vehicle up, while also changing the styling of the car. Volkswagen will want to make it look more like a performance vehicle, and give it that performance feel as well. Those are steps that will take some added time and planning, but steps that Volkswagen seems pretty confident about.

A Future Option

An electric I.D. GTI model is an exciting prospect, but it’s not something that you’ll see right away. The vehicle will take time to come out, and it’s likely a few years out from now. It’s likely that Volkswagen will release the next GTI and then come out with a full electric version as a subsequent release. The I.D. concept is expected to take another year or two before being transformed into a production vehicle.

Performance EVs are on the way though, and when they’re released they’ll be an exciting option that isn’t available to the everyday consumer yet.

Volkswagen is Determined to Use a Heads up Display

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Volkswagen is committed to the idea of offering a heads up display on its ID electric vehicle. This vehicle won’t be available to purchase until 2020, but the heads up display is likely to still be a very exciting piece of technology. The way that Volkswagen describes the system, its will be a holographic overlay on the windshield of the vehicle to help you see better and drive more safely. While it’s impossible to say what features this system is going to have exactly, it’s something that Volkswagen is highly committed to.


Making Room for the System

Volkswagen really wants to put a heads up display in its electric vehicle. In fact, the automaker is so invested in the idea, that it actually moved the electric motor to the back, just so that there would be enough space to move the dashboard forward to make room for the HUD. It’s something that Volkswagen ID owners are almost certain to enjoy in the future.

Features of the System

While the HUD system is still a long ways away, Volkswagen goes into detail about the different features that should be included with it when it does get released. While running a navigation program, the system will highlight turns right on the road itself. The display will help you spot road turns faster and more effectively than traditional navigation systems are able to, making it particularly useful while driving at night.

The system will highlight potential road hazards so they are easier to spot as you drive around. A pedestrian crossing the street, or an animal out in the road would be lit up by the display so that you have no choice but to spot them while you drive.

Not only is the system likely to warn you about things on the road itself, but it will show off warning messages such as low traction, or snowy driving conditions up ahead. The system should be able to react to a variety of images that it picks up out on the road, which will make it particularly effective.

This sounds like a pretty exciting set of features that will make the Volkswagen ID a cool car to own, but 2020 is still quite a ways away, and the feature list, as well as the concept itself could change entirely before the vehicle is ever released. That’s why it’s important to keep an eye on the different features and make sure the car is offering exactly what you want before you purchase it.

Volkswagen Partners with SMA Electronics for EVs

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Volkswagen has been looking to the future for months now, and is working hard to build up a strong platform of electronic vehicles. Recently the automaker announced that it’s developing three different EV platforms that it’s going to use to create more than 30 different electric vehicles by 2025. These are the building blocks that are going to support all the electric-powered cars offered by Volkswagen in the near future.

SMA Energy

Why Partner with SMA?

SMA Solar is a major German solar company that’s been in business since 1981. The company specializes in solar inverters, and it’s easy to see why such a partnership could be valuable to Volkswagen. Having access to custom-made inverters for its cars could make them more efficient, and help to extend the range of the vehicles while minimizing the total battery power needed. It’s unclear exactly how SMA and Volkswagen are going to work together, but you better believe that the partnership will help improve Volkswagen electronic vehicle technology going forward. Whether Volkswagen will just hire SMA to handle creating components for it, or to conduct research for the company, or to just create custom products Volkswagen has already identified still remains to be seen. Chances are good that Volkswagen is going to make the most of the experience and knowledge that the German solar company has to its name.

Developing Efficient Platforms

The first and most important step to creating functional vehicles is developing the platform that they are going to rely on. Volkswagen is currently in that stage of the development process, creating three different platforms that should offer all the functionality that 30 different vehicles need. That means as Volkswagen perfects each of these platforms they are really perfecting a full lineup of cars, SUVs and other models that will be travelling around the road in the future.

It’s clear that Volkswagen is committed to the future, and it’s already obvious they are going to come up with more sustainable options in the future. They’re on a path towards modern vehicles and within the next decade buyers will be benefiting from all the hard work being done now by Volkswagen.