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Volkswagen is Planning a Performance EV for the Future

January 22, 2017 lacarguy Volkswagen Tags: , , , , , ,

When most people think of electric cars, they imagine that they will be sluggish, underpowered and pretty dull to drive around. There are a handful of vehicles out on the market today that prove that doesn’t have to be the case. Take the Tesla Roadster for instance. The car’s lightning quick and clearly an exciting sports car. Sure it’s not a realistic daily driver and it’s not the type of vehicle that most people can afford, but it’s clearly not boring either. Volkswagen’s potential upcoming I.D. GTI electric vehicle is another example of a full electric vehicle that isn’t going to be boring either. It’s still onlyvolkswagen idbeing considered as an option though, and might not make it to production at all.


Based on the ID Concept

Volkswagen recently showcased a very modern looking full-electric concept vehicle known as the I.D. It was modern looking with a very cool finish, and boasted decent driving specs. For comparison sake, the Volkswagen GTI can make it from 0 to 60 in 5.8 seconds. The I.D. does the same task in less than 8 seconds. That’s not quite the same, and the car will have to become faster in order to be comparable to the GTI, but it’s not a huge difference to overcome.

Styling and Power Changes

Before releasing the full-electric I.D. GTI model, it’s likely that Volkswagen will figure out a way to speed the vehicle up, while also changing the styling of the car. Volkswagen will want to make it look more like a performance vehicle, and give it that performance feel as well. Those are steps that will take some added time and planning, but steps that Volkswagen seems pretty confident about.

A Future Option

An electric I.D. GTI model is an exciting prospect, but it’s not something that you’ll see right away. The vehicle will take time to come out, and it’s likely a few years out from now. It’s likely that Volkswagen will release the next GTI and then come out with a full electric version as a subsequent release. The I.D. concept is expected to take another year or two before being transformed into a production vehicle.

Performance EVs are on the way though, and when they’re released they’ll be an exciting option that isn’t available to the everyday consumer yet.

The Volkswagen ID Concept Could be the Start of the Future

September 29, 2016 lacarguy Volkswagen Tags: , , , ,

Volkswagen as been talking about the 2016 Paris Motor Show for months now, hinting that it would be releasing something memorable at the event. Well the event has come and gone, and I can honestly say that the automaker delivered completely with the futuristic I.D. concept. It looks like a little car straight out of the future, and it’s designed to run purely on electricity. If the details are correct, it should be a car to rival offerings from the likes of Tesla and Porsche, and it’s something to keep your eye on.


Futuristic Appearance

The under-lighting, futuristic rims, and long and trim silhouette of the Volkswagen I.D. make it look like a Golf from the future. It has a really modern feel to it and stands out as something that isn’t currently on any of the roads. It’s a cool looking car for sure, but we wonder how much of that design is going to make it to the production vehicle when it’s finally released around the predicted date of 2020.

A Massive Predicted Top Range

Now you should take any estimates made by Volkswagen with a grain of salt, since the car isn’t going to come up for a few years yet, but if what Volkswagen estimates is true, the I.D. will offer a top-end range of around 370 miles on a single electric charge. That’s good enough for any commute that you’re likely to encounter, and will make even lengthy trips possible without issue.

Just the Beginning

Volkswagen stated that this first Golf-esque electric concept vehicle is just the start of a full electric lineup. Volkswagen is going all-in with electric vehicles, and plans to release a whole slew of large and small battery-powered cars and SUVs for you to drive around in. After the 2020 release of the I.D. Volkswagen will put out other vehicles as well so that you can ride around using just electricity no matter how you decide to travel.

Automated Driving

Not only did Volkswagen release plenty of details about the new electric vehicle it’s been talking about for months now, but the automaker also let it slip that there is going to be an automated driving feature built into the I.D. as well, known as I.D. Pilot at the moment. That feature won’t be released until 2025 though, so don’t plan on riding around without driving at the release in 2020.