Volkswagen is working hard to build up its base of users by offering a larger lineup of SUV vehicles and trying to appeal to what American buyers want more, but it’s also working to add more value alongside its vehicles. One of the ways the automaker is doing this is by expanding its warranty program. When you buy one of the 2018 model Volkswagen vehicles in the future, you’ll enjoy a longer and more comprehensive warranty than what comes with past models. That’s an exciting reason to head over to Volkswagen Dealership Lots

2018 volkswagen jetta

What You Get with the New Warranty

Volkswagen is going to offer a 6-year 72,000 mile warranty on all its 2018 model year vehicles other than the e-Golf model. That’s more than double what many of the automakers are offering today and an exceptional warranty by any standards. Volkswagen claims that the new warranty is designed to protect buyers that are relying on longer and longer auto loans to purchase their vehicles. If they’re buying a vehicle with a 6-year loan, it’s nice to have warranty coverage throughout that loan period. That’s something that Volkswagen buyers can now enjoy.

e-Golf Buyers Make out Even Better

The 2018 Volkswagen e-Golf comes with a very similar warranty offer, but the battery on the vehicle is covered for eight years or 100,000 miles. That’s even better coverage and ensures that drivers get a long lifespan out of the vehicle without running into any serious problems. As the owner of the e-Golf, you’ll be able to rely on Volkswagen to make sure that your EV is running properly. The e-Golf is one of the most popular EVs on the market today, mostly because of its excellent 100+ mile range, and this offering will just help to make it even more popular in the future.

More Volkswagen Models as Well

On top of the new warranty enhancements, Volkswagen is hard at work releasing additional models as well. VW said that it will focus on the SUV side of the market more, because that’s what Americans want, but the automaker is also going to release two new vehicle models every single year from now on for many years to come. The automaker already announced a new Jetta for next year, and there are going to be plenty of additions to follow as well.

Overall Volkswagen is really stepping up its game and many new buyers are going to be heading over to a nearby Volkswagen dealership in order to take advantage of the very generous warranty program the automaker is now making available.